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Looney Tunes World of Mayhem | New Rank Up System

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Hey there everyone, I am your community manager Haruki and this is a lowdown of the new rank up system coming to World of Mayhem. With our next update, we are adding power increases through much more frequent toon rank ups. This means that you will need fewer number of toon pieces to hit the next rank up for your toons, making toon progression something much more rewarding and regular. In this new system, you’ll still be going after the familiar 7 stars which remain as powerful as ever. Between each star, you will now find fragments – smaller milestones that reward you with power. Achieving a series of rank-ups or fragments will unlock a new Star or star up, resulting in an even bigger power boost! Let’s imagine that I want to bring my common Photographer Sylvester from his unlocking to 5 stars.

In the old system, I would need a total number of 900 toon pieces to make this happen and around 47,000 Gold. His power level would go from 499 to 874 (not taking into account level ups or tune ups). In the new system, I will need a total number of 890 toon pieces to make this happen and around 31,000 Gold. His power level will also go from 499 to 874. However, in this new system, I’ve been ranking up my Photographer Sylvester way more often, experiencing less progression walls and also additional power level ups while doing so. Nifty! From this point onward, I can keep on ranking up my Photographer Sylvester with more star fragments – from 5 stars and 1 star fragment to 5 stars and 2 star fragments, 5 stars and 3 star fragments, and so on. And here we go with some important things to note. 1.The number of star ups remains the same, that is, 7. 2. Your toons will be automatically converted into the new system, without losing anything. When the new update hits, you will probably have a number of rank-ups available to do – which should feel good! 3.

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Opponent toon squads will be adjusted to this new system of rank ups, including bots in Brawl. The relative difficulty of these enemy squads will remain the same though. 4. The number of toon pieces needed to reach each star and their gold upgrade costs remains about the same. 5. Total power boosts by reaching each full star up remain the same as well. 6. Players who are currently at max rank will have the opportunity to make their toons even stronger with the introduction of 7 final rank ups! Please note that we continue working on an improvement for this situation and we hope to bring you more news about it soon! And that will be all for this quick lowdown on our new rank up system. As always, don't forget to visit us in all our social media pages and game on!.