/Making GRANNY’S Garden Miniature House in POLYMER CLAY!

Making GRANNY’S Garden Miniature House in POLYMER CLAY!

Video: Making GRANNY’S Garden Miniature House in POLYMER CLAY!


(light piano music) (hard rock music) – Hello everyone, I am LoreChirik, and today, we gonna create the Granny Garden. (dramatic music) (crashing) (clattering) (liquid sloshing) (frustrated groaning) Too much glue. No! Oh no. Guys, something terrible happened. So, let's get started. So first of all, this is a sketch, we gonna just cut the shapes out of it, so let's do it. This is not very nice scissors. We gonna do it with those scissors. Magnificent. Okay guys, so we gonna create the ground for the garden, but as you see, this might be very hard, because the ground is in few colors, so we gonna have to try something new. So we gonna cut the colors into little, little, little, elements.

So let's cut every single color. And now we gonna just cut it horizontally. Ah, they stick to the blade. I know, now we have to do it quick. Next one please. And the last one, we almost done. OK, ready, now guys, I think we gonna mix them together. This is magic. Okay, now we gonna be just gently roll it with this ruler, roller. (chuckles) okay, how it looks from the other side, slightly better. Hmm, but we still need to make this more tiny. So let's just cut it one more time. And one more time in the opposite direction. With this is better. (groans) maybe not. Okay, what about now? We gonna mix it. Okay, now we gonna roll it one more time! Okay, let's just place it into the conditioning machine. Okay, it doesn't look perfect, but it looks pretty similar.

Okay guys, we're just gonna place the sketch over this clay, and we gonna, what we gonna? Cut the shapes out of it, please. Here we need a knife. Okay, now I need my baking tray. Baking tray, where are you? Okay, we got it. We gonna place the base, and we gonna make the walls. Okay, how we gonna open the clay this time? I think the best way to do it, is just to ask her. Can you open yourself? Nice! Cut the clay into little pieces. Put the clay into magic machine. Cut the wall shapes out of it. Drink the water very hot. (slurps) Cut more walls. Place the walls on the baking tray very hard. And now, guys, shameless plug. Follow me on Instagram, under the same account name, LoreChirik, I post there work-in-progress pictures of each creation before you gonna see them on YouTube, so link is in the description.

And I also post there just some random photos of me, so go there and follow me, please. This is good for you. Okay guys, the walls are ready. We gonna just draw the lines on them like that, but we gonna do that after the baking, so, later on. Now guys, I just discovered that we don't need those walls, because we already have these. You see, this is the enter to the garden. So, what is next to do? Maybe this little building, so gimme that! And guys, I have new hair color. I was just in the hairdresser, and I have new hair color. What do you think about that? Leave a like if you like that in the comments. Now we gonna unpack this clay, so we gonna unpack it by my mouth. (groaning) Nice. Okay guys, now we gonna cut the clay into little pieces, so, cut the clay into little pieces! (thunking) Jesus, not very nice clay. So now we gonna cut the shapes out of it. Details are important. When ready, place on the baking tray. Stick very well to the surface of the baking tray, please. Watering my brain is also important.

Okay guys, what now, maybe this! How is this called? I don't know, let me know in the comments. Thanks guys, you are great. Oop! (drawer face crashing) Jesus Christ, I was just looking for wire. Here it is, great wire for the… For this thing. And do somebody want to enter my house? I mean, my room. Alfi-chka? Hmm, someone was scratching at the doors. Okay guys, we gonna cut this wire into little pieces around this size. Don't be afraid to cut your wire. Come on, why you don't want to, great. Ahh, man, this is so hard with the scissors. Those are not scissors. What if I make it with actual scissors? Maybe this will be faster. Hm, it is faster, and easier. I am gonna use scissor, easy scissors. Okay guys, so we gonna just be placing them over here. This will be our support for the, um…

You know, this thing, the cables? Wires, I dunno, for this thing. Firmer, please. We gonna place them on all the walls, magnificent. Now guys, we gonna glue them just a little bit for extra protection and security. Yes, each one of them. And here, and here, and here, and here, and also here. I'm hungry. Food equals energy. (scoffs) I'm gonna eat something. What, you want go with me? Okay. (cat mews) What, you also hungry? No eating for you. (cat mews) No, eating for me. (cat mews) Because I'm hungry, okay? (dramatic music) This is my food for today, pickled kids. I'm joking, this is for cats, this is my food. This is cold, let's heat this up. (chanting and groaning) Okay, it's hot now. You, go in here please. Let's add some lemon, because everything is better with lemon. Okay guys, I just eaten, my stomach is full, my brain is energized, now I have power to finish this Granny Garden.

