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hi everyone it's cece welcome back to my channel into this video I will be showing you my favorite Instagram posts so my Instagram which is @atcececouture is a fashion Instagram page so I only post about fashion my Instagram stories are on the other hand mostly about my cat but my IG feed is all about fashion and I follow fashion brands models beauty gurus and so it's all about beauty and fashion so you will see that my favorite Instagram post that I have saved are 97% about fashion and in this in this period I'm working on my possible future vintage bride fashion show so I have a lot of saved posts about wedding dresses I should be recording I hope this is my new phone so I don't know how to.

. I've never recorded like my phone screen so it should be working anyways let's go to my saved post okay so first of all we have a wedding dress inspo I really like this then we have oh of this this photo I really like the polka dots. of this one I really like the white tulle with the like roses white roses all over it like you know I love tulle I love roses like 3d roses. of this one I really really like the bling is here in the shoulder and this is what I tried to do with my like denim transformation I will put here in the in the iCard but they are so expensive so this it's so so expensive so of this one from the cannes film festival 2018 I really loved yes kendall Jenner this like sort of like the top part of the dress with a tulle that like that works like a bra and then it's like tied up here like so simple so easy to make but I have to figure out how to cover the nipples because I don't want to free the nipple yet so but that's why I saved this all this whole post you know I don't approve this haha yeezy like genius Cinderella this is so genius like is he the first one to actually make cinderella shoes like this so genius I wish I could buy that but I'm pretty sure they're really expensive Alexander vauthier and you know he did like he was one of my favorite designers of spring summer collection 2018 I just really love him okay so kim Kardashian I actually like her style most of the time I think she's pretty innovative and yeah she knows how to show her curves so this is something I've always struggled with because I'm I'm tiny and I'm not like but I'm curvy so like fashion used to be like up until a few years ago you see for like very skinny tall and like like boobless girls so I've always struggled like what I was what I could show and how to show it but yeah so I'm learning from the kardashians sorry I mean I don't watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians but I look at their like Instagram feeds.

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I really like this totally see-through pants with this like see-through long jacket I wish I could have that okay this is Penelope Cruz at cannes festival I love polka dots and I have a dress that it's not like this shape but it has basically the same fabric like white fabric with black polka dots so this is why I saved this because it means that I can wear that dress. this okay Bella Hadid with this Alexander wang skirt which is made by like a round piece of fabric it is how I do my skirts so I have one same skirt that is identical to this one with a different fabrics like green with flowers but it's the same exact shape exactly so I will show that. then Alexander McQueen I love it flowers oh I love these I love this skirt so so much then this is just I love the color the car is so pretty and classy oh these yes this is so cute I prefer the long version I don't really like dresses that are like baggy around my belly and then they stick to my butt you know just like I don't like the way it looks on Kate Moss I like the way it looks on her and the long version.

so but this is like fashion goals right there donatella versace and it's Blake Lively I actually love most of Blake Lively looks I think she is killing it um and this dress is just like she looks like a queen. so this and I'm not sure if I like them or not I might I don't okay I have a weird obsession with Rihanna so I obviously love this look very much not the shape of it like it I think it's too like bulky but everything love the fabric Versace this is Gianni Versace's cross metal mesh I really like the dress Ariana Grande is wearing in her no tears left to cry music video I love that it's like like a stretchy top with this very poofy skirt the day I love the color and I love just the elegance of this coat this dual code so pretty Alexander McQueen again this jacket is so like different it's so special to the so special Ashley Graham I love her I follow her and I really like the flowers here on the shoulder oh my god this top which is a dress it looks cute but I think it would look like a little dwarf in it and baggy jeans cute.

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flowers wedding dresses but – I don't know master class easy I love light blue with gold on top these are of this picture I really love the fact that she looks like she has like glass on her skin and now the wedding dress okay I'm not sure about this like just tight as leggings words I'm not sure naomi campbell yeah this dress is cute another one like blingy silver blings with black feathers this is my spirit spirit jacket like yeah okay no this is my spirit look this is me okay this is me becoming CEO of my own company I would wear this. amazing amazing. the bag. flowers and pearls and tulle. flowers oh so pretty they are so so so pretty all my friends said these are not beautiful I think they're beautiful sorry the belt love it the feather the color combo and the gloves like this is this vintage look is my favorite. flowers no what what yeah flowers again this is Marchesa another collection so vintage II okay another with the flowers, Marchesa again with tulle and flowers this is vintage goals this coat I love it and then we have this yellow dress with flowers and tulle and I just thought it was a very cute color.

so this is it I will stop the recording I'm done it worked this is it you guys I really hope you liked my video and my Instagram saved posts please like this video comment down below your favorite look and subscribe to my channel I post new videos on Tuesdays and Fridays if you click the notification bellyou will get a notification as soon as I post a video but it's still going to be on Tuesdays and Fridays follow me on instagram at @atcececouture i share a lot of funny stories with my cat and i'll see you guys in the next video bye.