/LinkedIn Profile Writer Reveals her Top 5 Secrets to Pump Up Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profile Writer Reveals her Top 5 Secrets to Pump Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Video: LinkedIn Profile Writer Reveals her Top 5 Secrets to Pump Up Your LinkedIn Profile


Hi there, my name is Mark Kleiman ahead here on your i'm working and her or i can prove philadelphia with david brinkley program never could provide improve villanovan meeting nikon calendar provisional loan and performing going to be an ongoing goldberg rewarding but the important point median income in fact even it'll be different than here in britain leaving out things about unlike what happened here drafter of the love mindy he's the author of the popular vote nandini could result in gradebook powerful linkedin profile faculty walking on diana tried to break free from corporate america dalelro he started the warden with the goal helping with individual letter of the internet martin right before the experiment in pokhara movie downloaded negro dot com where he helped individual from around the world rendell gotten signed here dot period radio than what we've been going on here this illness and thank you and one for joining us in the scandal hang out uh.

.. what i'm going to do today is i'm going to talk to you guys all about five secrets steps to pumping up your linkedin profile but you know the first thing we really do need to talk about is what i what why is it important for you to making your linkedin profile look great and really the answers is really simple and that is one ellington is the largest professional social network out there today and when i say the largest a lot of times people they said oh but what about face but they spent just hit a billion it's true and it does not have a billion users but what they do have is a fantastic demographic of professionals and so went in his professional you're not going to see pictures of kittens you're not going to be here about enough people talking about their kids soccer teams linkedin is at the really professional social network and what we found is ninety five percent of companies today are using social networking to flying employees to find uh…

talent they're using it for equipment purposes not that ninety five percent eighty percent are using linkedin their using linkedin to find talent they're looking at linkedin to learn more about you they're using it as a research mechanism and but the following what's really going to shape what they think of you and knowing this it's it's absolutely imperative that you put your best foot forward weekly and so let's let's into i'm going to pull up on my screen uh… a picture of two different uh… legion profiles just so we can try to get an idea of what it is that uh… you know people are seeing how does that look mark a sea etc so really the question to ask yourself is to be one of the we've gotten gene on the left with ashes on on the right and what gene has done is she's she's taken uh…

every unattractive photographic posted dot uh… chichi in just two used her title in her her company four the headline in and she copied and pasted correct in that and and that was it in and that's what she's choosing to represent herself online on the other hand releases i'd and there's something about this guy's profile that really looks different it's it's attractive it's compelling but you know you look at it and you want to read more and this is an optimize profile and what a lot of people ask me is so what what makes his eyes such aid good-looking profile why is his really standing out and let's let's talk about that look let's look at his own little bit more closely one of the things you're going to see is he has a professionally taken photographs he looks friendly he looks clean you it's approachable he lets well-adjusted is are all we'll be coming things he's got an attention getting headline uh… and not only that he used to keep a little icons in there to really catch the eye he's got complete experiences that are keyword rich he has wanted connections he has his website listed and he's got a customized euro and if we drop prices down he's got a really compelling interesting summary and a clear call to action so what this is what makes eight a profile really stand out and so let's go through this five secrets text number one you needed include profile picture in fact i'm going to say to you need a professionally taken photographed it absolutely worth the investment and it really is an investment into your future now let's look at these these profile pictures we've got some profile pictures on the left and we've got some on the right and uh.

.. i don't have to tell you it's the ones that are on the left but i want you to eighty four notice how everyone is smiling you can see there are teas it's it's really it's uh… it's a focused and on them there's no one else on the picture and they look friendly let warranty with approachable they look confident they look happy are eight this is what you want to in four on the right we have a man it with a parrot on his head not big but i do you have ok also we've got a woman posing with in wedding cake we've also had a picture of a man eating a sandwich a woman who looping i don't have to tell you that these are not these are probably really good photos voters that may be belong in an album on face book but they do not belong as your profile picture yeah home then he won't be home who ho with me groups on on your week uh..

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. intestine kind of percolate meaningful torrentportal what you know the will regain given you're making profile and now he can read me complement of dr all that's fantastic question so if if we think about it this way let me take my screen cher off derriere so thing it this way trait you work resume is your professional past it's what you've done uart your linkedin profile as your career future it's really your sales tool it's you were online presence but something that anyone can find on you and it should be compelling and interesting it should be something that really sells you know and it compels a person to pick up the phone to learn more about you and then at that point he can request your resume for that granularity that detail artichoke it's two different homes it's not something that you want a copy n paste and and truthfully i know that when i started with linkedin years ago back in two thousand five you know i was confronted with the linkedin profile would you do i copied and pasted my resume i thought i did a great job you know that's your resume it's not known as being something that's interesting something that's really sales e and it doesn't compile anyone so you really want to think of these things as two separate items they should support each other but your linkedin profile really is your career future and it's it should be impressive and it should be interesting handed back to my mice my screenshot here with me account item number one let's get a good profile and then immediately moved to the next slide and the next one is our number two is we need a compelling headline aren't the headline that's in the very top of your profile its right under your the name and it shouldn't be interesting now yours the one of the default is just your title anne's uh.

