/Microsoft Excel 95 Easter Egg – Hall of Tortured Souls

Microsoft Excel 95 Easter Egg – Hall of Tortured Souls

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To activate this easter egg, you will need to run Microsoft Excel 95. Go to 95th row… … select the whole row, press Tab (key)… … and go to "About Microsoft Excel". Hold Control and Shift (keys) and click on "Tech Support" (button) to get the "Hall of Tortured Souls". Use arrow keys to move, D and C (keys) to look up and down. And then in this room we have credits window, with few more windows… … then credits on stairs… Therefore (?)… for more rooms, type "excelkfa" to reveal the zig-zag room…

… and one more room … The "excelkfa" code is similar… … actually based on the Doom (game if don't know shit about gaming) code "idkfa". Well, let's try to pass this… quite difficult… zig-zag… … floor (?) Eh, this will take a while. * 400% speed-up * And finally, in this room… … we'll see pictures of some Excel 95 developers, or most likely tortured souls. … along with the credits. Ok. And some… X-es…, which is most likely "Excel". (The letter X that represents Excel icon, damnit) And after that… you can just go around…. … and try to go… … thru the walls, if possible. It just takes some time. Let's see if it's even possible to do it. Ah, here we go. So, we're now outside. And that's pretty much… .

.. one part of the building. If we go back, we might get stuck in the wall. I keep trying… … might get inside. (?) That is hard thing to do it. Ah, here we go… This is the lower floor of the main room. You can see those green floors. It's quite possible to get into those, too. Ok and now we're inside of this… …this green room. Actually, green wall. If we can… leave this room… actually, well, ok. And we can see the… … TOP. Yeah, that's main room. Okay, let's see if we can… … go around still. Okay, this is the highest floor, or level, whatever. And, yeah that's pretty much about this easter egg. Whoa. Actually, this is the whole building, as far as I think. That small area over here is the credits room… … and yeah.

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This is the… And in here it's the main room. And… that's it. Bye..