/My Talking Tom is on Fire! (New Update)

My Talking Tom is on Fire! (New Update)

Video: My Talking Tom is on Fire! (New Update)


Whoa, the world's spinning! This is insane! You know what else is insane? Check this out! I'm hungry, can I have something to eat? Please? That was cold! Can I get something hot? Ok thanks, but I didn't mean hot like… Whoa, that was one insanely hot pepper! Gotta cool down! I need something cool… No, I didn't mean cool like that! My mouth was burning… …but yeah, this is a really cool fidget spinner hat! It's really relaxing too! All right, I'm ok now. You can stop tapping! Well, I guess it's time to play some games! Have we got anything new? Is that a cannon? Awesome! Let's use it to blast treasure chests and collect coins! That sounds just right! Here it comes..

. Knight Tom! Blast! Blast! Double Blast! It's so much fun hitting those bricks! Where are the treasure chests? Oh, there's one. Let's hit it! Bullseye! Do you like all the new stuff in My Talking Tom? Tell me about it in the comments! And subscribe to my channel to find out more. See ya!.

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