/Meizu 16 Plus Unboxing & Hands-On Review (English)

Meizu 16 Plus Unboxing & Hands-On Review (English)

Video: Meizu 16 Plus Unboxing & Hands-On Review (English)


so I'm back here with another flagship mobile phone but this one here to unbox today and check out is from Meizu now it's been a long time since they've looked at a Meizu phone the last one was about a year ago in fact over a year ago but I've really always liked their design their build quality is very good so this phone here didn't resort to a notch it has slim bezels a very nice body to screen to body ratio and it has a Super AMOLED panel which is 6.5 inches with a resolution of 2160 by 1080 it also has what that panel and in screen fingerprint reader so this will be now the third mobile phone I'm checking out with this relatively new tech and it's good to see it coming through with mobile phones so the battery capacity is 3570 milliamp hours it has an interesting camera on the rear quite well speak you could say 12 megapixels with an F 1.

8 aperture 1.5 v micrometer pixel size which is kind of on the larger side there but it does have optical image stabilization as well which is for access optical image stabilization dual pixel autofocus phase detection autofocus I must add there so the focus should be really good rock-solid I've noticed that on other phones that have that tech that they're normally really really good and it does have a 20 megapixel selfie camera on the front the box here you can see is rather plain it just says 16 plus on the front of it and here we have the phone so it looks like someone has already taken the screen particular office sadly so I'm not the first one to touch it so the back of it there also has a protector on it take a look at the phone in detail in just a minute but we'll have a look at what else is inside the box so here we have possibly a case hopefully where they actually include a case would be nice yes it looks like we do have one year so this looks like a clear hard case so they've just got some instruction warranty thing here that's all in Chinese a VIP card not really relevant to anyone outside of China and here is our cable so obviously USB to type C and here is the case so the case is a little differently I can see that it's one of those hard start one so not the typical TPU you'd get or the likes of Xiaomi for example so hard clear case it just sign and gives protection to the corners and inside the little box on the side we have the center which has that fly me logo so they always they uses fly me OS and it's Android 82.

0 not 8.1 and here is our charger which should be Qualcomm quick charge 3 rated which it is with a maximum rating of 12 volts 2 amps so just taking down the weight of the phone it does feel relatively light so it's 185 grams and just 7.7 millimeters thin but that's without the camera so what the camera does protrude a little as you can see that then brings it up to eight point seven so it's only about a millimeter thick of the camera so this is quite a stunning looking phone so you'll see on the rear there we've got that six LED flash it does include jewel-tone flash in there as well so that's one of the trademarks really from mizu and in egg dual cameras on the back so one is 12 megapixels with for access optical image stabilization dual pixel face detection autofocus the secondary camera is 20 megapixels and that one has an aperture I think it's if 2.0 and the corners here they are rounded a very smooth glass-like finish on the back that just looks really excellent that build quality and finish is spot-on this is a premium mobile phone so our sim tray on the side is just dual nano SIM sadly so there's no micro SD card support and another no.

4 this phone is no band xx for those that need it for example if you live in Sweden or Switzerland I think where it's a common LTE band I just show you that that it's metal there isn't a rubber gasket around the SIM tray either so no level of water protection or splash resistance or dust resistance even there for dust getting in eventually to that SIM tray but normally it's not a problem so down the bottom is here we've got this metal frame all around its rounded and it has a polished metal look to it and feel a lot like these Samsung Galaxy s8 and s9 you'll see we've got a microphone loudspeaker the type C port and the antenna lines now they didn't do anything stupid like removing the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack this so it's great to see this on board a flagship the volume and power buttons are on the side these are made out of metal they don't rattle around they have a very good feel to them so everything on this phone is premium you also see that we've got 2.