Now we gonna make the interior of this shed, so like window, like maybe those two (high-pitched babbling), shelfs? And this melon, watermelon. ♪ Let's just make those shelves ♪ ♪ because they are nice ♪ ♪ I will cut you, you and use little shelf ♪ And the tiny little details. Now I'm gonna place them on the baking tray, so you little shelfs, stay here and don't move please. And now we gonna make melons. Melons are green, so I need this. Excusez-moi, I just need a little piece of you, melon. Okay, and we give you. This is how you make melon, okay? You just have to rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, let's roll. Little melon, you are going to the baking tray. What next? Another shelf. Actually, this is not a shelf, but a table.

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I have to cut it like that, because this have to be accurate, okay? Details! Now those two, red lamp, and this something. (thunking) Boom, now this side, boom, boom, boom. Lamp is ready, we gonna connect it later. Now we gonna just place it on the baking tray. And now, we gonna make the plants. I don't know what plants are those, probably something for Granny, or something Granny, Granny want to make something, or something, I don't know, this is something. Watering my brain, to prevent overheating. (slurps) But I think it's too late. What else, what else do I need to doing? Ooh, no, no, no, no, no! Okay, we gonna make the window, okay? We gonna make the window from this piece of clay, so we just gonna cut it like that, let's just cut it. And now, we gonna make the tiny little windows, so let's get started by just cutting this clay, and for example, we just gonna place one little window here. Second little window, here. Third little window, but this, we gonna break.

What about we gonna just… try to, you know, break this into little pieces. And now we gonna, we gonna just place it, okay? This as well, because it's broken, broken window. And the details of broken window, let's get started. Let's place the broken window on the baking tray. Not this side, yes. Okay, shed is made, now we gonna make this. This is for water. What about we gonna make this from this clay, this will look more realistic. We gonna roll it, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling. Cut it please, now we gonna roll it. But first we got to, you know, uncutting it from the table. Now we have to roll it, yes. The dog started barking, let's just listen to this beautiful sound for a minute. (dogs barking) (dramatic violin music) Let's make the roof for this water thing. Details, important.

Okay, we gonna make the rope. So let's suppose this a rope, we need to roll it, to make a thin rope. But no, no, no, we don't have to roll it, because I have a new tool that will make the line for me, so lets get started! But first, I need to clean it from the previous video. And if you haven't watched that video, watch this video, because that was when 1,000,000 special, and it was very nice. ♪ Barking dogs, I hate them ♪ ♪ who hates them, leave a like ♪ Okay, we gonna place our rope into this door, yes, let's just stuff it with clay, and we gonna connect this thing into this other thing, and we gonna just screw it. No, no, no, this hole is too big, we need thinner. This will be perfect. (dramatic music) (LoreChirik squealing) (laughs and slurps) Okay guys, now we gonna apply the line onto this element, and we gonna see how it look like. Okay guys, we made a little bit more than we need, so we gonna..

. cut it right here. Oh sorry, right here. And we gonna place it on the baking tray. All right guys, let's make this window, and these other elements, and this bell right here, and the doors right here, and these steps right here. And, a little bell, let's just cut it over here. We made the bell, now we gonna make this line, I guess it's a trap. So we gonna place some of the black clay into our magic extruder, and this is the result, so we just taking some of it, and we placing it on the baking tray. No guys, we have to straight it up, because when it will bake in this position, it will be bended, we need to straight. Masterpiece! Okay guys, what about now, we gonna make the guillotine. And guys, I'm going on holidays very soon, so this will be my first holidays from like, three or four years, so I'm really excited about this, and I am not exactly sure when you will see this video, during my holidays, or after I will be back, so there might be a period without videos on the channel for like two weeks, but don't worry, after I will be back, we gonna continue with the Granny House, and we gonna make the last video about this.

We gonna make the whole house, I'm gonna make the roof, and all the walls, and possibly the surrounding, so, yeah. And guys, if you want an update, some photos from Thailand, I'm sure I'm gonna drop something on Instagram, so follow me on Instagram, links in the description, and now let's continue. Okay guys, so lets make the roof. So let's just apply this thin layer of clay onto the house. Let's make some wood texture, and some more from the other side. Let's cut some tiny little doors and some tiny little windows. And I'm gonna add some tiny little, very nice handle. And some tiny little, little, little, very little, very nice glasses for the windows. Let's remove it from the table, and let's place it over here. This window needs to be here, and this window needs to be here. And now, this thing. We need eight of these, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight! And those things, as well.

