/Jeep Renegade 2019 | PROVA TEST | Full-LED e motore tre cilindri 1.0 da 120 CV [ENGLISH SUB]

Jeep Renegade 2019 | PROVA TEST | Full-LED e motore tre cilindri 1.0 da 120 CV [ENGLISH SUB]

Video: Jeep Renegade 2019 | PROVA TEST | Full-LED e motore tre cilindri 1.0 da 120 CV [ENGLISH SUB]


The right car at the righr moment, this is the new Jeep Renegade 2019, one of the best seller by Jeep this car has received a new bumber, distance radar for the active cruise control and emergency braking, the new grille and new autobeam LED lights It's 4.23m long, it has new 19 inch rims and new sto lights, unfortunetely the blinker is not LED The trunk has a load size of 351 liters, with the ski passage. There's a spare wheel but unfortunatelythe door isn't automatic thereare new 3 and 4 cylinder engines.The 3 cylinder engine is a 1.0l unit with 100 HP, whilethe 4 cylinder unit is a 1.

3 with 150, 180 HP There's the AWD, automatic shift and there also are Euro 6 diesel engines with 120 or 140 and 170 HP There's a keyless access, there's some hard plastic on the door panel, Beats Audio suystem, this is the Limited version. there are leather seats wioth contrasting stitching, thethe dashboard is pretty big with the handle in front of the passenger and there's the 8.4 inch display You can set up the AC from there or from the dashboard switches There's an USB port with Apple CarPlay and Android auto, while the cockpit has a central display there's the adaptive cruise control and some switches on the steering wheel. I really like the moon roof It has a wheelbas of 2.57m, there's a lot of space in here, even if I'm extremely tall, the 5th passenger shouldbe comfortable as well Here there's a USB port , let's go drive it with the 1.3 4 cylinder engine with 150 HP Here we are on this Renegade, apart from the design, there are some technical news.

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The full LED lights must work well, then there's the lane assist and the safety distance control thanks to the adaptive cruise control what has been changed is the engine with the one we are driving today, the the 1.3 4 cylinder engine with 150 HP and 270 Nm, with front wheel drive, which is extremely quiet even when accelerating, thanks to a good shift this is not a sporty car, the engine is a bit lighter, making it more agile, but it will never be sporty, it's still fun This engine is funand powerful enogh, unfortunately the shift doen't have paddles, but you can shift through the standard shift. The fuel consumption is of about 14 km/l, but we could do better than this If you'd like to spend a bit less on fuel, then there are diesel engines like the 1.6l or 2.

0l unit which go up to 170 HP this is a very complete and comfortable car, with a lot of technology, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and many smart details like the climate control which is split between the display and the dashboard It has a 360° view also thanks to the parking sensors and to the rear camera This is the 1.0L 3 cylinder engine with 120 Hp and 190 Nm, it works very well, with a good acceleration, going up to 6,250 RPM, it's very quiet with some vibration, but it works very well, perfect for this car thanks to its torque power The shift works well, allowing the engine to work very well, even though this car is pretty big Our test is over, I really liked it with the new engines, especially the 3 cylinder one which works well, smooth and with a good output, FCA has done a great job there are 4 versions: with the Limited S, then there's the Trailhawk, which is more off road oriented with the 2.

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0l tdi engine with 170 HP and AWD. I really like the rear hook and the price which is of 22,000 euro for the sarting price thanks to these improvements this car is suitable for a larger public, ensuring a 5% of market share, with great amounts of units sold great jobJeep, see you soon!.