/Let’s Play: PC Building Simulator – Episode 3

Let’s Play: PC Building Simulator – Episode 3

Video: Let’s Play: PC Building Simulator – Episode 3


hey what's going on everybody red rhino music here broke into another video today we're back on pc simulator or pc building simulator I always get the name of this game wrong I always think it's PC builder simulator or PC build something No alright so we got a couple missions here looks like now they've upped us from three to four at a time no problem this guy just needs oh my god it's a lot of no it's not that much actually it's a terabyte all right I'll take that need him a hard drive well let me buy these parts in order so we need a lot of storage well they have a hard drive with enough scribe that it's quite dant so I guess we're still at three at a time alright so now we have to get new like software $1,000 all right so we got like things that we have to get now that auto-connect till I was talking about last time I guess it's here now and that's $1,000 that's why I said that all right that's on the way and viruses it's easy we make sure I just bought all that all right sometimes you got to spend money to make money our hard drives are here this is the hard drive a guy I'm doing it in the order that they come in with take this off the fan of this build normally I don't like red and black but it looks alright I might like remove there we go install I wish this panel is a little transparent not the pieces no ignore that cable go on through there and this is that you don't got to look at that but I wish I like this box on the left I mean the right of the screen that tells me what I need to do I wish it was a little transparent as it does it get in a way not least smaller like if it was like half the width but you know you know what I mean I'm a fan of that tasteful usually things like red and green or your red and I mean black and green and black and red always looked kind of weird a little too like typical but that was nice no know who I am to talk anyway I have an all-white set up only everything's white the desk cabinets like PC which is different normally I usually go with black all right let's boot this we need this like device thing I assume I have to plug in my stick here the USB stick and take it to software off of it will it run only how they have like popular games in here I think that's cool I don't read the email again I want to know if he said recommended spec or all right so he wants better stuff all right only needs is a graphics card it sounds like it's unfortunate because they're gonna have to wait another day for that to get here this is where the next table would come in handy I'm gonna go actually we're in a bit of a situation we need to scan this man's PC because by a deadline so we're gonna have to take that one back off there we have to put it down see this is a situation because I don't want to have it at the door actually no we're fine all right so what's wrong with this one it's a virus easy that auto-connect tool would be so nice if we have enough money to like comfortably buy it after doing these then I'm definitely gonna have to pick it up seems so relaxing though it's not like car mechanic simulator where there's like a million things you got to do and then you always forget the one and the car doesn't start and it's only something it's like in the timing or something like that or like the crankshaft you forget to put in so in you know like I have to take the entire engine apart again or you like buy everything and then you forget certain things or whatever this guy is done now this guy can come back oh we got to go to sleep or whatever and then this thing will get here how do we pay our utility bill what why is this still here did I not put what dub oh you know what I did I forgot to collect I'm such an idiot 26 bucks that's some bad I can't believe I forgot to send these out he needs a graphics card that's right easy even I can do that and stall I wonder if I have to put this I realized that I forgot to put this like thing in I do know I have to put it there but so I could do it afterwards I believe this is good oh yeah this tool is going to help us once we get one least I give you like upgrades that you can get I didn't like that about car mechanic simulator kind of gave you like a reason to play it you know what we did I know what we did don't worry I'm well aware we never plugged in the graphics card again no stop turning it on all right now we're good come with me PC I'll sue we got here okay just some viruses all right one of these has a deadline this one does it's a cool those are hot fans I'm a fan of that purple I'm a fan of the purple and the red so much but I'm a fan of no I don't want to go in his email no no I saw the little red dot and I assumed that was what we needed no Polly doesn't get mad that I just put like email in here thanks she I couldn't under it clean files just remove this I wonder if I should have been uninstalling stuff off these computers the whole time because now they kinda have like no incentive to come to me anymore if they have the software oh now I'm a real fan of this I like that led thing there restart I'm gonna do this for now on I feel like you're not gonna get customers anymore if you just like to leave it on there all right get the hell out of my office collect collect next mission we're not doing we've got some more parts cool anyways we're gonna wrap it up here we did six this time I believe instead of our usual three they're all relatively easy the virus stuff is quick to do as soon as a graphics cards if you guys like this series hit that like button below and let me know in the comments what you want me to do next episode because we could also do free build and just make something of our own or we could continue doing these I don't care that's up to you and if you haven't already hit that subscribe button as well so you can get notified for when I upload new content on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays that's it for this one guys thanks for watching see y'all next time peace.

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