/LUMBERJACKS! Nick \u0026 Molt Clash Royale 2v2

LUMBERJACKS! Nick \u0026 Molt Clash Royale 2v2

Video: LUMBERJACKS! Nick \u0026 Molt Clash Royale 2v2


I don't know why log thought it would work. Yes, you let up nick. Yes, nick. Oh my goodness Yes, Nick three crown three crown Initiate three crown Hey, what's going on guys Nickatnyte here And I do today's joined by molt and we are doing something even wilder that we've ever before just Kind of choose a card and try to have some fun in to be – today's fun card is The L-Jack get L-Jacked baby Mirror so guys recently we've done battle ramps.

We've done one one each arena all girls are bandit all of the things of royal giants Just been seeing what works it obviously depends on what we get matched against but we've been having a lot of people just just give us a lot of thumbs and like they're having fun – that's saw the Biggest important feature that is the big thing I nick I have it do we want to defend with it And then make it a push do we want to go off of oh? it's I'm gonna Arrow or okay? Oh, I'll log her. All right? Nice, I got the arrows for that. Oh I'll always there the minions if I got arrows a mirror so I know that I'll j. I'll have it in two seconds uh let me just say : Ready go for it. Oh Gosh, we're so all in we're so all in we're all in over there no!!!!!!!! Wow Take a look at that side over there All right new plan I'm going to start like a baby or like we get starts them in slow and then do the four in front of it Yeah, that work Otherwise I don't have mine available yet, but we would he's like double elixir if he goes RG I have my okay, so they're gonna go pull out here.

Oh, I think they did that on the wrong side I'm gonna log that I think they're going for the three crown. They can take it easy Yeah, they can I Think we should defend the RG with all lumber Jacks well here. I have this oh The minions it's fine. Oh Wow, it wasn't even the minions that were the problem Okay now lumberjack Nick out of the knight to take that out so fast And how did the harder to get through all of that? Oh? man Well, then I in that case maybe we should do uh Nah we've started with a blowout before All right, we'll just redo that We had a couple Double defense, so we got it covered now your how your fireballs for the big pushes I got arrows for air you got logs for princesses. We've got an infernal tower or just sort of a knight And was it one, I will go from there. The RG's are nasty Main uh I mean again guys that work There are tough offensive card, and yeah our expectance right is like ten percent like we think we'll get a dollar with all yeah Maybe ten percent of a dime. Yeah, oh give us a level time, please please working for openness or Stern and no po Rough let's raise our glasses Oh health wealth and prosperity Yeah, cheers everyone if you're cheers enough.


Send us a tweet of what you just currently cheers Don't drink cleaning supplies Welcome out said alright. If we have it. Let's go. I've got it. Nope. Nope dang I could support it Should we do that? Just try it uh? Yeah, I'm going for it Yep now That deal with bell nick yes. Yo it does good. You're laughing it's a secret weapon Yes, look at that race though. Wow that worked do they stack up for that or no? I'm Gonna use minions on the musketeer. I Don't think the rage is stack no, but they remember they do in the normal game now from the last update Oh yeah heals and poisons and rages so it's like 30% then more than more than more so do you think that's the case for him as well? I don't know. I'd really have to break it down in like a friendly battle I've got my Part of if we need it.

I'm just going to pull him to the middle nice And then tonight using Parnell against this guy Yeah, I'm going Hi guys jack nice out Jack the baby Dragon it cleared out the back Southern part of Towers just roast it I'm gonna have it afternoon and we have the inferno tower to defend for a little bit. We can wait Oh, yeah, I got a to lick sir. Oh Nein, what'd I do? Yeah, drop it in the back drop it in the back Yeah, I'm gonna. Oh my gosh. I'm in a fireball that look at that mega Minion Stayin alive, I Stay you know what dana what all right? All right? So we're doing okay here I'm just going to cycle this real quick. Oh Dang it. Why did I just tornado in I wasn't paying attention, but hugs are all right? All right? I got it ready I just used those minion you can go yeah, all right.

