/Let’s Spiel Dragon Ball FighterZ – Story Mode (Blind) Ep.11 – Android 21 eats Frieza

Let’s Spiel Dragon Ball FighterZ – Story Mode (Blind) Ep.11 – Android 21 eats Frieza

Video: Let’s Spiel Dragon Ball FighterZ – Story Mode (Blind) Ep.11 – Android 21 eats Frieza


you're hi and welcome my name is Inigo and now we're coming back to let's play train more fighters that just go on in the hospital did I even want to go over there I I don't know what did I just do whatever clones free bolt man or two one two bald men and one man with two horns coming out of its head you know normal stuff still waiting for some cutscenes for the barrels but getting really rare right now have to find some according to the Ovid salt main menu or something I'm at 72% of the story maybe I actually managed to get this story done today which means like five or six parts or something I've probably have to record but by the time today and I wanted to record some stuff so I just I love my ultimate I think in a face boom you should get one like one map completed each path so actually people are yeah I can expand that and in your face boom boom boom boom boom boom boom are you do I get so much more XP now for a moment it just looked like as if Guinean wasn't wearing any pants that looked weird because his color was like almost the same ok piccolo and coatings I expect you to have a conversation where's the boss here random people let's go over here cutscene cut scene yes cut scene looks like it oh god no don't do it go on don't now you did it that's all really cause a great sire – core us green so that's enough I like green well Springs the great sire – cool it's got to pose us down you go he's got to speak down teach us where else do we need right and a lot of damage done in the face let the attack for me sign free Super Saiyan 3 although can you charge that that's hatched into Oh don't we go you can't dad please juggle juggle and that you dead mission complete let's go Scott exposing in the background all right now I expect a cutscene with coatings and piccolo come on no really coatings and piccolo all are almost like the only person who actually met in the series where is that no I've never 15 with coatings I should probably switch I thought your face I totally know what I'm doing stop blocking really I don't know you didn't fool in your face why are you not I can take that don't get annoying like with Krillin I just wanna take boom the make that attack go are you can dammit and in your face barely level up every second pedal this is not bad no any more XP up oh we've got some stuff how do i watch those again Thank You wind wind face one what you got to say go on you told us there's nothing to be embarrassed about that the wrong thing about family right alrighty that's the boss I could totally finish that never rust now but I don't and there's let's go or it's actually perfect flow on we work on the G line clone natural that's if we do that water right run it off and it would still be around with fries aren't Napa probably I think I don't know maybe like Vegeta long long but now you're out go home see you next week along connect hard stuff I can totally set up those things and then charge my beam stop blocking video I actually have to hit him after the attack 2d damage are you kidding me dammit dammit he just doubled over me okay you eat this boom perfect sell would be proud why are you glowing like that what just happened did I hit him so hard he was glowing my lemma ring thing what do you have to say piccolo what be good my advice is be good and what you're doing then you get better what piccolo really I expected some greater wisdom I'm an American like you and those are the real ones again no cutscene and I should probably take notes which characters are tried on which enemies I don't think I'll get any and I get all of the cutscenes that's flying around in the air 10m come when it's like impossible for me oh that's what like pretty it's or something all right actually counted because I was still in the combo or something just come out of nowhere and punch do you know what out of your face okay gran much more 15 nothing okay so Krillin you have has seemed coatings nope well no long just there are three stories in this game right are they all connected yes right the thing is how long are the other stories and he'd like 20 parts for every single one diamond could be up pretty long let's play many don't sell us regeneration do all of them yet popped enough it was hit yourself up late ski I was actually pointing up but okay what's up and for fees are you kidding me stop block Krillin come on bro I'm the best buddies the Sun in your spinning around in the air and it's funny I just tried to come here me how are you are you for realsies looks so funny if you know flies around in the air and the lack of Dragon Ball Z breached jokes in this video it's almost astonishing we need them on first place or something good I'm sorry over here what does let's try this poor nope don't think does never see in which kid buu what is that I need the paw come on black alrighty should be good in this episode I don't care about that kidding me okay look back oh yeah I have that right heals me up I should at some HP let increase my attack or something I should probably use that I think you can do that heavy battle one oh yeah I should probably use that if I were a good player all right that can't be it right only two enemies left and who never got just candy and beat the crap out of Regina did I just say that out loud whatever alright let's do this mama seen unlocked gotta get them all right I catch them all isn't that slogan of this this anime right I get from all the Dragon Balls I mean what how dare you son Oh horrible they both exploded I don't know yeah don't look just stop blocking dad not too late okay Obama boy boom yeah getting a level up every two battles by actually every level I think not bad alright it's gotta be somewhere else right go go go on and piccolo let him level up to the max yeah you have it up again so I should probably not make it that close I wonder what happens if your turns one out you will just start at the beginning and your characters are all leveled up again or something it'll keep the experience and I get after all like game overing no no that's how it works okay all right here must have up on you to better give me an attack you saw something and it always won out Oh a dog that the serotype touch that I did think about it their hairstyles often look very similar to ones and damn just you stop that I'm trying to do a big banger your mind oh thank you the only way to be a tight apartment is I'm not a balk man right damnit against none is the best character in dragon ball approached the lines that he delivers like the best of the whole series oh oh mobile alright remember my controller now let's see what 21 is up – if you really absorb cell we're gonna feel now then yes yep you probably did damnit nobody nani mo judo you that you know she say where are you – I'm okay gooood nanananana Judah ma fuck you what I'm asking you menacing okay we up against her now in the next map doesn't look like it nope we up against 21 level 21 but whatever I think that's it for this part next part we're gonna go and do this map and hopefully next time after that but next time we're gonna go and defeat anyone hopefully and so now I thank you all for watching please consider leaving a like a subscribe or a comment that would be really nice of you and yeah bye you.

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