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Lista de dispositivos que pueden instalar Android Q | El Recuento Go

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Today in "El Recuento": We check the augmented reality that arrived to Google Maps. Also, it's confirmed that Apex Legends arrives to iOS and Android. We'll also check all the devices where you can install the Android Q beta. Amazon introduced a new security camera with Alexa integrated. And to finish: Google confirms they're working in a foldable phone. Let's start! Hello, thanks for coming to a new video of this channel. Let's review the results from the last video's survey as I asked you what do you think of the price of the new Google's devices, the Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL.

The majority think this is an expensive price. There still people who think it's an adequate one and few, few people say it's cheap, that they can buy 3 or more. Well, let's directly go to the first news. We check Google Maps that in the I/O event it received an innovation, an update, it's about augmented reality as from now on, you can see the direction indications with augmented reality and of course, it looks very futuristic. You can see the signs through the camera. It doesn't just look futuristic but it's supposed that it helps you arrive with more precision, mainly if you're walking. So, there's no doubt it's an attractive feature but I don't know if people is gonna use it.

I mean, at least in the majority of our countries, it's not common walking with your phone at the middle of the street. For sure, in other countries it'll be more common and they'll use this feature. Let's go to the next news, time to talk about the rival which wants to fight against Fortnite. In this case, it's Apex Legends. As you know, it arrived since some time ago to PS4, Xbox One, and PC. However, it's about to come to mobile devices as apparently, they're enjoying a growth which is helping them arrive to mobile platforms. However, even though they affirmed arriving to mobile platforms, we don't know any concret date, but for sure, it'll first arrive to iOS as many mobile games do and then it'll launch to Android devices unless they make a partnership like the one Fortnite did with Amazon, bringing the game first for its Galaxy devices before all the other Android devices.

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Let's go to the next news, now let me tell you all the devices where you can install the beta of Android Q. If you don't what's a beta, it simply is the testing version. It isn't the final one. But if you have one of these lucky devices, you can install it. In the Asus brand, you can use its Asus ZenFone 5Z. if you have the Essential Phone, you also can install it. Of the Huawei brand, only you can use the Mate 20 Pro, but sadly, only if you're a developer who was at least one app published on Google Play. LG, on the other hand, has provided for people the LG G8 ThinQ but only the ones sold in South Korea. In other words, the model LM-G820N. In Nokia, for example, you can install this beta if you have the model 8.1. And OnePlus, continuing with its style, you can install the beta if you have the OnePlus 6, One Plus 6T, although by the moment it has problems with the camera and other stuff, and then it will arrive to the OnePlus 7 and One Plus 7 Pro. Oppo will allow that this Android version is installed in the Reno model which is one of the latest ones.

Realme, which is a popular brand in India, will allow this beta in its model 3 Pro. On the other hand, Sony allowed its device XZ3 receives this beta. There's another manufacturer called Tecno, which isn't very popular, but well… you can install the beta in its model SPARK 3. Vivo has allowed that the devices X27, NEX A and NEX S can receive this beta. Xiaomi allow the installation in the Mi 9 and the Mi Mix 3 but in the 5G version. And well, of course, in any other Pixel device by Google is possible to install this beta. And also, it's interesting there isn't any Samsung device. We don't if Samsung didn't want, if Google didn't want or because they don't have a good relation with one another.

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Let's go next news, time to check Amazon. They introduced a new camera to compete against all the intelligent atmosphere by Google. So in this case it's the Blink XT2. This is a security and wireless camera. So, you don't need to have it connected with many cables. It has a Certification IP65, so yes it can be outside when it's raining, no problems. This device uses AA lithium batteries. It's supposed it can work 2 years with those batteries, that would be amazing! We don't know the possible use so that it lasts that long since this camera will be constantly connected to internet. It doesn't have a slot for micro-SD. All the stuff is stored in the Amazon's cloud, so that you can review anywhere all the videos this camera has filmed. You can connect up to ten cameras of the same model to have all the area secured.

Furthermore, we must remember that as it's by Amazon, it's compatible with Echo, or Alexa, in fact, you can tell her, "Show me the security camera of the yard in full screen", or something like that. This camera is for 89.99$ dollars. It will be available by the moment in the USA, then in Canada but we don't know any plan to expand to other places. Let's go to the last news. Now we talk about Google which apparently is working in a foldable phone, or at least, that's what they said in the developers conference. At least around this conference. It was Mario Queiroz who provided this statement through an interview with CNET. He's the Director of Pixel Development at Google. Although, he thinks foldable phone aren't necessary but they simply are pleasant to use. So, it isn't something useful for him but it's supposed they're working on it and as you know, Android Q is optimized to support foldable phone, support content to move from a small screen to a bigger one. So of course, Google is working on this type of technology. Take part in the survey. After seeing lots of problems in the Galaxy Fold by Samsung, tell me if you think that in reality, the future of phones are the foldable ones or no.


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