/LEGO Marble Maze Game (Labyrinth)

LEGO Marble Maze Game (Labyrinth)

Video: LEGO Marble Maze Game (Labyrinth)


Hey everyone, Jason here Today I'm going to show you this ball maze also commonly known as a Labyrinth which I designed and built entirely out of LEGO pieces. So first of all it's got this, uh, built in container to store the balls which are a couple of LEGO soccer balls and a basketball. It also has this travel lock which keeps the maze from moving while in transit. So with that removed, you can see how you can control the tilt of the maze using these two wheels. Most versions of this game have holes in the maze surface that the balls drop through but for ease of construction to keep everything a little simpler I just have these indents on the maze surface that the ball can drop into, which is what you want to avoid.

I also designed it so that the maze can be completely removed and that way you can have multiple mazes. Which I'll show you but while this one's out I'll show you the interior which is basically just uh… simple set of Technic axles and beams to control the tilting. So here's another maze I built. This one's a space themed maze. It's a little more wide open. Basically you start at your rover and your goal is to make it back to your space ship oh… passing a couple of outposts on the way. There we go. I'll take that guy out. I also designed this medieval maze. Medieval themed complete with fire breathing dragon. The goal of this one is to start in your village and make it to the safety of the castle before being torched by the dragon. Past a little mill, oh… I got drowned in the stream. It's not going to work out for me.

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Anyway put this guy back in. Anyway, that's all there is to it basically. Put the travel lock back on, container back in, and you're good to go. If you want anymore information or to see pictures you can check out the description. Uh, hope you enjoyed the video. Thanks for watching..