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Mummy Papa Ka Second Honeymoon || TVF

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Jeetu, want to join for lunch? I’ll be there after you, calling someone. Give me two. Hello? – Dad. Namaste. Namaste, Namaste. You’re calling in your office timings. You are always on your phone. This is probably why you don’t get promoted. No, Dad…I was thinking… Your 25th anniversary is coming up next month. Yeah.. So I was thinking that maybe you and mom could go for a second honeymoon.. Wait..what did you say? I mean I could send you guys off somewhere to travel..

No no, what was the word that you used before this? Word? Uh..Honeymoon? Aren't you ashamed of thinking of your parents in this way? Do you even know what happens during a honeymoon? Yes? Don't you even think about it! Your parents have nothing to do with all of that Okay, forget honeymoon. But you could just go to travel right? It’s your 25th anniversary afterall. Yeah, if you put it that way then… We still haven't gone to Mt Abu, Pashupatinath or Kerala. We could see those. No, I was thinking of a foreign country…Paris maybe. It’s good for couples. We’re not a couple! We're a married couple! And who goes abroad at this age? Uncle did, remember? He's one and a half years elder to you He still went to Germany, right? He went through so much trouble for it He wanted to say Hello Hi to the hotel manager He ended up saying "Heil Hitler"! He just got saved.

We'll have a lot of issues with language Yeah, so who asked him to speak German there? And you know basic English. I'm sure you'll manage Basic? I know all of it! The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. That's the whole of English in a single sentence. That’s what I am saying… You know it, you’ll manage! I'm booking it. It’ll be very expensive. A tiny banana will cost 70-80 bucks. Dad, please don’t worry. I have applied for a personal loan on Indiabulls Dhani. Why all this hardwork, son? It’s no hardwork. You just need your bank details and Aadhaar card Only takes 3 minutes Will get it online itself. It is unsafe to give personal details over the internet. Your own words! Dad, this app is very safe, I am doing it. Okay? Umm…yeah..

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okay.. Son, the food there would be a problem, no? When your uncle was there, he spent this 3 nights and 4 days on salads. On the 4th night he realised that what he thought was Soya was pork. He had to feed 21 Brahmins as penance But you eat chicken, right? If you ask for chicken, they'll serve you chicken. Yeah…the chicken idea works… But your mother fasts on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. So just make sure these days don’t hinder. And next month is Ekadashi. So book it accordingly. So you’ll only go for a Sunday and a Monday?! There are many Indian restaurants there to eat. All for namesakes! You remember the restaurant Little China in Civil lines? Only Nepalis there! Dad, there are plenty of Indians there. There will be authentic Indian cooks in the Indian restaurants Is it? Hmm..

. What do these Indians wear there? Clothes! What else?! Ofcourse I know that…but there are two types of clothes, right? Deepika donned a certain type of clothes in Padmavat and another type in Cocktail. Why do you have to wear Deepika’s clothes?! No no, I am not worried about myself. I have my retirement blazer and the yellow tie. I will blend in with the foreigners that way But what will your mother wear? The same thing that she wears here. Son, won’t it be a problem climbing the Eiffel tower in a saree? It’s not rock climbing dad, they have a lift facility there! Ok then I'll video call you from up there and show you the entire city. It’s such a big tower, must have a really strong network. Okay, so…I got the money as well. So I am booking the tickets now. One minute…Jeetu… What happened? See..

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I was thinking… It’s okay if it takes an extra $5-$10 But please make sure you book the hotel very carefully. Please book a hotel which has…erm.. Jet spray. Your uncle booked a very cheap shady hotel in germany, called Le Residence Nice… It was not nice at all. No jet-spray. For 3 nights and 4 days, he lived through hell. See, I have seen Roadies, I will adjust. But the entire day you keep feeling dirty. What is this weird system, right? Dad, I did not make the system. Use mineral water and be tension free all day. How will we be tension-free? We need to stay alert! It's an alien city after all, what if we get lost? Your mom will start fighting in the middle of the road. The foreigners will wonder "Who is this lady in a saree- -who is fighting with the gentleman in the yellow tie?" Why would you get lost!? You’ll have a tour guide there. Oh, so there will be a tour guide? Nice… Still, for my safety I will take an atlas, a compass and binoculars.

Okay great so I’m booking it. Yeah, sure… Er…one minute. What happened now? I’ll tell your mother as well. Jeetu’s mother! Jeetu is sending us to Paris! No no, not for good. For 3 nights and 4 days…for our anniversary! I have cleared all my doubts. If you have any, come! No no, you don’t have to Google. He works there! Hello? Bon- Bonjour. Bonjour! Monsieur! Monsieur?.