/iOS 13 is Out! – What’s New? (Every Change and Update)

iOS 13 is Out! – What’s New? (Every Change and Update)

Video: iOS 13 is Out! – What’s New? (Every Change and Update)


hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and today Apple released iOS 13 we've been waiting for this since June it's finally here and many of you have been waiting for this since last September so you can download this on any supported device so that means iPhone 6s 6s plus se and newer or iPad air 2 and newer or iPad Mini 4 and newer or iPod Touch 7th generation so it's available now just go to your software updates and check for it now this particular update is fairly large depending on the device up to 4 gigabytes so it will take some time to download and install but there's a lot of changes some are big some are small but let's go ahead and take a look at it now if you don't have iOS 13 yet or you're not showing it on one of the supported devices you can check manually by going to settings and going to general and then going to software update and under software update you should see the update now you will need Wi-Fi in order to install it and if you're running one of the iOS 13 betas such as iOS thirteen point one you will not be able to install it and you won't see it without using iTunes so you'll actually have to use iTunes if you are on a beta that's newer than iOS 13 to go back to this version so just keep that in mind now with this particular update there are a lot of changes some big some small and the first one is faster performance for face ID so if you have a supported face ID device it's faster if you have the first generation face ID such as the iPhone X it's also faster so it unlocks very quickly and it's up to 50% faster according to Apple and that seems about right now the other advantage you get is faster app launching such as the App Store you can open apps much quicker also the size of them is smaller as well so the size of apps has decreased by about 50% for many of them once you install iOS 13 and you'll get better storage and the only other change with the App Store is you have arcade down here at the bottom and this may be available right now for you or maybe a little bit later and then also to check for your updates tap your new icon here in the upper right and then down just a little bit you'll see updates so if you have any updates they'll show up here so that's it for the app storm now dark mode is one of the features a lot of people have been waiting for and that can be seen in settings and then you go to display in brightness and then you'll have light in dark and I actually have this set to change based on sunset you can actually set up a time but right now it's based on sunset and it will switch to dark mode depending on the time of day so it's a really nice feature and it's it makes it a little bit easier to read the display at night now you can also add dark mode to the control center to have a little custom toggle as well so if you go into your control center settings under general you'll be able to see those there now the next new feature is the quick path keyboard and this is a new keyboard that allows you to swipe while typing if we go into notes we can say hi how are you today and you'll see I just swiped to do that and it's really simple it's very similar to swipe or the G board if you're using that or any others that have been around for a while it's only available for some languages though it's available for English German Portuguese simplified Chinese Italian Spanish in French this can be updated in the future but right now that's what it's available for now another new feature has to do with battery health and this is a great feature that really keeps you from having to manage your battery and like I've said in the past I charge up to 100% every night and this helps you do that under battery health you'll see here we have optimized battery charging this is a new setting that what it does is if you put your phone on the charger at night it charges it up to 80% and holds it there until it gets closer to the time you normally wake up so based on a schedule that maybe you set with the bedtime app in the clock or maybe based on when you normally wake up and it sees the phone wake up itself it will charge it up to 80% get it ready up to a hundred percent by the time you wake up and you're good to go it's better to keep the battery a little bit lower than full charge all the time so it does that longer to extend your battery health now there are new icons all over the place they've made little refinements and tweaks to everything but that's not the bigger change they've made changes to volume which Allah people appreciate if you hit the volume button here you'll see volume is a little bit different it gets large and then shrinks they've also changed the silent switch so that when you silence it it's got a little new animation here at the top so it looks pretty good as well there's also a new share sheet so maybe you're on a website and you want to share with someone you'll see here's an article from my website what it does is when you share here not only does it give you your top suggestions you also have options to copy they've grouped these into separate sections and then you can modify these groups to customize them to however you'd like so you can edit these actions and move them around to make it more convenient for you when you're using the share sheet I think it's a great addition and I've actually gotten really used to this and I didn't like it at first but I grew to really like it a lot now when it comes to 3d touch or haptic touch they've changed this as well and this is a little bit different now if you want to rearrange your apps you can either 3d touch or haptic touch or long press and you have the option to rearrange apps that's a quick way to let you delete