Good point Yeah, I'm gonna tornado all this Give it a oh my God yet Wow, oh my goodness that push dude look at lookit wow Alright work Lots for the hog tornados to the baby Dragon are you? Alright, and they're going to put Pekka here on the on the silica left side Yeah I'll have engine second Ready yeah, I don't know they're all coming back now Nice Nick night get there guys Get go ha ha ha dang it wow so get ready for the hog with the nato yep Unless they go pecker in the middle saying I got a cycle something here. I'm going to fireball that Oh, let's go over the three crowd alright ready. Yeah but going boy, we're going We're going on in ladies and gentlemen oh Good that will definitely been a three crowd if we kept going. I didn't realize we were always in a town. That was money They completely destroyed that back up Yeah, I'll I just like I herded that idea cycled arrows on the tower three times and that mad Alright. I'm liking it so far that one with snow clothes We got a faint level 11 in order to have a 10 okay. 12.

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Maybe this will work, maybe Maybe I don't have it I Could but I'll just cycle here I'm not going to have it for oh, I got it Dang it Now it knows a bad plan well so as an elf What hyksos appétit that's funny alright? I'll have it. Oh you just use it right there, but you don't have it for Mira. – you know baby dragon Shining tornado. Oh, I'm in the mirrors. Yeah, I'm going to mirror my partner Yeah, just wait for him to cross and then you could do the middle plant and he'll walk right up to it that work Dang it. Go home. What is that Rock and it's hilarious? Don't give him too fun where oh shots really Really we're out two shots on that Really royale really really out two shots I'm ready. I only have one but I'll go under the mega with you ready uh It's such a push. Maybe the right side now. Well I got to use something. I'm wasting a lick there. Ya, go. All right side I don't know why log, just thought it would work.

Yes. Feel that up nick. Yes, nick. Oh my goodness Yes, Nick. Three crowns three crowns in the shade three crown. Oh What are you kidding me? Oh? I Just screamed so much. Oh my gosh guys that right there deserves a freakin twenty thousand like eat. Oh I'm like I saw this double six one tanking for the sliver for one and they were going so bad So I just had to start yelling three crowd three, huh? Wow, well, they would say were double stacked and so they were just chopping so that was like that was like having two mini Pekka Or probably three mini beggars on the tower holy yeah cycle this I haven't whenever if you want to use it oh uh We'll just do it a little later here. Yeah, I'm gonna fireball that Yeah, oh Nothing dear was about to go into it That's badi. Oh minion. I got the odds on us I see Dang if we had it now that 100% be. Oh, sorry. Yeah What was yes? Yes? Oh? My gosh, that's so troll. Oh, oh oh I don't have anything for that.

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Yeah you have errors. Okay. I have it. Do you? I'm at 7-Eleven. I did to me. Just like a one more card. I could do bad I can have it it yeah alright, go I'm actually not going to mere mind. I'll just afford these ones Oh, man Well, they went through a lot though. Oh gosh this prince fun. Oh oh my Heart where's my arm? I need my arm to swing Wow, they graveyard it and went on the right side and the left side is the only tower that's been touched But these guys are put up a good fight I'm Gonna. Go minions. I got it. Yeah Um all right, so I need to have zap and heal and arrows ready. I'm ready to go though. Oh When they get to the bridge, I'm gonna go back here is it Ready yeah, I'm going to tornado everything back And log it all I tried to predict the minion. I should have healed. I should have healed I Have fire phone.

I got this There you go back to work back to work Come on back. Do your job oh? And I say just wasted that all right I get how you do one. I can't do two let's wait, I could do – I'm gonna go minion from the back then gosh Ready yeah, go for it. We gotta ignore the sun I'm Gonna log outside. Oh I should have that's all offensively That's right. That's right. I'll get there wow all right one more Hoorah You got the love yeah. Yeah, I got miniatures All right And there's apple stop that so we're good over there. I'm not going to have it for a while. I only have three elixir And we only have 26 seconds dang it Yup started up got it up there we go I'm going to fireball the web side. Oh yeah here it all right roll out ignore that I'm logging Come on. Heel. Oh man look at the dog Good luck good game. We'll play there was a couple times where maybe a zephyr log difference And they could have opened the door the floodgates straight through four guys gonna wrap it up They're all lumberjacks let us know you feel about him.

Oh yeah, I think it could work It's just like they need a pre-emptive card although. I didn't hundred-person not making it to the tower, but molt tell them about a Skyscraper a building structure code really quick And then we'll see you guys the next one right so skyscraper building structure code guys just you have to start off the whole first Layer of the building has to be built with Lincoln logs. If you don't know what it is Look up Lincoln logs all the skyscrapers are built with Lincoln.