/LUTV Sports – “Impact” – Chastadie Barrs

LUTV Sports – “Impact” – Chastadie Barrs

Video: LUTV Sports – “Impact” – Chastadie Barrs


is there a sentimental value to this season considering it is their last season here Lamar are you gonna miss it yeah I am just gonna be bittersweet I mean I love it here the coaches the fan base everything you know it's just a great thing it's just you know it's bittersweet but I didn't leave my mark and you don't have my team be great to what I leave it they can you know continue to success we already started yeah what impact do you think that you're gonna leave on Lamar women's basketball what's your legacy just I just want to know I mean I guess leadership you know I want to just leave here knowing that my team you know there I did all I could do I was here to you know make sure they can maintain the success that they have especially my guards that are under me you know we have out a freshman right now so I just wanna you know teach them as much as I can about the game and how to you know when I leave continued since we already have so that it won't be a drop-off or anything like that Marv Bailey cross-court to chasity bars which the back.

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