different apps also you can press and hold and keep holding and you'll get the same thing or you can press and hold and then just move it around so it's changed a little bit and it's more confusing if you want to delete or move apps around but the changes across everything so even haptic touch devices or older devices that don't even have haptic touch such as the iPhone se will get that feature as well now there's some new changes with 3d touch that's in the control center or haptic touch and if you 3d or long press touch on the the wireless options here you can now go into your Wi-Fi and select a different network more quickly you can also do the same with Bluetooth or you can turn it off from here for the day so it's just a couple extra options that are there and then also if we go home you'll see there's some new gestures that they've added as well so if I go into notes now when you're selecting text it's a little bit different now as well they've refined this and you can move your finger out of the way so your finger no longer covers what you're trying to sell so that's really nice you can select text of course and then you can pinch to copy and this is a little bit harder to do I don't recommend doing this I just like to tap and copy but you can pinch to copy you can unpinch to paste and then you can pinch twice to cut so those are a little bit hard to do I prefer just touching selecting what I want copying cutting or pasting that way but you can use those new gestures to do that now there's also a new gesture to undo so you can type and say hi then swipe with three fingers to redo or swipe the other direction to undo so you'll see I'm reviewing undoing and so you can do that and it works pretty well and I've gotten used to it works better on an iPad as well also you can hold three fingers or tap to get a couple different extra menus here at the top so that's all new in this particular version now the phone app has not changed at all when you receive a call it will take up the entire display and you can double click the power button to make it go away but it still takes up the display but they did it change one thing that's nice and if we go into settings and then we go down to wherever phone is here if we scroll down we can now silence unknown callers so if we have people calling us spam calls things like that it will silence those they won't even show up on your phone so that's really nice and something I normally leave on all the time now in the clock app they've changed bedtimes so if you go into bedtime and you want to set this up say 7:00 a.

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m. is when we wake next go to bed at 11:00 that's fine they've changed this a little bit so that when you have your schedule it's on a different page now with where you can adjust it so it's nothing major but they have changed it a little bit shortcuts is now installed by default on all iOS 13 devices and shortcuts get some enhancements such as supporting third-party apps and also there's an automation feature that will be coming with iOS 13.1 so this can support third-party apps that can integrate directly with shortcuts so you get a lot more options now going forward as long as a developer allows now Siri also gets some major enhancements as far as the voice and what it can do the voice is much better it uses the knurl engine for more realistic sounds so take a listen here read me a story please so it does get better over time sometimes Siri sounds amazing sometimes it sounds the same but there are pauses and things that make it more human-like now there's a feature that I'm fairly excited about but we haven't really seen much about and that is fonts if we go into settings and then we go down to general and then we go to fonts you'll be able to install fonts here using the App Store so you can install new fonts they can be system fonts used throughout and across the entire device so I'm really excited for that as well now we've also got new support for Xbox 1's Xbox one X and ps4 controller support so that's really nice I have a separate video on that now aside from the game controller support we get Mouse support so you can even use your magic mouse or whatever you have and I have a separate video on how to set that up as well but you can go into settings and then you go to accessibility then you go down to touch then assistive touch and we scroll down and you'll see devices mouse keys pointer Styles so you can change anything you want use a mouse and it's it's really nice especially on an iPad Messages gets updated and if you go to messages and you pull down you now have search where you can use your voice to text search but the search is so much better you can search for whatever you want and it will actually find it so if I search for iPhone it finds the conversation and then finds it down at the bottom and shows me where it's at so it actually works this time around and it works very well now there's also some enhancements here you can see I have my little icon there and this can be set by tapping these three dots and then editing your name and photo and your name and photo can be shared with your contacts or just have someone ask every time or you don't have to share it at all now you don't have to use your your Mii emoji you can use whatever you'd like but you can share whatever you want to share with your contacts so it's much more like whatsapp that way now the other thing we have is if we tap the three dots we can manage message lists and delete them individually the whole messages we can swipe this swipe them off the display to do the same thing or we can hide the alerts that way however if we go into one of the messages so we'll go here and then if we tap and hold or 3d press on one of the messages we hit more and now we can delete them individually so you can go in and delete each of them