/Mobiistar XQ Dual @ ₹7,999 ($120) – Unboxing and First Impressions

Mobiistar XQ Dual @ ₹7,999 ($120) – Unboxing and First Impressions

Video: Mobiistar XQ Dual @ ₹7,999 ($120) – Unboxing and First Impressions


Hey this is Sreehari from mr. phone and today we have a very special unboxing so for the past few years we have been hearing about companies like Xiaomi oppa viva oneplus and they all come from China well this is Moby star which is a Vietnamese company they're quite big in Vietnam and they recently shifted their headquarters to India so they'll be handling all their operations of their smartphones right here from India and we are unboxing the X Q dual so without any further ado let's jump into the unboxing is what I should say but before that subscribe to the channel and also click that Bell icon so that you get notified for all these cool tech videos we put out so first of all taking this out of the box we are greeted with a very white looking clean box that just says movie stars mind you with two eyes okay so consistency is the theme here anyway let's keep this aside and let's get into the unboxing so taking the top side we take this is the movie star XQ duels so this is the phone it comes in this black and gold color the power button also actually looks quite good it has a gold accents so there's gold accents all around the phone and let's turn this on and keep this aside while we look at what else we get inside the box now this is basically extra paper that they had then we go into the next box which looks like it will have a TPU case and yes it does here's a safety guide and the and a user manual with all the buttons where are the ports everything that you want to know about the phones and you do get a clear TPU case now this is something that almost all manufacturers nowadays are including with their phones and it's nice to see movie star also following suit let's keep this aside next thing is micro USB cable a standard micro USB cable that we get inside this box it's a white cable and says movie star let's keep that aside to now we have a charging wall brick this is 5 volt one point 5 ampere charger it's not a fast charger and it's actually not even 2 amperes so this is a 1 point 5 ampere charger I'm not sure how long it will take to charge the huge battery that sits inside but let's see how about from this we do get a sim tool inside but yes that's all we get inside the box let's keep all of this aside and jump straight into what the phone looks like so I've enrolled the fingerprint scanner and it works quite well so I'm not expected to unlock so quickly but it does that's a great thing to see so it's a really nice quality fingerprint scanner that we have on the front the first thing that we see is the display this is clearly not following the new 18 by 9 aspect ratio standard and it still sticks with the 16 by 9 aspect ratio so you can see those big black bezels on the top and bottom and those are some huge bezels by the way even the side bezels are quite thicker than I might have guessed but yes this is what you'd get the display looks fine and below that sits the navigation buttons now these are off-screen navigation buttons since we have so much bezel these are not aligned well according to the bezel and that's irritating me to know hell on the bottom you get a micro USB port with speaker grilles on both sides of which only one of them might have a real speaker behind it on the top you have a headphone jack and a microphone on the right sits the power button which actually looks quite good and also feels quite good I do not expect it to feel that good but yes it does with those gold accents and the volume rocker sits on the left side of the phone taking a look at how the OS looks I'm not really a fan of non stock Android skins or at least the skins that don't have an address so all the apps are right on the home screen you get all the google apps you del google play music Gmail play movies photos etc so the flip card shopping app is one of the app that comes pre-installed inside the phone flip card also got bought by Walmart yesterday for 17 billion and what might have got 77% stake so kudos apart from that we get the standard apps like calculator calendar clock there's a clock or widget there's another app for that get file manager there's a freezer app so basically how the freezer app works is basically you can freeze some apps or maybe put them on hibernate so that they don't pull a notification thus saving a lot of battery for you and it's good that they're including such an app inside the phone pre-installed now going to the Settings app the rest of the UI did look a little too funky for me but the Settings app looks tone down enough you have all the standard features like Wi-Fi Bluetooth SIM cards you can go to notifications and manage notifications from here so there's a theme option in display so you can choose from the various themes that Moby Start has in its database you can also choose from the baby of wallpapers that mobi quick offers and I'm a fan of these wallpapers these wallpapers look crazy if you are a wallpaper fan and if you want to buy a phone just to get the stock wallpapers inside then buy this so you get auto brightness you can change all the standard features that come inside an Android phone so there's something called charging protection village basically optimizes how you charge and avoids overcharging to get a prolonged battery life which is really crazy so I think movie star has put in a lot of effort inside the UI to make it more useful for the user and give them a good user experience okay let's go to the rest of the features that we get inside you get gestures which is just double press bar button to go to the camera going to security and password your fingerprint I thought there might be phase unlock but there's not since there is a dual camera setup on the front so there is two selfie cameras on this phone we talked about that a little later there are a lot of features stuffed inside this phone more than I expected so if you want to see a software overview please let me know in the comment section down below so we go inside about phone and we see that it runs Android noget and not Oreo so that is something that might be an issue for a lot of people although Android versions have been slow to for OEMs to adapt to this year has surprised me with almost every OEM coming up with their phone no matter what price range with Android audio and this one comes with no good that might be a concern for a lot of people if that is please let me know in the comment section down below apart from that it comes with a single camera at the back and a dual camera set up on the front now that camera on the back looks like any standard camera at this price inch but the cameras on the front is a 13 megapixel plus an 8 megapixel sensor setup so that's something that a lot of phones don't have on their rear and this phone has a front setup with a 13 plus 8 megapixel camera so that was an unboxing and the first look at the more we started xq dual the dual comes from the dual camera setup at the front of this phone it is one of the rarest phones that comes with a dual camera setup on the front so if you do want to know more about it please let me know in the comment section if you want to see a full review please let me know that in the comment section too if you have any questions about this phone if you want to know the pricing you'll find all that in the description below that's it for this one thank you so much for watching this free hurry from mister phone and I'll catch you in the next one.

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