/LEMFO LEM4 PRO smartwatch: Square Home 3 launcher

LEMFO LEM4 PRO smartwatch: Square Home 3 launcher

Video: LEMFO LEM4 PRO smartwatch: Square Home 3 launcher


Hello people. This is the smartwatch LEMFO LEM4 PRO. It's a very good smartwatch that I bought a month ago. In this video I am going to show you a customized launcher. The launcher name is Square Home 3. I am going to show you some features of this launcher. You can show different sizes icons. They can be customized. For example, this is a photo gallery… …I put pictures. This is a calendar widget and this is a battery widget. You can set 3d effects when pages are passed. More icons.

You can install whatever Android app. This is animated gif widget. You can add icons that open new windows with more applications. For example, this icon open a windows with game emulators. Super Nintendo Nintendo. Game Boy Advance. DosBox. Nintendo 64. PlayStation. MAME emulator. You can add different size watchfaces. A small watchface. A 8 bits wathface. You can set whatever wallpaper. For example, a fullscreen picture. This is a UCCW app widget. You can set whatever watchfaces.. More icons. I have add… …an HTM5 icon that opens a HTLM5 app I have made. It's a watch. Looks great. The HTML5 app lets you to watch the time… …and to change the background. I put two Matrix gifs. I have add a calendar widgets. Month view. Week view. It shows you events. Camera. A digital magazine widget. Notepad so you do not forget anything. And how you can see.

.. this launcher lets a lot of versatility. You can add… …whatever you want. Besides, everything looks pretty good. Greetings to all..

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