or hit delete all and it will delete all of the comments now we have some updates to momochi and an emoji so down here at the bottom you'll see the keyboards a little bit different we have a dedicated emoji button but this emoji button does not go away just when you add multiple keyboards so if you have different languages installed it doesn't go away you still have a dedicated emoji button we also have some new an emoji so you'll see there's a few new ones at the top here have a little octopus just a few different things that you'll probably like and then also with an emoji and MIMO G we get stickers that it creates by itself so if we created our own emoji you'll see there's different stickers with different different emotions and things like that we also have the addition of hairstyles head wear makeup and piercings added to an emoji or MIMO G as well so we have all of those things that if you use these features you'll be pretty happy with them and finally if we go back to one of the messages and go to this one here and then we tap our name at the top and hit AI not only will it show a contact card but it will show you all of your different photos and then you can see all photos or any links that were shared will show up here as well so you've got a lot more information it's easily searchable and much much better now music gets a small update that reminds me more of the Steve Jobs era and that's if we go into music and we play a song I have the volume muted but if we're playing a song and we have this icon down here in the bottom left we tap on this and you can scroll through the lyrics and jump around based on the lyrics but it also plays them back in real this is one of my favorite features when the song supports it because I used to look at lyrics a lot and I really like this it just reminds me much more of when Apple was focused on music and small details now we do have up next list so since we're playing this we hit the bottom right icon it shows us what's playing up next and then also if we tap and hold on a song we can add that to next so if you haven't seen play next it's here now another update you get is you can pair air pods or power beats pro at the same time so you can go into your control center maybe 3d press or long-press on your music tap the little airplane music icon and then tap on say air pods and then power beats Pro it'll take just a moment to connect and it will connect to both and play in both and then you can control the volumes individually between the two devices so you can slide these up or down and you'll see that you can control them independently so that's a new feature as well also when both are connected you'll have a little icon here next to your volume so if you 3d press or touch the volume you can slide that up and down here for the volume control photos gets a major update so if I go into photos it's got a complete redesign it's by year if I pinch into the year it shows the month pinch again you'll see the day's pinch again we can get the photo itself and then we can reverse that just by pinching out it's very very nice and something I really like you've got years months days all photos at the bottom and videos play in real time now if we go to the for you tab you'll see that we have featured photos and then up here we actually have trips that it's put together if I go into one of those trips you'll see this was my CES trip to Las Vegas you've got different photos in here and the videos will start playing back in real time as I scroll through them it's just a nicer way to see everything and it's doing this privately it's not sharing this information but it's very much like Google photos this way there are a lot more editing options as well so if I go into a photo here and then I go to edit the editor is all new so you'll see it's downloading the photo it may take a moment now you'll see we have a bunch of options at the bottom we can compose lately customize this with everything from exposure to highlights to Blackpoint to warmth sharpness definition vignette and we have a lot more options to actually edit our photo here without going to a separate app to do that now the great thing is we can do the same thing with video so if I go into a video here again this will take a second download it's on iCloud you'll see we can edit the video if I tap a few things here such as crop we can move this around we've got different features such as original and again we've got all the same exposure controls and everything for video in real time it will save it and we can make it exactly how we want so it's really nice very comprehensive and a huge update to photos now they've also added one feature to camera so if your phone supports it you'll have this now you have to have a XR or newer so a XS XS Max XR or the new iPhone 11 series so you'll go into camera then go to portrait mode flip it to the selfie camera and at the end you have high key light mono so you'll see it looks a little different I don't know that I'd ever use this but we have it as an option it's not on older devices so you won't have it on the 6s plus for the iPhone X for example find my friends and find my iphone have now been combined into a singular app called find my so now not only can you find your devices but you can also find your friends in the same app and then we have some options under me now under this menu here under me now under the me tab we have my location share my location allow a friend request receive location updates edit location name and then at the bottom we can help a friend so maybe a friend lost their device we can now sign in here and locate your device and there's new technology in the background that helps you locate your device even better so if you have bluetooth on it can actually relay its location even when it's powered off at times with some of the newer devices it can reload