5 d-class there is our 20 megapixel front-facing camera with an F 2.0 aperture and then the earpiece so mizu solution for the earpiece without having to resort to a notch was to just push it right up to the top here and I prefer this approach as many as you know I'm not a big fan of notches on fines and the bottom chin you can see it's quite small not large enough really to have any capacitive menu keys in there and here it is with the case on so a very minimalistic approach here for the protection personally I would like to have the sides fully covered there because the sides are a little bit slippery and this is really just protecting the camera I guess against scratches on the lens so as you can see if you place this flat down on a table then that camera lens is not going to get scratched okay so time to power it up for the first time so holding down that power button I get a vibration those blacks are looking very deep because it is a Super AMOLED panel from Samsung and I mentioned that this is probably already being set up or put in English so fly me OS as I mentioned before okay so it is in Chinese as you can see as expected it's a Chinese mobile phone so I have to change it over into English so take a look at those side bezels look how slim they are very slim this looks great and the screen so far is impressive a Super AMOLED panel of course and blacks are looking deep now I can see with the rom they've gone with quite a high DPI there you can see because of the size of the text and then the clock there as well so obviously I think I've just got to swipe up get rid of the notifications there it's just asking me about the cellular data so I can enable that now it is actually set in English which surprised me because all those notifications you swipe down with fly me and you get other notifications of course I'm gonna clear them all out now but look at them all all in Chinese so this is that one of the problems with this ROM that you're still gonna get this you're still gonna see Chinese on here so it's a little bit annoying so I'm just gonna kill all that off now I can say that trading shins in have put Google Playstore on there for me which is great so yes we do have some bloatware on here one of them is called welfare center at the top there don't know what that is about and it's probably the translation gone wrong with something with one of me zoos Apso system apps there is a few things in there now a lot of this actually isn't bloat so it looks like there's a migration tool and download smart voice they have some sort of smart assistant thing on here as well I think when you hold down this button no I think it's when you swipe no not swipe up so swipe up is to go to your recent well there's that actual that assistant that I was talking about so I was just telling us a little bit there too long press and swipe the navigation bar to continuously switch multiple apps okay so the phone is running Android 8.

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1 not Android 8.0 which I thought it might be security patch levels from June the thirst and it's flying me seven point one point three now why my thumb is right here is because I'm covering up the IMEI numbers which you should not expose publicly because people could end up using them somebody go right ahead now and set up my fingerprint because I'm very curious to see how fast this is will it be as fast as the me eight Explorer that was probably one of the fastest I've checked out so far so I place my finger I'm gonna use my actual and I'm gonna use this finger I was gonna use my thumb but that's in the way too much there so okay you have to do this ten times I would imagine and it's not super quick all right so the phone is unlocked as you can see now sit up my fingerprint I've set up my face as well so there is face unlocking what I'm gonna do now is test the face unlocking first so I'm gonna lock the phone and unlock it look at it and boom straight into the UI that is very quick do that again okay a little bit slower there that's because I got the camera the tripod in the way but now I want to just angle it away from me and use the fingerprint unlocking so lock it fingerprint that's pretty quick I think that's almost as quick as the me8 Explorer maybe not quite as fast do that one more time yes that's about one two almost two seconds about two seconds but for me that is perfectly fine considering or we don't have a fingerprint reader on the rear anymore okay so looking at screen now and a little bit of detail of measure the brightness and you have to turn off the automatic brightness in order to get maximum brightness so it's similar to other phones when it does that but normally other phones are actually the other way around like Samsung it tops out at 880 Lux this is really good so in sunlight you can make it out really well I did test it just out from the the balcony here so the gamma comes out to be about 2.

4 somewhere between 2.4 and 2.5 so it's a little off ideally it should be around 2.2 that is when one of these bars pretty much looks the exact same color as the background image now the reason why the tick's looks so massive on the screen as that is because mises go on with the DPI so this is like basic scaling really for the display of 480 which is really huge I'd like to see that a lot lower something like 380 or whatever would be a lot better even 420 so if I had a custom ROM on this the first thing I would do was set that dpi a bit lower now real-world images they do look really good on the screen and I think it's the pentile matrix they're using with the pixels like if you look really really close you can see it's that kind of angled position of each pixel but I mean you need to look at it super close so normal viewing distances the screen looks perfectly fine unless you decide to break out a magnifying glass will you really see any pixels on this but overall deep blacks good colors the reproduction the white balances are a little off out of the box but overall very decent and as mentioned super bright at 880 Lux so the phone has 2 speakers we've got the earpiece which doubles as a loudspeaker and I just want to mention the audio quality out of the 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack just tested it out it sounds really good to me it could be a little bit louder but it's clear there's no interference there's no static which is a good thing voice quality as well with calls I noticed the earpiece is a bit better actually than others that's better than the me a so I think I also think it's better then my honor note tin the cool quality from that earpiece at the top so that's also a loud speakers I'll give you a demonstration now of what to expect from the loudspeakers on this mobile phone so one down the bottom and then that one all right so it's not the loudest speaker you've heard from that but I feel to me the volume is sufficient and now for the quality of it is okay it's mostly just the meds and the bass that comes out the bottom speaker and more just triple from the top so the top is just fooling a little bit of sound there and aiding it the system that other manufacturers use as well but overall there's loud speaker to me is good so I'd love to show you the antutu score but I'm having problems here I've been for the last 30 minutes trying to get it to work 40 minutes almost and every time I do this you can test and it just will not work is trying to download the 3d bench data and I've used a PK mirror I've installed apks of use Google Play Store Google Play still will not let me install it but expect a score of around 270,000 upwards DRM info reports as when I expected so security level 3 this means Netflix in HD Full HD that's not going to work you need level 1 for that this happens a lot with the Chinese tech here's just one of the cons GPS working fine accuracy hovers around 4 of 5 most of the time it doesn't tend to lock on to everything it sees for some reason so not the greatest GPS performance compared to other Snapdragon 805 devices I have tested but it is still good though our wireless so testing out just the raw performance basically between the phone and the router you get around 400 megabits per second so this is fast I mean this is faster than a lot of people's laptops the wireless they have in their laptops even wireless AC 4G speeds nothing wonderful here so I can't get 4G in Spain there as I mentioned there is no ban 20 so if you need that in your country then as obviously it's not the phone to go for so the speeds aren't that great now this could be all dependent on the towel that was connected to how much use is going through it but seems to hover around here so maybe it's not the optimum band it's using for me here with 4G but at least the speeds I mean they're ok these are more like 3G sort of speeds that we're getting there at the moment internal storage very quick so it's ufs 2.

