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well hello there my lovely friends welcome back to another muse dash gameplay for PC video everyone I enjoyed muse dash so much I want to continue playing on my channel here for another episode of muse dash pc the incredible rhythm game! I do hope you guys do enjoy today's video and I hope I can entertain you all the way to the end if you guys have never played this muse dash steam game please give this video and watch you have to see it man this game muse dash is so fun I'm telling you now we're on the level evolution hopefully we do well we'll see how far we can get on today's video okay cheers again for watching guys or do post gameplay videos every day or various games so yeah if you enjoy my videos please assure you hit that like and subscribe button we're gonna play evolution on hard I have no idea what's about to go down here hopefully we can do pretty well wish me luck my friends here we go get ready man I'm gonna crank my volume up louder here let's do this showing who I'm worried okay here we go we're on alright so hard mode I feel is the best way to play this game by the way I feel like you really get a good challenge out of heart obviously I'm pretty sure there might be even harder difficulties and hard itself oh wow okay games not playing around straight away oh boy I'm bit worried here I can't believe this game's only like three dollars as well while the way guys it's really not that expensive at all but it's so fun dude I really did not think I was gonna like this game but I really do I'm gonna boss in the background there till the game tries to spring multiple enemies at once nice doing good I usually don't follow up videos like this dude honest it's a walkthrough series but yeah I just have to play this game again on my channel it's so fun I really hope you guys are enjoying this video by the way oh really go here oh really go get well well well well this is a bit freaky right now we're doing quite good right now and hard mode by the way I don't know if I've been here have I been here yeah I don't even know dude I don't think so and the whole fighting this jinx myself there I've done pretty good so far at least nice beautiful we're done good game is definitely to keep this pressure up right now Oh perfect just hit him back in time that was lucky I don't think we've got here I really don't think we got hit her all then are you serious dude if this is true I did not get here I don't know what I get for this Hey over a mic receipt was 86% max color was 115 past three miss one Oh either way I got an a I mean can you complain a or I don't think so first time with the evolution at mission there now I can get another truck unlocked here but first I have to level up one more time what level have I'm not completed on card yet let's go through here we have master mode there apparently there is a harder mode and hard okay it's called master well let's do frost to land on hard here we go track has started fun fact by the way if you did not know this at the top of the screen right it will show how much progressions left on the level so yeah I realized that when I was editing my videos together pretty funny dude alright nice we got through that and good my goal is to try not get hit at all okay I feel like I've achieved something if I don't get hit I know that some people have 100% accuracy as well funny enough I don't know how people can manage to do that it is currently around 1:00 a.

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m. on a Sunday morning guys so I just had the urge to play this game I don't know why it's just such a fun game dude is crazy I never in a million years would have pictured myself playing a game like this but here we are I just hope you guys are all enjoying as much as I am enjoying recording it for you all and all always just try to punch that saw blade then that was close well so there was a hammer just then the hammers do hit me usually so I gotta be careful with that I think your combo actually resets every time you miss something as well it looks like so it's not even being hit guide it's actually been I guess inaccurate with your heads I just beat back that boss there anyway that was good we're still not complete yet judging by the top bar the screen there no worries there we go oh no it's still not done wow that's all done they're not though no ice look at this perfect perfect yes love it almost done now we got an a again nice for some achievements unlock there very cool I love what up guys paper plain white feather does that mean we get a new character now new character is now unlocked yes cool got another level up here as well okay Christmas gifts white feather just up up twice why not just live up twice then cool I'm happy with that I guess let's quickly have a look at the new character who is it bro select okay new character school girl apparently no quarry's schoolgirl burro comes invincible while bursting it's a fever mode okay sweet let's go to a new song that we have here sorry pronounce that one there that's okay either way let's go hide mode straight away into hard mode guys we're not fooling around with this game anymore good old moves – I look at this character how cool does this character look oh my God look at it it's like a big polar bear a bear of soy SAP and everyone alright can it's a panda always a bit more hotter isn't it here we go I missed it I just missed one of the stars whoops that's all right I'll just go hit then as well wow this is difficult look at her difficult disease now they'll be switched on for this my friends we're doing okay here at least right now how many I've been hit already though I'm not happy about being here but what do you do beautiful another boss here great look at this I love it I don't know how we're doing this right now but we are this is great I therefore recommend everyone give this game a try by the way everyone don't be scared don't think you won't like it because I reckon you will dude seriously run a quite a big combo right now hopefully I can keep it up almost got hit then 129 combo 134 Wow we're going through heaps of the combo just lost it I accidentally just let go of the jump buttons it feels like every time I notice I get a good combo I stuff it up we're right at the end as well we just had a massive combo then a rating I bet if I did not get hit I would have had like an S rating then like a super rating or whatever it's called and 196 perfect biggest convoy I had was 139 ah where how that's alright I will keep it up we'll keep the game up here what else we've got going on let's do this one on hard here guys with this Tokyo Tower not too sure to pronounce most of these songs names but I'm still gonna keep playing him Oh perfect nice good way to start the song off you're getting a perfect straightaway wonder how long I can keep this up for really gonna try and concentrate here hopefully I don't mess this up everyone its weak who's trying to commentate when you're trying to concentrate sorry difficult as weird as I say dude forty three combo right now nice it's an invisible ghost then I'm not too sure what the point of the invisible ghosts actually do really I later stare sitting if you miss them you lose you're perfect I guess that's the only thing I can think up really nice look at this yes watch out for the saw blade song's picking up here oh my so 200 combo be back the boss now I lost my combo I must have missed something no you're joking me I miss the boss here that's why I didn't get hit though but I missed the bullet if that makes sense I'm still doing okay here at least the big boss battle here we're going almost sixty hits and the boss guy's boss has been beating down at least good stuff doing so good right now I love it beautiful ninety combo excellent 100 combo now they have back up into the 100 combos although here the freaking hammer hit me know what at the end are you serious game I just been trolled by the game everyone the hammer hit me you'll remember I've never played these songs before obviously so I'm jumping into sin hard mode this is great it way the bosses defeated here at least that's good perfect come on we got hit at the end I got an a there as well ah man I was so good until the end 96,000 score what did everyone else get that's what I'm curious about level up a war dry fish white feather cool that's this now new song okay no problems I love what up again all kneeling so close what's everyone's score here I got all definitely did not get the top score that's for sure everyone wow no way I get the top score people on 130 150 mm jeez Oh either way I hope you enjoyed tonight's video guys I just have to show me – again it's such a fun game man I thank you so much for tuning in I will see you all tomorrow for the next daily gameplay video catch it around.

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