/IOS 13 Dark Mode Incomplete Icons

IOS 13 Dark Mode Incomplete Icons

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dark mode in iOS 13 was called inferior all because of the icons indeed the icons need others iPhone users have come to the conclusion that the dark theme in iOS 13 is still incomplete the reason is the icons which when activated dark themes in iOS 13 remain the same so should not be sure iPhone owners dark theme in iOS 13 the question of the inferiority of the dark theme in iOS 13 was raised on the popular foreign resource reddit users noticed that the main screen of the iPhone does not change much after turning on the dark mode even in spite of the fact that in iOS 13 there are original dynamic wallpapers because of this the effect of the activation of the dark theme cannot be called impressive the problem can be solved by new application icons made in accordance with the dark theme of the interface of iOS 13 an example of such icons was promptly introduced by the Mak observer which noticed the discussion updated application icons with a black background would indeed look much more appropriate with the dark theme on it is possible that Apple may be planning to update the icons because at the moment the company has released only the first beta version of iOS 13 probably new application icons will be added in the following test builds and then the dark theme in iOS 13 will be perfect however as we told earlier and now it can be called excellent it looks gorgeous and because of her iPhone does not lag even the oldest models with support for iOS 13 you.

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