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Nice! Okay, I think the only one thing remained here, this thing that we can hide over here from Granny, let's make this, we'll make it closed, because let's suppose that someone is inside. Let's cut it to the size guys, because we need to maintain proportion, okay? And now let's draw some details, and maybe the lines for the entrance. Now, we gonna make these doors, and these tiny little steps. So let's do it, this is the last two elements in this creation, I'm so hyped! And last element, the door, so let's quickly make this. What about gonna do that, that, and some of the details, okay, doors should have details. And tiny little handle in orange color, yes! No, no, no, no. It's too big, it's too big, what about this? (sped up garbled talking) Finally, let's bake it. You going baking! Okay, while its baking, I'm gonna clean this mess.

Very clean, very tidy, now I can eat from this table. Or maybe not, let's go for the tray. Hey, hey, don't break my figures. And by the way guys, you can join the channel by clicking Join The Channel, What you doing here? (cat mews) Below the video, there is a button, join. You can join the channel, and support the channel. I would like to thank the current members of the channel. You are great, guys, you're supporting the channel, thank you very much. Little Gabby's hungry or something. (cat mews) Okay, let's feed him with his favorite food. (LoreChirik snickers) Who is hungry? Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, woo! Hey Min, Min, Min, you have yourself. Have a nice meal, but don't forget to eat the pickle. (LoreChirik snickers) You too have one. (cat crunching on food) Hmm, I don't understand cats, pickles are nice. (sighs) I forgot the tray.

Okay guys, now we gonna unconnect it from the tray, and of course (mumbles), okay? (groaning) (piece clatters on floor) Now tell me where it is. Oh my god it's so dirty here. I haven't look up, over here since, like, two years or something. (piece clattering) Come on, come on. Okay, I'm back on the track. These two guys isomer permaclay, or something like that. (clattering and thunking) Geez, it's too hard to unconnect them, because I take it from the baking a little bit too late, so now they stick very, very much. And the last element. Okay. (tray clatters) What about we gonna paint it. Shake before use. (fast sloshing) This is not shaking. Pour the paint on the tray, this is nice for human eating. Okay guys, as I told you before, we gonna use the marker to mark this, to make the lines. This will look very nice, this is one marker challenge. Yeah, we gonna make all of them. (pen clatters) Okay, I'm finished. Okay, no we gonna mix the paint a little bit.

Dip the excess on the toilet paper. And now, my favorite part, dirting. We gonna dirt also the top. Prison walls are dirty, this is nice. Let's dirt maybe the base. Guys, let's add some blood. (lightly guffaws) Guys, the shed we gonna paint on red, and this will give us very nice effect. You see, the lines are brown, and the other lines are red, this is wonderful. Okay, what about we gonna dirt this tiny home, because it's too clean, okay? You have to be dirty. And now, guys, we gonna dirt the tiny little elements. That would be the guillotine, dirty guillotine. And let's actually add some blood on the guillotine. And some blood over here, and some blood over here, because this is for the head. (laughs) This is so cruel, guys. And let's dirt all the dirty elements. Oh my god, look at my nail. (chuckles) Yeah, let's dirt it up, oh, what I'm doing? (laughs) Okay guys, we gonna dirt this a little bit with the blood, because I hear that someone tried to escape through this thing for the water, but I think it was unsuccessful, very unsuccessful.

(chuckles) Okay guys, I'm gonna clean my hands, and you don't go anywhere, I will be in a minute. And guys, you know what's that? I will tell you in next video, because this is very nice. Okay guys, my hands are very clean now, so we gonna start assembling. First of all, we gonna make the electric fence, so as you see, we gonna make it by using this aluminum wire and do something like that. And now we gonna glue it, first of all I need to open this glue, it stick very (straining and yelling) Hmm, how do I do that? Okay, almost, almost, yeah, we make this. Okay, so we gonna glue it, one drop on each one. And we gonna make this on each wall. Um guys, in last video, I asked you to vote, when you would like to see new videos, and some of you, actually more than 70% of you, told that you want to see videos on Friday, so the next videos will be always on Friday, around 3:00 p.m. and 45 minutes, Eastern Standard time, USA time. Okay, so the fences are drying up.

