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Mist Survival – We Got A Car (New Survival Game)

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my guys work about the episode three of mist survival no I had already recorded episode free however what I was exploring I sprained my ankle behind game and it took ages to your backs or ended up being like 40 minutes because that's a really take ages getting here so I scrapped it nothing really happened I got enough resources to make an old Locker and I actually found the tire and blanket for the car all you need to know is feigned at the actual fuel tank so I can actually steal fuel from other cars and fellows up so the mission for today is try and find s fuel tank no I'm not sure with you there two balls I just need to get some way of transport and fuel from a normal car and to a rock are I'm also going to craft the campfire and a little cooking station above it maybe some do nurses cuz beers are no in the game so I try and kill beer at some point not like 2d I took that show me some reason I need to harbor two seconds just grab my hammer know if we get something no we can actually cook done easier huh my back to weightless up there we also phone Niels as well so that opens a lot of doors for us to start crafting things put some salt that'll end useful for when we get meat because we try and use it to preserve the meat I'm also gonna try to make a fridge at some point and keep the match easy to lose them spare knife and without a bandage just in case okay so we are going to try and get some sort of container for this fuel no fact I will try something a bit cheeky I don't know if a bottle what actually allows to do it if it does then it's just absolute genius I don't make it well but it made no you can see our car is completely empty ignore fuel and it works well off but heís got a body I know for now so everything else is there everything's fine we have some Spears in the back as well if we need it now let's see so so fuel there can i but not can't damn can't use it wishful thinking so we are gonna head back don't nest you see we can find know what I went exploring I went down there and there's a farm though now nothing major actually just a farm pegue house but I throw more doors that you need to lock picks for so you're trying it some sort a lot pet good no I can craft a lot pack and here I don't know what I need so I'm gonna look in here I'll see what it is that's what bench will pull a train craft of what bench in there it's couple episodes as well then for a fire or base up so for you go to this what pax likes oh we can make a gas can here sure I will actually got all that stuff right so scrapp on them right let's go get that stuff last we have never driving very soon no I wasn't aware it was craftable but as so we all head back and grab that first I'm glad I am about recorder and click already joke that faint because what else do we need his scrap to strap a netbook as I've said no sort of a arrangement of these at all just a bloody mess right let's get a gas tank Gordon close the door I don't know why it's only me in a server but why not so guys the feedbacks been really pause it so far no I don't know a lot let's play or like play for us but there seems to be quite well received so I'm gonna keep doing it before I start doing my subsistence like game play for as well so we'll see if all the scores and Sharaf are again there are much content and natural game master Fang trade for self I say – yeah I what I get AI – what for you I don't know that that changes to give her but she catch that with sleeves that is genius right so let's get this car moving just feelin s1 so if I put this in here so can excellent right so we know how few so we can get us cognizant I hope this one like that no it's that was an absolute shit hey for tank I realize your crap I'll lick we'll have a car woohoo of course the door is daughters gonna remain open right here guys well listen we're driving shit no drive very well so we have wheels right so it uses quite a lot of fuel it's a hungry little Dada hey this is gonna make life a lot easier I'm Britt Tom know probably have to stop a lot to get fuel so don't hear there's a band at sait as well so we need to be careful that that will pull off ya driver in that there's little weight boy lad seem to be that crew up or strong and right maneuver Road this yeah don't rush don't rush through here for your fruit great we'll stop there and engine off right let's gonna see how that feel right let's see if enough right there for now you see up take that know because of a car we can actually store stuff and eat as well so we'll put line there and as a spirit for that there ah we have wheels thank ya know that wheels I think we need to really try and get a better gun but a shotgun but it's not brilliant and the feeling that won't fight let let me check these cars for fuel as well what's up dr hmm maybe that's really good next a TS fuel we do or the in court shot in the back of this nope I think we head up they are I have a look-see you see is probably nothing out but now let's keep let's keep going forward just in general I know it's a bandit turn here there's abundant endo now see them moving a lot of weapons to fight up right let's go that way everybody go so you can find them now this makes it game so much easier almost sprained ankles was dead end it was higher in here right engine off car F and here trunk clear just wrap this bike off and the bowl quaff fact I first egg drive let's go for a big drive let's go see exactly what is fooling about this place know that we keep learning more about those lights as well let's go let's take a drive all the way down let's explore this place prop with what the ship Carisbrook what is it bro come on car by the battery ran out oh shit hmm there's a battery back here what up shit my chips a little but and all those are battery back up here so not big Explorer there's no quietly stopped hey buddy no good so bad he's just up here Jesus it would be like the only spare file in the car as well a tire let's spark plugs let's feel about it it's a body literally just any here so let's just keep an eye stuff like that let me use our vehicle we thought I'd rise too far and end up cocked because we're stuck somewhere sort