/Motorola Xoom Tablet Slot Sim Roto/Broken Solucion/Fix

Motorola Xoom Tablet Slot Sim Roto/Broken Solucion/Fix

Video: Motorola Xoom Tablet Slot Sim Roto/Broken Solucion/Fix


Well now we're going to show a very common problem whit tablet motorola xoom is that the sim slot is broken and do not read the sim card so the tablet is somewhat like locked it says it can not find a provider and will not let you enter. What I am going to show you now is the error message. We start the tablet with the power button wait for boot you can see that immediately after the welcome screen appears: "tablet is not provisioned .." ".

. Please insert a valid sim card and reboot" This error does not allow you to display any of the screen and so let's see how to fix it. The first thing we do now is download the drivers from Motorola. Both the Device Manager as the ADB. We install the ADB. We install the Motorola Device Manager. And Unzip the folder Fastboot ADB, somewhere on the disk. Here are all the tools to upload the image of Android Once we got the tools we will download the recovery that is a piece of ROM which uploads directly to the device. We are going to download the TWRP version 2.7.1 and will also download the OMNI 4.4.4 rom all from XDA Now this step is to start the tablet in fastboot mode so we can upload the image through usb cable obviously need a micro USB cable Well turn on the tablet with the back button and once you see the logo of motorola we will press the volume down button connect the cable once you have here the files and the tablet is connected, we will directly open a command line this command line should be positioned in the folder where the files were downloaded and it is important to also place the file recovery, say TWRP in this case I renamed it to recovery.

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img And we will start in fastboot to be able to upload the image to the tablet. For this run the command: fastboot flash recovery and the name of the image, in this case, as i renamed it is: recovery.img Look here it threw a message that failed. As.. the tablet is locked the thing to do is to unlock it first. To unlock it we have to run a command. This command is: Fastboot oem unlock And we give it enter. Once we run fastboot oem unlock on the pc, a message will appear .. in the tablet explaining what it means to unlock the tablet. And we will use the volume down to change this option from "cancel" we will change it to "I accept" And then, we press volume up. Again makes you the same question, we press volume down again and up again. and there is unlocking the Tablet. Once finished, we see that the tablet is rebooting, that has to be done automatically.

On this side we see that figure "OK" meaning it was completed. Well, now let's turn the tablet and we will go back in fastboot mode. Once we have the tablet in fastboot mode We will get back to to the command line the Android folder and we will write: "Fastboot flash recovery .." and the name of the image in this case ".. recovery.img" we will see that directly took three seconds and could upload it. said "ok" and contained few messages here and we are ready. Well, now what we need is to copy the ROM we downloaded, the OMNI 4.4.4, to an SD memory It is necessary, we have a sd memory to do this procedure. Copy the file to the micro sd memory. And now we're going to put on the tablet. Well now let's put the memory in the micro sd slot, as seen here thus opens. We put the memory here.

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Now we will go into recovery mode pressing Power and volume button down When Android recovery appears we press volume up. At this time you are loading the new recovery, we downloaded. Here we will: First "WIPE" "FORMAT DATA" and we write YES give ENTER. Now give BACK, We're back, twice. And we will INSTALL, When we install we see here that the file appears to us the OMNI 4.4.4 ROM which was downloaded. We click. And then SWIPE button to confirm. Once finished, and we will REBOOT SYSTEM. Here we see that the ROM is starting OMNI, which is what we downloaded. Well and here we see that, it stated, with the new version of Android 4.4.4. OMNI. .