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1 spec you can see all the sequential reads and writes no problems and 0 bottom lots bottlenecks here from the storage and this was the era I was getting with and 2 even when I tried to use Google Playstore so as you'd expect for the snapdragon 845 and the six gigabytes of ram that my version has and that fast storage this is lineage 2 on the highest settings and it is perfectly playable keeping up with everything you see the occasional little stutter just when things load in initially at the beginning but that happens with every device that I have tested out there so really good gaming performance ooh other titles that are demanding as well for example pub G on the high settings that's gonna be playable the high frame rate with this chipset here and it everything looks really good with this nice large immersive screen now have noticed that after gaming for 20 minutes that it is getting rather warm on the back so just around this area here is obviously where the chipset is and the thermal transfer pipe or the copper heatsink and I just check those temperatures now so it's getting up to around 32 almost 33 degrees there which is still perfectly fine but you do notice that it is getting warm now when taking a look at the ROM performance overall it's slick it's fast everything seems to load and quite good as you expect for the storage and the spec of this phone here no problems there I really do like the display it's a very nice display here as you can see vibrant and hopefully that's coming through on camera just how good this look so in person it looks even better liking the slim bezels either side so obviously with the UI it's only got English and Chinese there's no international ROM for this yet and you will notice with some of the widgets like this one here for example the translation isn't 100% so there is still some Chinese here and there but things like the dialer for example there is no Chinese in this and sometimes you see that on shelby's and English and Chinese only ROM you'll be some sort of contacts there that'll pull through in Chinese but not the case with this one so getting used to the i/o I the way it works using just this as the home button and you're swiping up that of course brings up all your recent apps and look how smooth this is that is with quite a few things loaded in there swapping between these apps is quite quick as well so there's there's no real slowdowns or this phone that I have noticed in normal kind of use here so your toggles from anywhere really just got a swipe down and that brings in your toggles you can see there was a perhaps a little bit of a delay there with that so but overall good performance here from the ROM now a battery life I can see already just from estimates you're looking around eight to nine hours of continued on-screen time it's at least a two day battery life mobile phone charge times as well I did a quick little test and my rough estimate remember this is an estimate calculation is just over two and a half hours to fully charge this mobile I believe and now looking at the camera so this is the stock camera application we've got all your typical kind of modes here that you'd expect on the flagship so funny snap is like Samsung said it's going to put like bunny rabbit ears on photos and things like that beautifying and all that thing that can make your eyes bigger I won't show you an example of that because I'm sure most people know what that's all about so the portrait mode with the blurred backgrounds using the dual cameras your photo mode not a lot of settings in here really because all we've got is the time stamp device watermark aspect ratio Anette really is it now one thing I've noticed it's slightly annoying with the video mode that is that it will always tend to default or whenever you reboot the system back to full HD and yeah it's done it again it's in fact I haven't actually rebooted this I'm pretty sure I just exited the camera app so video size you always have to go back in here and then set it to 4k all the time when you want to record in 4k so we have optical image stabilization but no electronic image stabilization which is a little bit sad to see but I'll give you some samples but before I do that I will just show you the pro mode which is the other one of interest okay slow mode as well so slow mode there these are the settings we have well basically nothing there for the slow mode but I will show you here is pro mode so pro mode we've got the shutter rates ISO exposure your focus and then white balance now this right here is your x 2 mode so you've got x 2 up to x 3 digital zoom that's all it is an x 3 very grainy I would probably never actually ever use that and there's something right here called 20 megapixels so the high resolution photo mode that's using their auxilary sensor there with the F 2.