I'm not gonna touch it, and now, we gonna try to assemble this patio. No, this stick on the house, I hate when it stick, come on. Leave this alone, nice. (clunks) Ah, ha! Okay, so we have one chance. Okay, it's looking pretty nice, gonna move it. (chuckles) Yes, yes, yes, somehow. Lets glue it also from this side, for extra protection and security. Okay guys, let's back to our fence. I think we have to remove the excess of this glue, because it's too much, and it doesn't want to dry, so I'm gonna remove some of it. Okay guys, let's maybe assemble the guillotine. Yeah, let's do it. Ahh, too much glue. Now we have to wait, around 10 minutes. No, I'm joking, just few seconds. Oh my god, too much glue. Ahh, and it sticked to my hand, no please. (whimpers) Okay, so now we gonna stick the second leg. What you want? Okay, now we gonna assemble the blade, but the blade is too large, so what about we gonna stick it over here? Okay, so now we gonna assemble this thing for the head.

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On the last tip guys, I think no, cut, not nice, cut. Jesus. Meow meow? Okay guys, let's back to our fence, we gonna cut it a little bit. Yup, we gonna cut the ends… of each, and every single one of them. Okay guys, as you see in the game, those are silver, but I have gold, so we gonna change the color to the silver. So we gonna mix, not this brush. We gonna mix black and white, this is making silver, or gray. Time to paint. Okay, and now we gonna add some extra blood on them, because not everyone make it and escape this Granny House, okay? Or maybe someone make it, and just injured himself. Excuse me, but what the heck you doing in this drawer? Meow, meow meow, meow meow, meow. Okay guys, time to assemble the finished wall of this prison, so let's get started, and let me know if you are hyped about it in the comments, okay? And this is the ground floor, so we gonna just connect this to this, and I think, yeah, we can glue it.

Let's glue it. And also this wall. Ahh, too much glue, too much glue, it was a little bit too much glue. Okay guys, now we gonna connect the bottom, for extra protection and security, you know. Okay, we gonna add the steps over here, yes. And the doors, yes, let's add the doors. For other side, there is also doors. What about now, we gonna add the window. From other side there is also window. And those wood parts, I think, I think that we can escape from this room from this side, and from this side in the game. Let me know in the comments if I remember it correctly, and now let's assemble and just add this piece of wood right here. And guys, I think these walls are a little bit too clean, so we gonna dirt them, just a tiny little bit, because they are, too clean. Okay, now they looking somehow good. Okay guys, now we gonna make the shed, so let's assemble it, so let's first assemble the lamp.

Okay, let's place the lamp on the desk. Eh, this is so hard. Just rotate it a little bit, it's awesome. Now let's place the plants or whatever thing it is. And now, oh no. Guys, something terrible happened. I lost the melon. (melancholy music) I don't know if I can live with that, but I'm gonna miss you, melon. Okay, let's just glue it to the wall, without the melon I don't know what it is. And we gonna glue the two shelves to this wall. Guys, I think my cat really want to go outside. Okay, let's make this shed. Okay guys, time to close it, let's close it. Okay guys, now we gonna assemble the window, and I just realized that I make this in not good position, this should be reverse. (whimpers) And this other side as well, but whatever. At least from the inside it look good. Okay guys, time to assemble this thing for the water. I still don't know how this is called. But I remember that I watched a movie that was called The Ring, so maybe that's the ring? We gonna cut the roof to match the other side of the roof.

Now, we gonna glue it together. Let's see if this gonna work. Okay, now we gonna just do this, and maybe do this to this, what you think? And we gonna glue this and this and now we gonna place this thing on the this ring. Oh my god, this is hard. (yells) My fingers, no, yes, yes, no, yes, almost. And the second one, come on, don't do this to me. Come on, come on, yes, like that, no. (yells) Okay, we need to shorten it a little bit. This is too long, this is too long. Let's glue it from this side, a little glue, and from this side, more glue. (sped up garbled talking) Yeah, it's looking so nice. Okay guys, so let's just maybe glue the main elements, like this house, and this cabin, and, of course, the guillotine, and the… ring, I still don't know. And the walls, yeah, let's glue this one first.

And this one is a little bit too long, so we just gonna cut it, come on, come on. (groans) And electric fence, we don't need it. Okay, so let's glue it. And lets stick it. And lets glue this area, because no one can escape. No kid can escape this prison. Okay guys, so that's how it looks from above, and if you're not gonna be leaving likes on my videos, you gonna end here. Check out the previous videos from the series, and next time we gonna make the last video from the Granny House, so see you soon..