/MobileForge for Android® – Selecting the Best User Mode for Your Mobile Device

MobileForge for Android® – Selecting the Best User Mode for Your Mobile Device

Video: MobileForge for Android® – Selecting the Best User Mode for Your Mobile Device


In this video I will show you how to select the most accurate user mode on your Android device using free CalMAN ColorChecker software with free MobileForge parent generator app on Android Here's what's needed to do this test you'll need free CalMAN ColorChecker software, the free MobileForge app, and a colorimeter with the MobileForge app in waiting to connect mode, open up CalMAN ColorChecker software select find source, find the MobileForge pattern generator under manufacture SpectraCal Search for your device and click connect Once it's connected you can go ahead and select the meter that you are using to do the measurements select find meter, make sure that it says all those meters except for the list below and click search CalMAN ColorChecker software will search for the device and if it's connected to USB port with the drivers installed it will find the device and start functioning once the meter is connected go hand position it over the device that you'll be measuring select the settings tab, make sure that you have the proper color space that you want to compare the performance of the display to in this case we're going with sRGB and we're using the PC levels in the phone itself there's four modes, we're going to select the dynamic mode and we're going to use the dynamic tab which we've already created in advance once we have those selected we will go ahead and do a read series and let it capture the color performance of the device by having this date, we will be able to compare all four modes against one another to see which one is closest to the standard, which is our goal go ahead and select the standard tab in CalMAN ColorChecker Select the standard mode on the Android device and then do a read series of this particular mode to compare to the others as you can see CalMAN ColorChecker is automating all the patterns being rendered on the phone through the MobileForge application once we have all the data for standard mode let's go ahead and changed to the photo tab select the photo mode on the Android device and then click read serious to collect data on this particular mode if you're curious about what all the charts and graphs mean simply click the link here for the ColorChecker deep dive video with the data collected on photo mode we will go ahead and select the cinema tab in the CalMAN ColorChecker software and select the cinema mode on the Samsung device and then click read series to capture the data on this particular mode capable of generating millions of patterns for any combination of red green and blue values MobileForge is perfect for single color readings as well as series readings for grayscale, color temperature, color space, ColorChecker and much more looking at cinema mode it appears to be closest to the standard It has a DeltaE of 3.

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3 average which, remember the lower the number the better and we will switch over to the dynamic tab you can see it has a 6.4 DeltaE average which is much higher, so when use this mode go select the standard tab and we can see that it has an average of 5 for DeltaE it's better than dynamic but it's still higher than cinema photo is very similar to standard so it's a little too high and back to cinema, we will select that tab, we can see it has the best error level the lowest amount of error which is good, and looking at all the ColorChecker values we can see that the measured dots are closest to the standard target squares, this is the best mode to use To learn more about MobileForge, CalMAN Software or where to find a meter please click the links and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel thank you for watching.