/iOS 版「Chrome」アプリの “QR コードスキャン” 機能を利用する方法

iOS 版「Chrome」アプリの “QR コードスキャン” 機能を利用する方法

Video: iOS 版「Chrome」アプリの “QR コードスキャン” 機能を利用する方法


How to use the "QR code scan" function of the iOS version of "Chrome" app Hello everyone This time, we will introduce how to use the "QR code scan" function of the iOS version of "Chrome" app iOS version of "Chrome" app, in v56 update of February 2, 2017, to scan the QR code and bar code, It is us "QR code scan" function carried out a Google search based on has been added "QR code scan" function and models that support 3D Touch and later iPhone 6s, in the model that does not support 3D Touch, different call how the menu The first is the case of the models that support 3D Touch Since the menu is strongly touch the "Chrome" app in the drawer screen is displayed, "Scan the QR code" when you touch the switch to scan the screen of the QR code and bar code By scanning the code to fit the frame, the code Google search based on is carried out, the search results are displayed Since the menu of 3D Touch is the case of a non-compatible models "to scan the QR code" by typing "QR" in the "Spotright search" is displayed, Touch it and do the code scan If "the Spotright Search" "to scan the QR code" in the menu of not appear, iOS of the "General" from the setting, "Spotright Search" proceeds, switch of "Chrome" is please try to see if not turned off If you are turned off it will be displayed by turning on By the way, the first time you use the "QR code scan" function, access to the camera you will be asked "QR code scan" function or check the manufacturer of the goods to be worried about, useful in such or to confirm the details in the manufacturer's product page Please try by all means take advantage Or more, was the introduction of how to use the "QR code scan" function of the iOS version of "Chrome" app.

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