0 so it's the sample the front-facing camera it has a f 2.0 aperture and uneaten ATP maximum on this and it does not have any electronic image stabilization on the front cam here as you can see it does shake around I roll the quality it looks to be reasonable but I really wish they would do what oneplus are doing and far away and add some electronic image stabilization just to steady things out a little bit would make this video a lot more usable so those are now the rear cameras so I can shoot in 4k now you have to go into the settings each time almost each time and set it to 4k cuz it ends up defaulting back to 1080p which is a little bit annoying this used to happen on the old xiaomi phones so it has optical image stabilization this is for access and it's not as good as electronic image stabilization now i did test out open camera and sadly it is not working with that electronic image stabilization so the quality of the video there 4k itself seems right the focus sometimes you see some hunting which is a little bit of a surprise considering it does have that dual pixel face detection autofocus i just demonstrate that now so it locks onto my hand here you can see it takes a little while but the transition is rather fast so the focus overall is not bad at all now if I tap the times to and get some zoom here as you can see but you need to hold it really really still shakes over the place and then even hour times three zoom as well you get the same for photos but now you can definitely see that that's digital zoom and not so great so I'll turn that off here so overall the quality seems ok but not quite as good as a I feel as other flagships because it is lacking an electronic image stabilization I'll just demonstrate again the stability of the video here walking so not the greatest alright guys so to recap here so we have an excellent bill quality here with the mezzo 16 plus it is premium very good it reminds me a little bit at least the frame around the outside the finish of it and the color of Samsung's premium top ends like the Galaxy s8 the s9 and then the note 9 as well they're billed there in terms of that so if you do drop it the outside metal is going to ding up and have awful looking scratches and things so a case is highly recommended and more so because the back of it is also glass and if you're in winter and you've got cold hands this thing is super slippery and even when you place it down on a table it does tend to slide around a little bit there so they have included that free case it's a little bit cheap but I'm not really having a go at them I just think they should have maybe stepped up the case and put something that's slightly higher quality considering that this phone is quite expensive for what it is so the screen is very nice Super AMOLED panel no now it's not a 1440p panel so it's not super sharp but at normal viewing distances like what you'd use like now you don't see the pixels it's perfectly fine they're very bright too but you must disable the auto brightness to really maximize that brightness you just ramped up that setting on to the max and then you get the 880 Lux and you do notice that so it's really good so in terms of battery life I haven't done a full complete test of this but I can see already from estimates that I'm getting from GCM battery monitor and just looking at it that you're going to be able to get at least about eight hours of continuing on screen time that's the test that I normally do so just use it non-stop mostly on wireless and on data expect slightly yes less than that so it will be a two day mobile phone at least for most people so very heavy use it's going to definitely make it through a whole day considering that it's got that 3517 when you have our battery in there so the loudspeakers they do sound good not the loudest I've heard it's great to have a secondary loudspeaker in the earpiece the earpiece quality seems quite good to me as well it's better than my honor note 10 there's one of my complaints for that particular mobile phone that there it tends to distort when you hear someone talking on the other end and not even higher or maximum volumes on the earpiece but this one just sounds a little bit better there which is a great there so the UI fly me UI is not going to be for everyone especially if you must have the UI in your own language so if you're you want to have it in German for example there's no option for that so it's either English or Chinese and even when you have it in English the translation is mostly there for everything but when it comes to your widgets no I haven't noticed any bugs with my afternoon using this and I've noticed that their performance has been really quite good very smooth good at multitasking changing going through things so that front fingerprint reader I will just demonstrate that again so placed my finger there and it unlocks it is very fast now there was a sitting there that would first go to the lock screen then you have to swipe up or you would have the password there sorry with the face unlocking as well would do that so in the settings once you figure that out you can have it just goes straight into the UI so I'll demonstrate the face unlocking again so just tap it now to unlock and then look at it and there we go I mean it unlocks it's pretty quick very quick the fingerprint reader I think is maybe just a fraction slower than the show me me 8 Explorer Edition that I reviewed but it overall really good so to me the downfalls of this phone would be the lack of micro SD card support even though we've got relatively high storage options very fast storage as well it would probably be the band 20 that some people may need and just the you either you always the biggest thing and I've also noticed to the cameras I don't think the video quality and the cameras in general Kade can take a very good photo I just feel that the optimization that mizu are not really up there so it's not the best differently when it comes to camera quality due to their optimization I feel others do it better now if you look at the main brands like your your Huawei is your Samsung your Apple and all that those flagship phones will take a better photo I feel than this one right here so overall very nice hardware is to some things with the software that will bug some people so be that in mind if you're going to be thinking about buying one of these oh and it's it's also quite expensive compared to other Chinese brands mizuha have always been up there with the price thanks a lot for watching this a lengthy review and I do have to catch you back in the channel with perhaps some follow-up videos of the model and other of course phones that will be coming out in the future.

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