/Make your own smart home tutorial – How to install Broadlink RM Pro

Make your own smart home tutorial – How to install Broadlink RM Pro

Video: Make your own smart home tutorial – How to install Broadlink RM Pro


On the previous video we have learned about the concept of smart home Basic smart home is actually about replacing the function of home electronics remote controllers with a smart universal remote controller In this case we choose Broadlink RM Pro as the intelligent device to control all electronics in the house So let's find out how to set it up Here I have prepared my smartphone and the Broadlink RM Pro First of all, we need to install Broadlink official app named IHC or IHC for EU (for European users) Go to Google Play Store then search for Broadlink You will find Intelligent Home Center or IHC Select the app, tap install With until the process is finished Once installed, open the app At the first time we open the app it will pop up some permissions to allow So tap allow for every required permissions You might need to register a new account with your email or your mobile phone number Follow the instructions to register your new account Once we have registered our account then simply log in the app On the main page of the app, there are four menus they are home, Scenes, Device and Me Let's start registering Broadlink RM Pro.

Power on the device The LED of the device will be blinking quickly It means that it is on the registering mode Go to the app then choose Add Device Select universal remotes then choose RM Pro or Pro+ Choose the Wi-Fi to connect to the RM Pro then tap next Enter the Wi-Fi password then tap next Wait until the registering process is finished While connecting to the Wi-Fi, the LED lights will be blinking slowly If the process is successful the LED light will remain off Give a name for the RM Pro Then specify the device location, tap OK to finish the process As you can see here there are many types of remote controllers that are supported by RM Pro Like TV, air conditioner, fan, lamp and so on Now I'm going to show you an example how to add a TV remote controller to the RM Pro go to the main menu, choose the RM Pro and then select TV It provides many TV brands remote control database so you can choose the brand that match to your TV In this example, I choose LG as my TV brand To test that you select the correct TV remote controller, you will be asked to try multiple buttons If all works then tap it works well Specify the name and its location tap ok to finish Now let's try the remote controller we have added We have transformed a normal TV into a smart TV It's easy, right? On the next video I will show you how to add other IR remote controllers to control stuffs Like this LED Moon light Don't forget to subscribe and see you on the next video.

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