welcome back I am so sorry for leaving you guys for so long it's because school sucks and I'm sure all of you guys can relate to it there's a few updates that I don't really want to talk about because it's just like why bring this back without free tries we already knew this was gonna happen since the last time it came back but it's still literally a punch in the face just seeing all these beautiful suits and you have to pay a bunch of diamonds to just style and get these stupid rocks so I personally won't be participating in this and I don't see a reason to it's also kind of sneaky because although this isn't a type of hell event it almost feels like one because I don't know these suits are just very expensive there's a lot of pieces to it these ones I finished last time so I got the moon vixen ears because it's a super top scoring item I really love the vixen hair and the makeup that's why I got her I also love the lanterns because I think it's a really great foreground item or background and then as for this one I only got the thunder so that's also another very good item I could get the makeup but is it really worth spending so many diamonds to get makeup so that's around like 100 – honey diamonds for a makeup it doesn't seem that much but at the same time it's like I don't even like it I won't use it the reason why I got this one was because it's a makeup but honestly it's ugly there's so many makeups that already look like that so for example this one this one looks like it this one also looks like it it's just that very high look so this one it's like they're squinting or something this one wait but I think that is the one but whatever you get the point anyways going back to the star whatever event this one there's a pose a lot of people like using the horse but I don't like the horse actually like the Sun in the river more and then this one I also got the tiger because the tiger is the one that comes with the blue mist if you were wondering and as for the moon in the background like honestly we already have a moon so if anything just used this moon or a river of moonlight I don't even know where I got this from but yeah whatever you want don't feel pressured to participate in these stupid events because at the end of the day there's gonna be a whole and coming the thing is is that we've seen these outfits so much I think the newer outfits that you will be waiting for in the new hell event I think those are more worth it just given that it comes with a lot of rewards whenever you participate in it like right now you don't have any free tries but also you don't have any rewards associated with it whenever you do a hell event every time you do a node that node gives you a lot of coins stem net and sometimes even diamonds so that's why it's better for us to do health events instead of these side suits if you're like not feeling it okay so what else did I want to talk about right this one somebody tagged me in an Instagram post about this I honestly think that the the Rockstar or whatever this is it's a complete and utter mess it looks like a mash-up of all the ruined suits and it's like the biggest joke ever however I'm not going to just complain in this video I'm also going to rave about two good things so oh I just thought of something why don't I just do it like a little video throughout the week where I talk about things I don't like that are new with the updates and things I do like so that there's like a balance of positivity yeah I like that so I just wanted to show you guys this one if you go over here in the tattoos do you see how perfect it fits her legs like holy crap it looks so great okay yeah that's all I wanted to show you for the main part of this video I wanted to show you a new outfit that has come up it is called blue longing and it comes with a pose automatically what that means is that you buy this and you get the pose if you don't like the hair if you don't like anything else then don't get it just get the pose but I'm gonna get everything because I have a bunch of crystal roses to spare so let's get buying and it also comes with a makeup yay okay that makeup is actually really pretty – tada and let's put this on because I'm very excited to put it on let's try to match her outfit with something I actually like the makeup it's not bad this kind of works because it's ruined but like I feel like the blue tone doesn't fit it solo if only we could color sort this damn wardrobe I can't I don't even know what I have in here it's such a shame okay when in doubt let's just do Skyfall great it worked out as usual I like how everything's kind of transparent though I do have to admit I don't like the top that much the black part and the weird chest piece on her looks weird like it looks so done I don't know and then the clouds on the socks and the boots the blue doesn't really match the dress so it kind of looks out of place but you know what it's like a nice outfit and I'm not just gonna be hating the entire time so don't worry about that oh did you see that the socks like it goes all the way up to the ankles that's kind of neat oh these owners always make her look like she has smallpox on her legs okay so what happens if we make this a night theme so that sounds dumb but hopefully it will work out and if it doesn't whatever hmm.

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well ideas aren't always the best but at least I gave it a try yeah that doesn't work whatever this was an entire mess I'm so sorry you had to witness that I am ashamed of myself as well thank you guys for watching and remember to buy this and also on Saturday I'm doing the guest speaker thing so if you guys can please come out and join me cuz I would really really really really appreciate that I will be uploading way more now because I'm just I just finished the bulk of my crazy assignments so I'm back to stay thank you guys for waiting for me and I hope you guys have a lovely day bye.