/Lenovo’s new Yoga Book: almost a laptop

Lenovo’s new Yoga Book: almost a laptop

Video: Lenovo’s new Yoga Book: almost a laptop


– Hello, I'm Vlad with the Verge here at IFA 2018, and this is the new second generation of the Lenovo Yoga book. This has always been quite a particular and peculiar device because it's never been quite a laptop, it's never been quite a tablet, it's a thing in between. What Lenovo has done now is they've enlarged it, they made it 10.8 inches instead of 10, so it feels more substantial, and now I would really classify it as a laptop. But once you open it up, and the way you open it up is pretty cool, they have a new mechanism where you do a double knock on the top, and the magnets that hold the thing together, they reverse the polarity, they do some cool magnet magic, and it pops it open.

So you don't need notch, you don't need to, like, fiddle around to open it up. Once you do open it up, you still have an LCD, but Lenovo has upgraded the resolution now, like I said, 10.8 inches, but now it's 2560 by 1600 resolution Quad HD, and then you have an E Ink display at the bottom which doubles as the keyboard. The original Lenovo book had a Wacom digitizer down here, it didn't have an E Ink display, and now it has an E Ink display. And the new keyboard, I've just been trying, after being testing it out, it's really good, like, shockingly good for a touchscreen keyboard. Usually these things are really quite atrocious, but this is a massive upgrade from the original Yoga Book. It has haptic feedback, and it has little animation feedback which really makes it feel realistic.

I am able to type on it really quickly, and I've picked it up pretty quickly, and I'm surprised by that, I'm shocked by that even. The hinge is that watchband style hinge that Lenovo has used on its Yoga Books previously. Inside the hinge, Lenovo has woven the WiFi antenna, so they're, actually, somewhere in here in the hinge. It's super sturdy, I've had one of those Lenovo Yoga Books four or five years. I've had members of my family using and abusing it, and it has survived, so I'm impressed with this hinge, it's sturdy, it has a nice bit of traction and friction to it. In terms of design and engineering, as usual, with the original Yoga Book that was never a problem to be honest. These were really well made, really solid devices, again, made out of aluminum, top and bottom. It has an 8.6 hour battery life, Lenovo promises, which is extremely reasonable for a device of this thinness and this lightweight.

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And speaking of the battery, you can now charge it with the USB-C port. There are two USB-C ports, one on either side, which is brilliant, it should have been like this from the original. Really have it stood up from Lenovo. Also over here on the front, Lenovo has added a new fingerprint sensor, it's not a power button, it doesn't have any sort of indentation, it's just flush with the device, but it's an infrared fingerprint sensor, which compatible with Windows Hello. And the point of the infrared part is that it should make your fingerprint easy to recognize when your finger is, maybe a bit wet, or dirty, or whatever. Predictably the main display's a touchscreen, but you do get plenty of other things that you can do with the E Ink panel down here at the bottom. It can function as a keyboard, and that's really, that's the main use that you have for it, but also it can accept pen input, so Lenovo ships the Yoga Book with its on stylus.

Unfortunately, because it's such a slim device, there's nowhere to stash the stylus, which is quite substantial, it's the size of an actual pen, but it works well, and you can get an accessory, you know, you can get a case, and stash the two things together, it's not such a big deal, and it's good that the stylus comes in the box. So, you can do pen input, you can do keyboard input, or you can use it as an E-reader. As soon as this thing is launched, which I'm told is going to be around October time, it will only support PDF files, after that it's going to support ePub, MOBI, and TXT files, in terms of reading. There is a bit of lag, I'm not gonna lie, it's an E Ink display, you always have a bit of lag and a bit of redrawing time with it, but still it works well. And because of the portability of this device, I can, actually, see myself using it in this flipped mode, like this, whether it's on the LCD display, or on the E Ink display. One really cool and neat thing that Lenovo has also done is because it's a larger screen, you get more space for the keyboard, and they've also made the trackpad minimizable, so if you want the trackpad, you tap down here, you have it, but then as soon as you start typing, it goes away.


It's such an intuitive and simple thing, but Lenovo has really had the time to sit down and think for its design and improve of things. And on the inside, the company has upgraded things in terms of specs, you can now get up to a Core i5 7th generation Intel Core processor, you can get four gigabytes, or eight gigabytes of RAM, 128 to 256 gigabytes of storage. And it only comes with Windows, there used to be an Android version originally, but apparently the Windows version out sold Android by a lot, and Lenovo has just chosen to go with Windows all the way. I was impressed with the original Yoga Book when I was here two years ago with EFA, and it didn't turn out to be quite so good as the final product, But this one, I can't not be impressed with it again, it's done so many good upgrades across the board with the device. The one thing though, the one huge difference is that the Yoga Book, the original Yoga Book was really, super affordable, where as this is now into straight laptop territory, it's priced at $999 in the U.S.

When you're considering this, you're considering this versus actual laptops. What I would say is wait for the review to find out if it's worth it. See we deal with the staging and then it just feels awkward. So I'll just whisper for this video, so it can feel more natural. It's gonna be an A as in more hands on with the Verge, first time I've ever done it. Eva 2018, there's still a Lenovo Yoga Book, I might, actually, keep going with this..