relay its last location through a nearby Apple device so maybe it's lost in another country someone walks near it with an iPhone it can relay its location from your device securely and anonymously through that iPhone or iPad back to Apple and then back to you so it's really interesting technology we should see more of this in the future also with devices they're supposed to be a new tile like device that will help you locate things like backpacks or something along those lines we haven't seen that yet but supposedly it will be included with the iPhone with them find my app now Maps gets a complete redesign they've rethought it from the ground up it looks a lot different and has a lot more detail on each city that you're looking at or each location so if we zoom in here you'll see we have road closures we can get information about that we have our air quality index we can 3d press or long press and get the weather and also we have a lot more information so if we scroll up you'll see your heavier home you have work you have collections so maybe you're going on a trip you can add a location and a bunch of them you'd like to see in a collection and then we have recently viewed so we have more information here so if we go to a place like Apple Park for example the Apple Campus if we scroll up we've got how far it is from where I'm located we can get directions we've got photos Wikipedia articles the phone number and on and on we can add it to favorites create a new contact and then if we go to this location and zoom in maybe we'll go to a nearby Road zoom in we have binoculars and this is called look around it's very similar to Google Street View but much better you'll see we can turn the phone it will give us the direction we're turning in and then if we look around it's very very smooth if I want to go to the next location so the animations much smoother than you see on Google and hopefully this will be updated with some regularity but overall it's very very nice and I think it's an it's something that people will actually start using as opposed to Google Maps because it's a much more private now notes gets a small update so if we go into notes you'll see here's a note and then we have these four dots in the upper left we tap on those and we have a new tile view we can also search notes very similar to how we have in messages and it works quite well and then also if we go into this No and tap to type we have some options down here at the bottom and this is the quick toolbar so we can change everything from our font size our fonts our subtitle heading maybe the actual new fonts that we install later on but you've just got more customization you can create check boxes and tables and markup whatever you want to do it's just a much nicer interface and just continues to make notes more useful now one more thing that actually gets a complete overhaul is reminders reminders is all new it works with dark mode also you'll see I have a reminder in here it looks a little different we can have flagged and schedules and it tries to organize it using artificial intelligence or machine learning to help make what's more a priority at the top so I haven't really seen a whole lot of this I don't use reminders a whole lot in general but overall it's a nicer look it's simpler to use and I know other people that use it that really really liked it compared to the previous version now Safari gets a few updates so if we go into Safari you'll see it has a new home screen and then if I go to my website here we've got a couple new options so the article on how to use multiple wireless headphones with an iPhone iPad or iPod Touch which is a new feature in iOS 13 if I hold or 3d press on the title we have some options we could download a linked file we could also hide the link preview so if we don't want to see a preview of that it just shows us the link now we can do that and this is individual to each page that's opened the preferences stay as far as the privacy and everything else stay with the page itself not with Safari as a whole so that's nice and then we can download a linked file and if we download it you see we now have a download manager in the upper right so now we have a little arrow we can tap on this and if we hit the little search icon we can go into the new files app and the new files app has been revamped to include things like servers you can set up a server now if we tap these three dots in the upper right we can scan documents connect a server and files also allows you to create folders within folders as well now there's an additional feature in Safari so if we go into Safari and we take a screenshot go into the screenshot at the top it now says full page we have full page screenshots so we can share the entire page maybe it's 13 pages long we can share it mark it up correct it whatever you want to do even crop it share some of it or whatever you want you can have all of these pages on one photo that gets saved to photos now mail also gets a little bit of an update it has a lot of features that we haven't seen before in mail but in some other email apps so if we go into this email here about airmail which is also a great email app and then you can see in the bottom right this is where we have our trash and our reply button now if we hit reply we now have some new flags and different colors we can also mute the email or have it notify you regularly so that part's nice but my favorite thing is if we hit edit in the upper right when we're on the main screen tap one of the emails and then scroll your finger up or down you can quickly select or deselect email now you can also select all in the upper left and delete everything if you'd like to do that so there's a lot of little tweaks and changes that are nice also if we swipe to the right we have more options for flag and also for our archive or unread so it just