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Lenovo Vantage – New Features

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We've completely reinvented Lenovo Vantage with new features and tools that will delight our customers. The app is now five times faster to load than previous versions, and we've completely reimagined the user interface to be even more customer-centric making it easier for our users to give feedback and customize the Vantage home screen. In fact, our new user interface design makes Vantage better than ever. The settings are now simplified, so quick settings users have instant control over their mic, camera, and eye care.

The security dashboard is now redesigned so it is easier for users to stay safe, and we're making support even more accessible with a dedicated dashboard and integrated search so our users are never alone. These new enhancements are available from April 2019 but we've not stopped there. Our general availability release in July 2019 will also come packed with additional features, a 100% revamped Vantage for gaming dashboard, the launch of our new privacy subscription service with fig-leaf, one of the world's foremost leaders in online user privacy. Monitor your PC, phone, and all your connected devices with our connected home protection network security, brought to you by Coronet, one of the leading providers of cloud security. And we're also super excited to bring you Vantage for Android. Lenovo Vantage..

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