/Installing F-Secure KEY on your Android device

Installing F-Secure KEY on your Android device

Video: Installing F-Secure KEY on your Android device


Go to Google Play Store… …and search for F-Secure KEY. Once KEY is found, tap Install. Once the installation is completed, open KEY by tapping Open. Swipe through the introduction… …and, finally, select Get started. As this is your first KEY installation, select Create Master Password. Type in a strong Master Password. Repeat the Master Password to confirm it. Select Accept and continue. You have now installed KEY on your device, and can start entering your passwords and other credentials into KEY. Let's now link your F-Secure KEY to your F-Secure TOTAL subscription.

First, select the main menu in the top-left corner… …and then, select Subscription. Select Choose a provider… …and select then F-Secure. Fill in your My F-Secure credentials and select Log in. Name your device and select Continue. And that's it! Your KEY password data is now linked to your F-Secure TOTAL subscription..

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