depends what you have turned on you'll see there if you have archive set as default you'll see archive so it's got a lot of little enhancements that I have wanted to see for years that have finally shown up with mail home gets an update but it's very minor you have some additional wallpaper in the background for the home app itself and then aside from that you also have the option to use in end-to-end encrypted video cameras that will only allow you to see your video stream on your device no one else can view it so it's completely encrypted I haven't seen one of these cameras yet but the option is there and more device support as well now there's a very significant new feature called sign-in with Apple and sign-in with Apple is similar to sign in with Facebook and Google but it doesn't share your information with anyone and very few apps have this so far but if we go into kayak this is an app that has added it so you'll see it says sign-in with Apple and when you sign in with Apple you don't have to share any information including your email with them so if you hit sign in with Apple now you'll see it says at the bottom share my email or hide my email and this is great because it completely makes you anonymous if you don't want people knowing your information Apple will still relay messages to you if you want them but they don't know your email address at least the app that you're signing into now there are some more changes to the health app the health app gets revamped and you'll see it says share my data with Apple or not and there's health categories that are new such as cycle tracking and hearing there's more information that can be kept in here you'll see different sleep information if you want whatever you want to put in there you can now and it's completely anonymous like it was before activity also gets updated with activity trends so trends will keep track of how you're doing with moving and exercise and standing and the distance you're going and you'll see I'm it's not very good right now because I don't have this Apple watch attached to this phone so you're not seeing anything but it will give you some information and then try and encourage you to do more as far as activity is concerned now there is a major apple carplay update I have a separate video for that so I'll link that as well but if you want to see the carplay update it's pretty significant and comprehensive from everything from calendar to the way music is presented so be sure to check that out and then calendar now allows you to add attachments so if you have calendar attachments you want to share with someone that's one of the updates it's the only update to calendar also ebooks has a small update and ebooks now allows you to add reading goals so maybe you want to read three hours a day or 10 minutes a day you can set a reading goal for that as well now there's a major feature that I think a lot of people are overlooking and it's called voice control it's under settings under accessibility and it's called voice control under physical and motor control and this is for people that can't interact well with their phone maybe you have problems touching an icon or maybe you just need a little extra help or maybe you can't use your limbs all together so if you go into voice control and you turn it on you'll see a little icon in the upper left when it's active and when it's active you can use your voice to tell it what you want to do on your phone or iPad or even Mac when that comes out go home and you'll see it went home open settings and you'll see it opened settings you can use this to correct text you can use this to type anything you want to do we'll turn it back off but you could use it to send an email or messages or anything you'd like and it works incredibly well you can change the vocabulary you can add different sayings that you want to do certain things such as customized commands so you can change this a lot and I think it's a big help to those that need a little extra help and it's one of my favorite features that they've added this now also we get better language support better support for India and China more specifically India there's a lot of changes and updates for India which is great and also 38 new keyboard languages finally there are a RK improvements or augmented reality and what the improvements do with AR kit 3 is better detect objects in front and behind so maybe you have a table you're placing down because you're trying to figure out new furniture with the IKEA app you put that table down and maybe someone's standing behind it it will better interpret the person behind it and then the person in front of it at the same time so there's just a mental reality updates and I think that's pretty significant especially if they're working on augmented reality glasses there are more small changes than I've just mentioned but over 200 changes overall that's quite a big change to iOS even though some people see this as a small update it's not as small as you think even though the interface doesn't look terribly different there's a ton done in the background to improve everything from performance to features so that's it for iOS 13 let me know what you think about it in the comments below and also Apple is releasing iOS 13.

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1 on September 30th so we'll have a new update with a few more features that were left out of this current version we'll have that in a few more days or another week or so but let me know what you think in the comments below of course I'll link the wallpaper used in the video in the description as I always do if you haven't subscribed already please subscribe and hit that No vacation Bell if you'd like to see more of these videos as soon as they're released if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks for watching I'll see you next time.