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Leadwerks vs Unity 3D

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What is your opinion of Leadwerks vs Unity 3D? Leadwerks is based on C++, a standard in the gaming industry, and Lua. I give that reason a C-, since Apple is moving off Objective C, their C-language version. I expect everyone will move off C and its variants at some point. Leadwerks is attractive to those who don’t want to use C-dot-net. What exactly does Leadwerks do, and what are the benefits? Leadwerks has the benefit of using Lua and C++; it works on iOS, Android and PCs. So does HTML5.

Leadwerks uses tile based rendering that works on almost any device and can work on things other than PC based graphic cards. So it is not bad for mobile gaming. So what is Unity’s strength? Unity has better graphics. Unity uses really good OpenGL and better lighting and shadows. So it looks pretty. I could import stuff from Maya or Adobe to add pretty details. Lua is better for those who don’t have the time or talent to learn C and its variants. That makes Leadwerks better for novices. Leadwerks is also better for novices new to gaming who cannot afford a Unity license. You get decent artificial intelligence for less than two thousand dollars for the basic package. Cheap is its own reward. What does the lower cost actually cost in terms of product? Leadwerks has less support, fewer plug-ins you can buy to amp up the performance, and fewer interfaces with other things. Reminds me of free games where you have to pay for extra lives. Leadwerks has fewer online tutorials, too, compared to Unity. You have to pay for the experts because there are so few of them. Sometimes you have to pay to play – well, develop games.

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Because Leadwerks is so small, so to speak, there are functions other applications have that it has not completed yet. As of 2014, you could not compile Lua scripts into pre-compiled binaries. That does not matter to me because I don’t know what it means. You cannot turn Lua scripts into files in another language or an exe, something other game developing platforms let you do. So I cannot create a Lua exe. Then again, Lua is very lean, so it is easy to run off a server. The downside is that it is so open that it does not have good encryption. Why would that matter? Do not release a free game with cheap extra lives in Lua or people may not trust it with their payment information. Unity is starting to sound like a good deal..