/Java Vs Kotlin – Which Is Better ?

Java Vs Kotlin – Which Is Better ?

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In [Android] development circles kotlin is being compared to Java in the same way that Swift has been compared to objective C Like Swift kotlin is simple clean and removes a lot of the code bloat from Java Code kotlin also adds some needed features that Java doesn't yet support in Android The learning curve for using kotlin is pretty low any Experienced Java Developer can pick up kotlin in a few hours You can use copeland and Java files in the same project, and they will work nicely together Developers that are just learning kotlin can feel comfortable using the language for isolated parts of the application to test the results using Java libraries with kotlin based projects is straightforward – it just works [the] [reverse] is also true.

You can easily include any library written in kotlin within Java code Perhaps the most important advantage of kotlin versus Java is the feature set kotlin adds some important new capabilities for [Android] development projects that you can't yet find in [Java] Some of my favorite features include null Safety through nullable and nullable types safe calls and safe casts extension functions higher-order functions Lambda expressions Data classes immutability I pay Lisa's Disadvantage is over Java While kotlin improves in many ways over Java developing with copeland for Android presents some challenges [though] every new release [is] helping address some [of] these barriers most problematic [an] app built with kotlin will likely result in a larger file package size than one built purely in Java That's because Kotlin has its own standard library that's added on top of Java Standard Library [also], the build time for kotlin is a little slower using gradle which can be frustrating Though Gradle is also slow using only Java. It's not quite as slow as with kotlin.

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