/Korean victims reject Oxy’s compensation plan

Korean victims reject Oxy’s compensation plan

Video: Korean victims reject Oxy’s compensation plan


Oxy Reckitt Benckiser has laid out its final compensation plan for Korean victims of its toxic humidifier disinfectants. But victims are rejecting that offer on the grounds that the compensation is nothing but a means to put a closure to this scandal before it goes through a parliamentary hearing next month. Kim Hye-sung gives us the details. With its final compensation plan announced on Sunday, Oxy Reckitt Benckiser started taking compensation applications from Korean victims who were affected by the company's toxic humidifier disinfectant products on Monday. The British-based firm said it will provide up to 315-thousand U.S. dollars of compensation to families of adults listed as first-level and second-level victims by Korean health authorities. As for infants and children under 15 who died or were seriously affected, the company will cover around 900-thousand dollars.

The Korean government classified victims into four levels, with the first and second levels corresponding to victims who were seriously or fatally injured by direct exposure to toxic humidifier disinfectants,…while levels three and four refer to victims who were diagnosed with skin or breathing conditions. Oxy also offered as additional 45 thousand dollars to every household with more than two first or second level victims. However, a major advocacy group representing a vast number of victims rejected the plan, saying that Oxy discriminates against third and forth level victims, adding that this is rather, a move by the firm to end the case before it goes through a parliamentary hearing scheduled for next month. "They never gave us details. How can they not compensate level three and four victims? Are we less of a victim then?" "Oxy's apology is basically a show of crocodile's tears. They are just trying to avoid the parliamentary hearing.

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" In addition, some legal experts say that the compensation amount is not enough. – "Given Oxy's deliberate intent, manipulation of data and lack of a sincere apology, the compensation amount is too small. Had the case happened in Britain, Oxy would have had to pay much more. According to Anglo-American damage compensation laws, victims can get several times more than the actual amount deemed as corresponding to the damage done to a person." A compensation plan is out, but it looks like the Oxy scandal is yet to dissipate any time soon, as victims in Korea call for a thorough investigation and compensation that actually reflect the pain they have suffered. Kim Hyesung, Arirang News..