/Introduction to BlackBerry UEM and BlackBerry Dynamics

Introduction to BlackBerry UEM and BlackBerry Dynamics

Video: Introduction to BlackBerry UEM and BlackBerry Dynamics


Introduction to blackberry uem and blackberry dynamics Blackberry, um and blackberry dynamics provide you with an end-to-end security solution for your organization's device management BlackBerry Unified endpoint manager or UE M is a single easy-to-use management console with an extensive set of policies and profiles that allow you to manage and control your diapers and growing fleeted devices and apps blackberry, uem offers trusted end-to-end security and provides the control that organizations need to manage all endpoints and Ownership models blackberry, uem is integrated with blackberry dynamics to provide a secure mobile app platform That you can manage from a single interface blackberry dynamics provides the foundation for secure enterprise mobility by offering an advanced mature antastic container for mobile apps it provides a comprehensive and endpoint approach to security any app built using the BlackBerry dynamics SDK whether by in-house developers partners or independent software vendors ISVs Automatically conforms to existing security baselines BlackBerry has built a secure group of productivity apps using blackberry Dynamics that provides users with access to work data and productivity tools on their devices Let's take a closer.

Look at what blackberry uem and blackberry dynamics can do for your organization Blackberry uem uses a trusted end-to-end security model that provides the flexibility and security You need to keep your employees connected and protected It's single integrated view of users devices apps and policies in your environment helps you manage and provide comprehensive support for a wide range of devices such as iOS Android Samsung Knox Windows Mac OS Blackberry watch OS and Android wear Blackberry, uem key features low total cost of ownership blackberry, uem reduces complexity optimizes pooled resources Ensures maximum uptime and helps you achieve the lowest total cost of ownership Flexible ownership models use a set of customizable policies and profiles to manage BYOD Co PE & Co Bo devices and protect business information user and device reporting manage fleets of devices using comprehensive reporting and dashboards dynamic filters and search capabilities Simple user setup and enrollment allow users to activate their own devices with blackberry uem, self-service high availability configure high availability to minimize service interruptions for device users Microsoft Intune integration For iOS and Android devices you can use in tune to secure Windows Store apps such as app data within the Microsoft Office 365 suite when using blackberry uem to manage the devices and by connecting uem to in tune you can manage in tune at protection policies from within the UAM management console Now, let's take a closer.

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Look at blackberry dynamics blackberry dynamics provides the foundation for Secure enterprise mobility by offering and advanced mature and test a container for mobile apps The blackberry dynamics SDK provides a powerful set of tools to ISV and enterprise developers Allowing them to focus on building their apps rather than learning how to secure deploy and manage those apps for more information on the blackberry dynamics sdk visit help blackberry comm /en forward slash blackberry – dynamics – SDK forward slash current BlackBerry Enterprise bridge is a blackberry dynamics enabled and Microsoft Intune protected app it provides a secure bridge between blackberry dynamics apps such as blackberry work and entomb managed mobile apps such as Microsoft Office so that when users share their documents data encryption and dot Fidelity are preserved and common data leakage policies are applied This unique capability is available on both iOS and Android BlackBerry dynamics apps developed by blackberry blackberry work the BlackBerry work app provides secure access to work email Calendar contacts and Docs in one app it allows employees to communicate faster and collaborate more effectively speeding the pace of decision making blackberry access Blackberry access is a secure browser that allows users to access work intranets and web applications blackberry access also allows you to enable access to work resources or build and deploy rich html5 apps while maintaining a high level of security and compliance blackberry connect blackberry connect allows communication and collaboration with secure instant messaging company directory look up Presents file share and document editing all from an easy-to-use interface on your choice of mobile device By integrating with existing enterprise instant messaging solutions.

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You can always stay connected with your business contacts blackberry tasks blackberry tasks is a personal task management application that allows users to securely create open and prioritize tasks synchronized with Microsoft Exchange blackberry Notes blackberry Notes allows users to securely create Edit and manage notes that are synchronized with Microsoft Exchange on their mobile device of choice for more information about blackberry uem and blackberry dynamics visit health blackberry calm.