/Installing HENKAKU on PS Vita firmware 3.72 + Unbricking guide

Installing HENKAKU on PS Vita firmware 3.72 + Unbricking guide

Video: Installing HENKAKU on PS Vita firmware 3.72 + Unbricking guide


Sony recently released firmware 3.71 and 3.72 for PS Vita that blocks downgrading, and today I got a soft-bricked console from a user that tried to lower the console firmware with Modoru. Gladly, I have fixed it, and I will show you how to install henkaku on the latest firmware. So let's get started. If your console suffers from soft-brick after trying to downgrade using Modoru under firmware 3.

71 or 3.72, then you must access the Safe Mode. The Safe Mode Make sure you have turn off your console, then press the R button, the PS button and the Power button So press those buttons one at a time until you see the green LED lit. Now you need to select Update System Software as you cannot move the cursor to other options Select Update by Connecting to a PC Download Content Manager Assistant Then Install CMA on your computer Connect your PS Vita to your computer using a USB cable And when everything is good, then you will see a notification that shows the PS Vita is connected to the computer Back to your console, now press OK Again select Update System Software Then select Update by Connecting to a PC If your computer is connected to the internet then the console will detect the latest firmware on the Sony server.

Press Next to update it Please wait a while until the console finished preparing the new firmware Then scroll down And select Accept Then select Update Again, please wait a while until the console finished updating the firmware At this stage you have successfully repaired your soft-brick PS Vita. You can remove the USB cable and open the home screen. Now let's open the System Settings and find out the console's firmware It is now on firmware 3.72 Let's download some files to hack the console beginning with the Vita Update Blocker. I won't use the DNS trick because some ISP hijacks the DNS so the method won't work. the DNS so the method won't work. The next one is to download the latest version of Final h-encore and the QcMADriver_winusb And you might need to download WinRAR to extract the downloaded archive You can uninstall Content Manager Assistant because we don't need it anymore. And remove the CMA installer if you need to Now install the Qcma driver And extract the Final H-encore into a folder And double-click the Vita Update Blocker If you are prompted by the Windows Defender Firewall or something similar, then allow it.

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Make a note of the IP address that is shown on your computer screen. Yours might be different than mine. Now run Final h-encore and allow access if prompted Back to your console. Open Auto Start Settings Make sure you disable the Download Update File for System Software Now go back and enter the Network menu Select Wi-fi Settings Select your Access Point Re-select your access point then choose Advanced Settings Scroll down, then select Proxy Server Choose Use Then enter the IP address and Port number that we got from the Vita Update Blocker Press OK to continue You can close the System Settings for now Run the Content Manager Choose Copy Content Choose PC Choose either USB cable or Wifi to connect your console to your PC. I chose Wi-Fi, but you can try using USB Cable if you want to. Select your PC name Then go back to your computer and find the pin that is displayed on the final h-encore. Like this one, enter the pin to your console.

Remember, your pin might be different than mine. You can see that now the console is connected to the computer. Press Let's GO! Check the Trim h-encore to 7MB then press Let's GO You can read the next instruction on your final h-encore app. Select PC to PS Vita System Select Applications Select PS Vita Then select hencore2 And then press Copy Now you can go back to the home screen and see if the hencore2 is now installed on your console We will now have to disable the Proxy server inside the network settings to enable Vitashell downloading. So go ahead and reverse the process you did earlier in this guide Don't forget to press OK then you can go back to the home screen Now you can open hencore2 Then try to reload Hencore2 Now it's working Choose is Install HENkaku Then choose Download Vitashell Now you can close the app Go to the official written guide and download all the files from the Finalizing Setup page. But I suggest downloading the psvita-finalization archive so you can skip downloading the essential files one by one You can see the link in the description below. Then download WinSCP FTP client for transferring files to your console As for the finalizing setup, I am using my white PS Vita because I have shipped the black one to my customer.

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But it works the same thing. So Let's continue So Let's continue Open the System Settings Open HENkaku Settings Enable PSN Spoofing, Unsafe Homebrew and Version Spoofing Select Spoofed Version and type in 3.72 Now go back to the home screen Run VitaShell Press the Start button Move the Cursor to USB and press the Circle button to change it to FTP Press the Start button to go back. Then press the Select button Look at the IP address and port number that is shown on your console screen Now install WinSCP on your computer – Follow the on-screen instruction Select File Protocol then choose FTP Type in the console's IP address and port number Check anonymous login, then press Login Now you can see all the folders on your console Double click the psvita-finalization archive You can see two folders inside the archive. So the main thing is, you extract all the content from each folder to the appropriate folder on your console.

Open the ur0 partition on your console Then open the tai folder Extract all the content from the tai folder on the archive to this folder Now go back and open the ux0 partition IF there is a tai folder in this partition, then you must delete it. Open the data folder Extract all the files from the ux0 folder inside the archive to this folder, except the enso.vpk because we cannot run enso under firmware 3.72 Now press the Cross button to disconnect the FTP connection Navigate to the ux0 partition and enter the data folder Highlight the vpk files then press the Square button to mark them Then press the Triangle button, and select More.. Select install all Select yes if prompted Close the Vitashell Run the UpdateBlocker Press the square button to block update and downloads Then press the Cross button to Block System Update in Settings Since we cannot install enso, then we need to run Hencore2 every time we need to hack the console So there you are, you have completed the guide to unbrick the soft-bricked PS vita as well as hacking it on firmware 3.72.

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