.. and your company and that's awesome compelling audits boring you really want to stand out from the crowd and and the witness stand out from the crowd is too tend to use the headline that's like a headline in the newspaper at it may lead make someone want to learn more to read more about you or let's just look at your lamar does in the lower right hand corner innovative ita expert helping companies recognize and apply technology solutions i t strategist and change manager one he's infuses keywords two there's a clear result was working with them three it's something that really makes a person say well this this guy stands out from the crowd i wanna learn more about him and actually i'm getting some annette messages from twitter here i'm one of the questions that just came in is how do you get those symbols and the symbols i think they were friends you are the stars in the air i was in a little crowned and the way you do that guises it's really very simple just get yourself to linkedin visit my linkedin profile and you'll see that i've got tons and tons of different bulletin star is riddled after out my profile copycat just highlight that symbol that you like that's the star or the arrow or the crown there ever is just highlighted copy at you couldn't right now is clicking hit copier it control cn your keyboard but once you copied and pasted anywhere and you can pre-set right back into your wellington profile info outlaw you have a symbol and i catch in visual statement to your profile right now with your headline by no it's not easy guys i really know it's not easy to come up with a would be good interesting headline and so and today four i_t_t_ pros members and anyone who's watching this broadcast you can get uh.

.. myfree linkedin headline generator and it is eight eve book and in five minutes flat it's going to be quickly take you through the steps to come up with a really sexy eye-catching interesting headline that's going to draw opportunity to u and the way to get it is all you need to do is point your browser to linked end dash make over com and in the right side but you're going to seek a picture of my linkedin headline generator but just putting your email address hit answer and to your inbox you will get a link to the link to headline generators all you need to do sign up for my mailing list and you'll have access to really easy way to get to you really sexy interesting wynton headline right phillips keep them in on 'cause we don't have a lot of time ascent and the one with a really good looking professional photograph number to with kevin really interesting headlining your knees when we did have one generator to do that number three is customize here you are out customize your linkedin and profile u r l and sheer we have eight latley profile of someone who just simply copied and pasted their resume and uploaded a picture of him with his kids we're not gonna say anything about this profile about what you will notice is rate here is his linked to his public profile and it's not customized it's just a jumble of letters and numbers in fact you can know if you need to customize your your you are out because you'll notice there's no word pod is in their the word public is in there that means you need to customize your you are all and the way to do that as you just can't speak edit profile screen of your linkedin profile and if you look just right underneath the picture is going to be a little uh.


.. only here that says edit once you click excuses follow the steps but from there you just said protecting your name or even on what's going to happen is the direct link to your linkedin profile will not be this jumble of letters and numbers but in fact it'll be winding dot com forward slash in forward slash bill o'brien or were climbing or four slash donna sir do and this is eight easy way to market yourself because now you have this really optimize legion profile visiontek copy that what you're going to pay state you can't put it into your resume and put it into your cover letter gonna put it on your business departure in the bottom of your email signature this is a great way of directing traffic cheer optimized went in profile so people can see a and really get your brand alright so that's my number theory secret to having an optimized linkedin profile working with him whole indianapolis while the whirlwind wall needed long wave con never it um.

.. it worthwhile you hate burlingame worthy reversion ideas and felt more yesterday preventable and sat in court you have to do with the uh… did not contact information that you could get that the one hand on the for hello look so great questions let's go to the first one first and that he has uh… isn't worthwhile to pay for linkedin is the free version good enough for should should they operate and need my answer is yet the free version as it stands just good enough it's really knots the best what you wanna do and i highly recommend i highly recommend upgrading uh… in getting a premium account you're going to find linkedin offers so many opportunities so many benefits and it's really a good companies the company you should support monetarily and so if you go to upgrade within linkedin arlington offers you a number of premium options and of the cheapest plan starts at about twenty bucks per month and i do know that you know for job seeker twenty bucks a month might be a little a little bit outside of your budget but don't worry because i i actually know of in very cheap discounted clan that you can get but it's unfortunately it's a little hidden so if you go to my website linkedin makeover dot com images click on the free resources you'll find step-by-step instructions on how to access this free plan uh.

