/KoA – Update 2.6 Optimizations by Lady of Avalon

KoA – Update 2.6 Optimizations by Lady of Avalon

Video: KoA – Update 2.6 Optimizations by Lady of Avalon


Greetings my Lords and Ladies, welcome back! I'm Lady of Avalon from the KoA Studio and this is my last video about the new update, 2.6. Let's check the details. We brought you a few optimizations and improvement. to give you a more balanced game experience The first ones are about the Dragon Spirit and the Labyrinth. Now depending on your VIP level you'll have the chance to speed up the battles up to 4 times.

Also, from VIP level 8 you'll be able to skip them directly. In addition, from VIP level 3 you can go directly from a discovered room to another by tapping on it on the mini map. The second improvement is about the Great Hall. So now you guys will have the chance to access Avalon directly from there without going through the Kingdom Map. The third one is about the Auction House. Now, if a player makes a bid in the last 5 minutes the timer will reset back to 5 minutes. The last one is about the Alliance Buildings. So now if the Alliance Storehouse gets relocated the resources inside of it will remain there. Same thing for the Alliance Hospital, if you relocate it, the troops will stay inside. Ok guys, this is all for the last update, 2.6. I hope you're going to enjoy it, especially the new Hero feature. If you have any questions you can leave a comment below and remember to Like this video, Share it and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Bye bye!.

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