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hello welcome to this interactive display demonstration in this video we're going to look at all elements of the interactive display from all of the features of the hardware right through to all of the features of the software so the App Store the contribute Cloud Software, we will look at all of that in this video so let's get started and take a look at the hardware so this interactive display comes in four different sizes all of the sizes have exactly the same features it comes in a 65 inch a 75 inch an 86 inch and a huge 100 inch all of these displays have onboard Android and you can see here this is the Android 8 operating system which is the latest available on the market and it's also the fastest available operating system on any interactive display on the market to our interactive displays all come with 40 point multi-touch they all come with room filling sound so you don't need to connect to an external sound bar or or audio system unless you want to sound is always something that's somewhat of a personal preference.

All of our interactive displays are 4k high resolution so you have a beautiful image that's clean, its crisp it's bright with real vivid colors and a real nice contrast of color as well so it's a beautiful display to look at. All of our interactive displays also have an OPS slot so what that means is you can slot in a mini o-p-s which stands for open pluggable system and you can slot that into the interactive display on the side here so it tooks away nicely behind the unit and as you can see this is my OPS preview here on the signal preview so I can make use of the onboard Android system as well as an OPS computer in my interactive display just to finish up here on the hardware side of things of my interactive display, all of our interactive displays have a tempered anti-glare glass finish so it protects the surface and makes it a real durable touchscreen.

Our interactive displays are also backed up with a three year onsite warranty so if there is a problem we'll diagnose it with our support team, we will send out the parts and we will then send out a technician to your location to fit them. So it's total peace of mind that if you do invest in our interactive displays then you are going to get looked after in the event that there's a problem. Ok let's move on now and take a look at software so software is really important with any interactive display so it's really at the heart of of what you're gonna do with the hardware once you receive it it's all very well having a wonderful touchscreen but what are you gonna do with it? and that "what" really is the the software so with the TouchIT interactive display we actually provide you with the TouchIT app store now the TouchIT app store is full of free software so the whole idea of the TouchIT app store is that it facilitates the downloading of apps onto your interactive display now all of the apps inside of the app store are completely free of charge you'll notice here that there are apps from popular developers such as Microsoft or GoToMeeting from Citrix here now these apps are all free so one of the rules of the touching app store is that the app has to be free to be able to be downloaded onto your interactive flat panel we don't want you to have to pay for any additional content to use on your screen all of the apps are ordered in two different categories so I can scroll down here I can choose productivity for example and all of my apps there that are categorized as as productivity will be displayed in the store if there is an app that you want to use that isn't available in the TouchIT App Store you can drop us a line and actually request that directly from the AppStore itself and the way that it works is all of our apps are manually tested if the app is free if it works nicely on the interactive display then it bounded to the store in as little as 24 hours so it's really quick and easy to make sure that you've got access to that content to those apps that you want to use on your interactive display now with any interactive display annotation or whiteboarding is really at the heart of what we want to do we've got a couple of tools built into the TouchIT interactive display that makes this really really easy so if I just want a making a whiteboard here on my home screen I've got my own whiteboard tool so I can come in I can take a pen I can annotate onto the screen and of course I've got a multi-touch screen so I can actually have multiple inputs at the same time so whether that's two three four people at the LED at any one time it's totally possible now if I want to annotate over an application so if I know I'm here on the touch up website and I want to kind of highlight and an element I can swipe down I can take the pen here and I can annotate over the top so it's really really easy just swipe up and annotate over any application that is running on your interactive display the next piece of software that I want to share with you that comes with the TouchIT interactive display is called TouchIT air now what TouchIT air allows you to do is it allows you to mirror your screens from an iPad for example an iPhone or a Mac up to the interactive display and it's done without any additional hardware so you don't need an Apple TV or anything like that so I've opened the app here on my iPad I'm just going to swipe down I'm going to choose screen mirroring and I'm going to choose the touch of air option and then as you can see my iPad here has now displayed onto the LED so here I've now got a magazine subscription I might want to share with my audience so I to swipe through the pages and it's being mirrored up to the interactive display pretty cool though the final piece of software that I want to share with you that comes with the TouchIT interactive display is called contribute cloud now contribute cloud allows us to create content it allows us to deliver content out to connected devices so for example in a classroom students on Chromebooks or or any device with a browser can actually connect to a contribute cloud session and receive that material with contribute cloud were able to collaborate on that material from devices we're also able to cast multicast and much much more now in this video I'm not going to go into all of the details of all of the features of the software or how we actually create a presentation what I've done here is on the interactive display I've opened up a browser I've logged in to contribute cloud into my account and now I'm just going to play my geometry lesson that I've already created here so now my slides start and I'm ready to to move through my slides so here we go if I move on to the next point here let's drop my slides away now I need to have my students connect to the session and what's important with contribute is the session ID so I need to join a session by entering my name and this session ID so I'm just going to go ahead and do that now on my Chromebook okay so as a student I've now logged into the session on my Chromebook so anything that we do on the screen so if I take a pen here and annotate which at the top my annotations appear on the the remote device and we're actually able to collaborate so if I come in as the teacher and select that my student there is able to collaborate if I now come in on the Chromebook I can then select a point which then appears on the interactive display so I've got two way collaboration with the with the software we actually go further than that in that we can cast live from a connected device up to the interactive display and to do that I could simply come in to my manager here I double click and if I had more people connected or more students here they would all display I can double tap and I'm now casting the screen from my Chromebook so if I decide to go and have a look at the sports results from the weekend on the Chromebook I can move through here and you can see that that's mirrored up to the interactive display how cool is that anytime I can switch back and I can change student and if I had more students connected I'd actually be able to multi cast up onto the LED as well and this is all built in to the contribution that comes with the touch it interactive display the final feature that I want to look at in this video to show you what you can do with contribute cloud on your interactive display is the multi zone gamification so we've built in over 40 games these are learning games in to contribute cloud that we can use on the interactive display so I'm going to click on the toolbar here and then I'm going to open my multi zone gamification canvas now these are all my games these are my categories and all I have to do is simply get hold of the game drag it down and release it on to the canvas what's great about the multi zone game is that I can actually have more than one game open at once it means I can have more than one person working independently at the interactive display so I'm now going to drag down my second game I'm gonna wait for the zone I want to use and there we go out now split the screen into two and we can make use of those multi zones on the interactive display.

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