/Kotlin LibGDX Game Developers Masterclass on Udemy – Official

Kotlin LibGDX Game Developers Masterclass on Udemy – Official

Video: Kotlin LibGDX Game Developers Masterclass on Udemy – Official


Welcome to the Kotlin Libgdx game developer masterclass and in this course you're gonna learn how to program games using Kotlin and the Libgdx game framework. So my name is Tim Buchalka and your instructor in this course is Goran Lochert. Now I started out as a programmer in the 1980s and I've been a professional software developer ever since as well as a teacher. I've actually got close to 200,000 students and 40,000 reviews for my various programming courses and this year in 2017 I created the Learn Programming Academy with a goal to train 1 million people as software developers in the next three years. Now to help with that I'm partnering with a group of instructors who demonstrated commitment to excellence and you have the right real-world programming experience and skills to help people just like you become professional software developers.

Now Goran is extremely well qualified and has vast experience in games development as well as great experience in a number of game frameworks including libgdx and that even has a best-selling course on Finch EDX using Java as well and he's put together this course which really will teach you how to write games in libgdx fast using Kotlin. So we designed this course for anyone seeking to learn how to become a game programmer using Kotlin and libgdx and thereby expanding their career options as a result. Now by the end of the course, you'll have a concrete understanding of how to program games in libgdx and Kotlin or using Kotlin to write your own complete games as well. Now of course we'll actually start by showing you how to install and setup these various free tools you need to write games and from there we'll take you through a tutorial a Kotlin tutorial and really take you through the features after that of the libgdx framework step-by-step in a logical order and that each section of the course is designed to build upon the concepts taught in previous sections. Now the included challenges well that is designed to help further your understanding of the concepts taught in the course and by solving these challenges and checking solution against our solutions, you'll come away with a deep understanding of libgdx game development in Kotlin.

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Now the ideal student for the course is someone who has never programmed before but if you have some experience as a programmer in Kotlin and/or libgdx or even another game framework like unity for example, you'll feel right at home. Now there's no other requirements needed to enroll in this course other than having access to a computer. Now if you're looking to get your first or a better programming job or to freelance as a software developer then this course will definitely help you. Feel free also to look through the course description on this page for more details and we look forward to seeing you on the inside..