.. is not a frequent it's that she clan basically it's the personal plus plan and it's only seven ninety five eighteen month if if paid annually and so that's less than a hundred bucks four a year's worth of premium features and its it's really worthwhile one of the things that you get that i really love is the ability to see who's been checking out your profile and that's often to be able to go in and look and see who's been checking it out you can see exactly who they are where they fit within the organization and you never know how you might want to get the phoning and contact them and that's one of them great features obtained for linkedin on the other question past was about contact information and that's actually perfect i think because let's go to my next flight because i'm gonna talk about that right now all right so this is my next slide this is the uh..

. uh… actually carried out there you have contact information of course so it was number one one was getty professionally taken photographs of her chair was there really interesting sexy headline over three is customizing or else you can market your profile number four contact information and here's so here's the thing let's say i t pros is looking for p_h_p_ developer in the philadelphia area engaging some searches and fall off your profile pops up and you look really perfect you look like someone that would be perfect for this opportunity well let's say mark isn't there any clicks on your contact information and what we're fighting is very few people actually fill this out you can put in your phone number you could put in your website address you can add more information here but very nerdy often people just leave it they teach us their email in if that you know if if you don't make it easy for them to contact you you're missing out on a opportunity so what we want to do is we want to make sure that we out of our contact information to arlington profile because people really do you use it he really think about linkedin is almost like a rolodex and it's a rolodex full of contacts you know abroad if it doesn't happen you know phone number of what use is that so we need to put in our our contact information so that is going to be number four of my list absolutely whatever you do putting your contact information and fact i'm gonna tell you this and one just put it here but i'd also put it in your summary as well in st if if you have it uh.

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.. is you're interested in learning more about me or my experiences contect me today my phone number is two one five four three six nine five to zero i'm actually getting a and i have a message here that just came in on twitter and the question was on but isn't that bad to i'd like to put in your to put all this information and what about identity theft and i'm gonna tell you the skies on re let me take off my maya screen but i wouldn't worry they've got that look you wanna put yourself out there you want opportunities to hate to and you know the movers and shakers of this world they're not just going to send you email and hot wait a couple days for response if someone wants either going to look at the fine call u so make it is easiest for them as possible and if you do get a couple you know total market phone calls so wide it's absolutely worthwhile opportunity comes knocking as well and let's move to the next slide so one of the professional picture too was a good headline freely customize your all four as your contact information and five finally is in the engaging summary whenever he talked about before hero linkedin profile is not your present a do not copy and paste it in here that's not going to move anyone it's not going to impress anyone this is your elevator patch he really wanna put something in his it's a narrative it draws people in tell them who you are make them like you rate in a very and rian gauging type of away and and like i said before engineer with your contact information so make it really easy for person pick up the phone and call you and and as i said before but i know it's not easy to write about yourself uh.

.. and that's why not willing to make over is therefore a not only do i have a book that i've written but i was a bit online guide to help you walk you through and if u if you really need someone to help you about me and my specialists are there being right your linkedin profile for you so know that these options are there all you have to do is visit linkedin makeover dot com so in review he won a professionally taken photograph you want a good compelling headline you wanna customized to your l you want your contact information on their anyone of good strong engaging summary and remember if you visit point in dash makeover dot com you can download millington headline generator and now we just a few more minutes are there any final questions you see i mean look at my twitter fetuses see if anything else popped in here and we've got something from holly uh.

.. polly hall is asking she says she wants to know alright his is it important to have consistency between your usernames enduring your regular name on the different and websites and time uh… my screaming their apology the answer to your question is yes within reason you do you want to make sure that your name on your resume is the same it's on your business card it's the same is on your linkedin profile you really do want to get consistent you know why confuse people now you have a really easy name my colleague hall but it's people like christopher or william robert cortical probably nobody different now those at those that's if that's your you really want to make sure that your chris on your business card next year chris on your resume next year chris on your your linkedin profile try to get consistent across all of those platforms it when we talk about usernames it's a little harder i remember when i talked about customizing at you username that using that u r l you won't be if you can make that the same for face book and for twitter that's great but sometimes your limited and so we in within reason try to get that to be as as similar as professional as you can across all of the different platforms uh.

.. marker any other questions i want along will no working fantastic well that's sad for me that uh… thank you so much and i hope you guys enjoyed a five we've talked about your program well walking by and anyone for doing that any of you are not remember byggros while uh… upbeat i'll request won't be there with uh… yahoo dot com walton lawyerly google left knee and hurt people aren't going very well and i will look at it uh… shimon peres ongoing for for whitman do pro-life provisional and we are going to be benoit additional seminars like this on new mcdonough since the including bill one manhattan you tanks.