of tight in here how good is that body though yeah sixty percent better than the one currently got so I head back then here I get the body I think we hit the car back up and we just head all the way to the fight make head or less we should get animal at least we got a car I mean no car lot quicker and I fall to it I mean getting that Jetta can with a lot better factors will drive back up this garage and what we see with a lot Packers so I've got a couple of places that what use a lot Peck you may get better weapons know where the shit is my car that's always here my stamina just get me there get it back go back so we let a valuable lesson already so we straight your car last to low battery back in there proceed boom cooking with gas again all right let's take it easy we're popping tires or FM right oh shit no the taping about hitting the most is driving games kind of sad them absolutely here defense so I will probably crash quite a lot I mean I hit them in normal games but PC games and so even was pasties oh sure should be okay let's see what it's need for a lot packed and I know a couple places looking with a lot back if we can make one signage it off see that fuel okay so this bench let you do what pace is well move catch up with me well let me see that what may I will trade a minute wait lock picks lock back slope X okay cool bar actually use a crowbar as well now they've been easier thing to do but sure I really need to start shaking these things a lot pick any top grades of workshop rate we can make we can make Baba I am pretty sure in this car we have for these right let's make a lot proper look you start stealing stuff so what are the CI things all those well tell the sleeves and shit yeah this is move a shirt I can pick it up kill it run back to my house for this no way oh you know I'm stealing this I'll come back pick up I am taking this 100% thank you it's another one of these IQ moments door open don't you dare follow my plan place I thought about this spot no because I've kind of moved it from where it should go can I get out now ah can is Oh get in get in here we go Oh Donna he's over install of what bench um where it goes is the next question and Spanish round okay necking Lesley I do it for me I don't write yeah as long as it actually walks if I pull that door thinking about broader game coming around here laughs I could get any out of the perfect oh that policeman gonna jump over that alright look at what bench come over this bloody table right so rocket car I know I found these fun if it doesn't bore this big does as whereas so with all right with mostly a car you'll still know what bench no let's come crowbar door down the bottom and that shop just check the vitals for an episode for one that's with don't temper said all the win hardly any space all right let's go don't crow while I still open fuel was actually used to much just about oh shit fucking bust my car again shit what broke last time stop bugs uh-huh I'm lucky I have spark plugs see you try to remember fine but you can do it that's one step ahead yesterday that bar is nearly gone already but the hill now they'll fucking eschar all the way back though as the thing so badly seems to run out quite quick Jesus there's a lot to maintain that swing right so there's a back here we need a crowbar so let's see if we can enter shrim Damini a crowbar for Nestle Proteus F the crowbar rooms are Worf taken sure those went down here oh please says here I wasn't here shit the downstairs there's definitely a crowbar room down here I'm poisonous alloys I find out I'd say that though take it and I'm absolutely positive there's a crowbar remain here I was at the motel ah damn it was a motel it's not Carvel goes back and I'll take that this actually toddler to a wharf it cuz they need stuff right let's hope this car guess is back and must be up here then Sankar come on 21 I really should take note of where these truck crowbar rooms are there was and here jump out she's defamed the door little not packed shut the back oh my goodness yeah I know yeah and it was a house close by that I give maybe a lot Peck let's train the house it is a lot better and all of that has dried this car come on we can do it I believe I believe I believe yes what else you put this car up what we're doing and use it oh sure oh it's got a garage first thing as far as our weapon go right turn off right so how our car everything here we're doing it tick we will definitely first fuel tank back in here it's been quite important so far and yes be sent here do indeed and they are right let's go on krob while the show or something it's a real definitely a beast down here what a lot door I was trying to be our area then the strip let's see you at the clock runs off now to next episode we are definitely try what he's banned it comes oh I see I see I you fans where you can actually seen you can miss late in the morning as like the slaves about stranger that is the base we're going to try and take it's not bandit camp we're gonna sneak around try still foot oh shit this is definitely the place take some food ammunition right please be a lot Pike Place yeah Raees okay so a festival what fair offer which is all waste of time Oh body armor right so it's definitely often them so it's part of the mission though we are going to try and kill those rooms as well ah excellent hey guys so we achieved what we said to do today and that was get car so that's one of the main things done I said tomorrow we are going to try and take a bandit camp but chickie yes but I think it's worth trying no we're trying it some sort of look at what actually they do know you'll probably die but the woof trying it I think just to get the experience and see what it's out there now how many of those is just gonna scope out so if you could leave a like I don't usually ask for them but I want to try it a CDS moving a lot but and if you enjoyed it leave a comment if you have got an idea what you want us to do as well by all means suggested and and we're trying to have these out every single day but I'm not a cop i games come out as well so it might spread this episode so hello but thanks often by if you haven't seen other episodes make sure you check them out and I'll see you in the next one.

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