/My Nvidia Shield TV Setup with Accessories Re-upload with Video of Setup

My Nvidia Shield TV Setup with Accessories Re-upload with Video of Setup

Video: My Nvidia Shield TV Setup with Accessories Re-upload with Video of Setup


welcome to my Nvidia shield TV and today we're going to take a look at my setup for the shield TV I've disconnected everything so I can show you guys so there's the shield and as you can see right there is the external hard drive that I used as internal then it goes to the USB here you can see the connection the only one that's not here is the HDMI but the first one right here is your external internal then you have the USB hub right here as you can see it's hooked up to this hard drive you can also hook up this little thingy which is this you can see this is the mouse I use as a little Dumbo you can plug it in here is the headphones that I used to record as you can see and then there's the mic USB the hard drive 5 terabyte hard drive the only thing that's missing here is the webcam but that's the setup a very quick look at how I have my shield TV set up there we go I have a 256 gigabyte SSD external USB 3.

0 hard drive SSD solid state drive as my internal so it replaces that 16 gigabyte hard drive with 250 gigabytes and it's extremely fast it's faster than the probe trust me I've done the numbers the next thing I have is a USB hub and that brings it all together that basically connects all this stuff down here you see just by this one little device here and then I have a five terabyte external hard drive hooked up to the first slot here so let's just go to settings and check that out I actually have a one terabyte hard drive right now because I'm doing a reset so I saved I backed up everything onto this one terabyte hard drive it was only a hundred gigabytes but I backed it up here's my internal as you can see the 16 gigabyte gives you actually 11 gigabyte hard drive internal and now this is my internal when you adapt it becomes your adapter storage and that becomes your internal storage a formats it and sets it all up so I have that hooked up the next thing I have actually what's moving the mouse right now is this right here with this little dongle set up right in here and it works just like a regular Mouse sometimes I put in a wired mouse the wired one works a little bit different with the wired mouse the keyboard down here opens up much quicker than with this one the one I have right here on hand which I'm going to test is this one right here is the MINIX I also have one of these which the kids kind of messed up and this is the same thing as the MINIX one but each one has the little dongle and they work only if you plug it into the USB hub the next thing I'm using to record is this right here a headphone with mic it has to have a 3.

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5 millimeter jack and it hooks up straight to the gamepad as you can see right here we'll take a look look a closer look at it later you also have one of these with a USB and see this one right here is another one I have two USB you can use it for Skype or twitch you know all the live stuff hangouts it will work and it records and it's very clear so the next the last thing I have is a USB cam I don't use it very much it's hooked up to the TV but the kids sure do enjoy it and they record straight to the external hard drive so now let's go take a look at all the products here take a closer look as you can see you can get a one terabyte external but there's no point you really don't need that much internal storage 16 is too small but 250 is the perfect it's very hard to fill up to 50 if you're storing all your emulators at net and games on the external as long as it's 3.0 and it's a desktop that's plugged in it will work fine I play 4k movies some of those 4k movies are a hundred gigabytes and it plays perfectly through the USB hub so you can see their different sizes this is the one I have right here I got it for a little cheaper was around 50 bucks and it works great it's faster than the 500 gigabyte Pro so for anybody who's getting a pro I suggest you get the 16 and spend the money on a solid-state drive because there's nothing faster than a solid solid state drive so now let's take a look at the USB hubs as you can see this is the one I own right now that's plugged in right at this moment right now the other one I have is this one right here and I don't use it anymore for some reason I don't know if it's something went wrong with it but I always thought that if it was plugged in it would be better maybe it was defective if any of you guys having a plugged in one let me know might get another one but this is the one I have it's unbelievably fast quick small so that's going to bring together all your stuff so let's move on the external hard drives you don't need oh my goodness 8 terabyte hard drive Jesus I thought 5 terabytes was huge so let's scroll down I just want to show you one thing here now I have one of these right here it's plugged in right now the 1 terabyte and let me tell you it's much slower because it's a portable then the then the desktop one much much slower who is directly plugged in to the shield not going through the hub it would still be slower than the desktop one so just letting you guys know that now the next one is obviously the air mouse you can get a combo keyboard with mouse which is what I'm using right now and this right here is air mouse let's plugged in I'm going to plug it in right now I'm going to show you what the difference is as you can see when I select up here you can see the keyboard pops up and I can do type in whatever with the mouse now I'm going to put in my MINIX won't air mouse and you're going to see the difference so I'm plugging it in now there we go it's plugged in this opens up for some reason so let's go back I'm actually using the MINIX Mouse here so here you see I'm moving it around like a regular Mouse my wrists everything works perfectly on here go up moves up now the differences is when you're typing now as you can see when I select up here you see the bottom you won't get a keyboard popping up anymore when you're using one of these uh air Mouse because it has a keyboard on the back of it as you can see it's pretty cool so let's go back and let's write something in here let's go home let's go into Firefox I'm just going to type up here you see at the bottom so I'm going to type on the back YouTube I spelled it wrong but you see at the bottom fix it up just like that and most of the buttons work I can go home pushing the home button the volume works most of the buttons work as you can see I'm moving everything around here and I'm doing that with the bear Mouse so that's the air Mouse let me unplug it so I can go back to the some reason and acts funny when there's two two of them plugged in so this is the one I'm using right now when this is very good one of these these are the ones I'm using with the dongle works very well so let's go to the microphone and headphone here now I have one that's very similar to this the reason I'm showing you this is down here I want to show you this picture here because these are the ones you have to get if you're going to use with the gamepad you see it has a 3.

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5 millimeter jack here for your headphones let's hope this thing as you can see goes straight into your gamepad and then it comes with this little one to go into your computer but without that it will not work the other one I have is something like this and that's what I'm recording with right now so let's go to the next one which is what I use right here for Skype for I use it for the hangouts and it works very well I have something that kind of looks like that just a little more expensive or you can get a Bluetooth one you also can get with the headphones with the USB and you plug it into your USB hub and it works and the last one is your webcam and your webcam comes all different this one has this is the one I have right here recording 1080p one day I'm going to use this sucker who knows totally the accessories I have that's how I have my shield set up guys if you like enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up if you guys have any questions please leave them in the comments and I'll get back to you as soon as I can I hope you enjoy this thank you so much for watching and take care you.