/Mac Vs. Windows: Which Operating System is Better?

Mac Vs. Windows: Which Operating System is Better?

Video: Mac Vs. Windows: Which Operating System is Better?


Hey, what’s up, John Sonmez from simpleprogrammer.com. I’m finally going to answer this question. I know some of you have been asking this. It’s really important, very religious question here so bare with me here. This question comes from Robert. He says, “Hello John, I recently discovered your channel on YouTube and I think you’re giving some great advice.” Thank you. “I’m a fresh programmer. I just started learning C# and a few other things about the market so I was wondering what operating system is better. I saw you using Mac OS and that’s what I want to ask you about.

Should I keep going on my Windows or maybe it’s better to switch to Mac? I started learning because I wanted to create video games just like you. I know it’s a long way to go probably so I’m starting small so I don’t want to waste my time if I could do better. Anyway, thanks for doing what you do on YouTube. It really helps. Greetings from Poland, Robert.” So Robert, you’ve got to ask this question, Mac or Windows? Hmm…Linux! No. Honestly, I flip back and forth. If you’ve been following me for a while—actually right now I have a Surface Book so I’m on the Windows side again but I was Mac for a long time. Honestly, I don’t think it really matters so much. I think that both operating systems are honestly good. There’s good points to both. There are things that piss me off about both of them I’ll tell you that just—to know, and—I don’t think there’s a clear cut winner anymore. I think that they’re both really good. I don’t mean that as a cop out answer because right now I’m choosing Windows. Let’s make sure that we’re aware of that. The reason that why I’m choosing Windows right now is just because I feel like there’s more apps for it.

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I feel like it’s easier to navigate the file system, the file explorer actually lets you copy and paste in a sensible way where it doesn’t on Mac. I got frustrated with that. To me it feels more natural, maybe because I came from a Windows development background. If I were doing a lot of JavaScript or Ruby development I’d probably be more on the Mac side. I had a Mac for a long time. I’m sort of like a hybrid. I’ve got an Apple watch and I’ve got an iOS phone and I had an Android phone. I always switch between and I’m always going to keep on jumping in between because I don’t—one of the things that I always talk about is not getting religious about technology. I think that’s really important to do because if you do, what you end up doing is you get these biases and you get to this point where you’re not really operating from—like a problem solving like what is the best tool for the job. You’re operating from this place of “This is my team. How dare you come against my team? These are my people. I have an Apple on the back of my car.

” That’s not helpful. That’s not useful. You create enemies and you’re not actually—it switches back and forth. Me switching between Android and iOS, at one point I thought one was clearly the winner and the other one was the winner so I switch between them because I don’t care. I just want the best. I’m willing to recognize 2 things, one, that the best changes from time to time as companies are competing. It’s not a second thing, 2, that the best changes for me personally based on what I’m doing when I was doing a lot of stuff that involved video editing. Probably a lot of the Mac tools were more geared towards that. When I wasn’t—there are different times depending on what I’m working on, what makes the most sense for me. Anyway, Mac versus Windows, I don’t know.

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Like I said, right now I’m in the Windows camp but I’ll probably—you’ll see me in a year and I’ll have a Mac, but I won’t ever have a sticker on the back of my car because I’m never going to be a fan boy of either. I’m a fan boy of what I have because I’m going to be happy with what I have, but I’m never going to be a total fan boy of some company because it’s not about that. That’s not the most effective way to operate. I want to use the best tool for the best job and I want to leave myself open to do that. So many people get so hung up on this and they get all upset about this and butt hurt over this, but it’s not something to really—to put a stake in the ground on. Don’t die on this hill. This is a stupid hill to die on.

The hill to die on is the hill of—I don’t even know. You pick the hill to die on. Anyway, thanks for the question. Good question. Hopefully I’ve side stepped this enough. If you’re pissed off, if you’re like, “No, I can’t believe you didn’t say Mac” then just leave a comment below and you can get your anger and your frustration out there and you guys can fight amongst yourselves in the comments. That’s totally cool. You could do that. That’s fine. Anyway, if you like the channel, subscribe. I’ll talk to you next time. Take care..