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Installing And Setting Up Retro Arch

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Hey what is happening guys?!! This is thec0re from fightinggamesonline.info, and today we are going to be going over a tutorial for Retro Arch! Now, some of you might not be familiar with Retro Arch, so I wanted to give a quick introduction for those who are just now learning about this application. So basically, Retro Arch is a front end for another program called libRetro..and libRetro sort of runs online? I'm not really familiar with the inner working of it but from what I understand, libRetro allows you to run several emulators.

It also has video codecs. So, it can run multiple things on the Retro Arch front end..that is the best way that I can explain it. It can run several emulators and you never have to come out of the application. The second thing that is great about this application is that it supports several operating systems. So, we are talking about Android, IOS..they also support consoles as well!! If you're familiar with Nvidia shield, that runs on android. So it is pretty exciting that it can support so many things. Now, the biggest thing that is great about RetroArch, to me, is that it uses roll back technology!! So if you're are familiar with GGPO, or Fightcade, you know those applications are pretty big for fighting games because of the roll back technology, and the fact that they are focused upon inputs when you're playing online. So that is way I want to showcase this application today!! I wanted to do a tutorial because it's pretty complex.

..I guess. So, what I'm going to do is take it from the beginning..I'm going to go all the way through it, show you settings as best as I can and hopefully you can take it from there. So, Let's get started!! So, I've added the link below in the description box for those that want to follow along…but you don't necessarily have to. So, we are going to go ahead and go to the website which is libretro.com. The first thing we are going to do is download a build of Retro Arch. We're going to go to downloads. Now, I'm not quite familiar with the assets and the log portion..I kind of briefly looked in there…but we're not going to worry about that right now. We are just going to focus on nightly and stable. Nightly is more so the latest version of Retro Arch but for this example I'm going to go with stable because I want to do a fresh build. We're going to go with the most recent release which is 1.

2.2. Okay. So, we are going to be running this on Windows 7 32bit but as you can see here you have android, you have game cube, you have the osx which is the apple. I don't know if IOS is the same as osx. You also have psp and wii. Then there is windows 7 64bit and Windows 7 32bit. My system is 32bit so that is what I'm going to go with. As you can see right here, there is the download for Retro Arch. It is in a 7zip file. If you have winRAR, you should be able to unzip the file. So, let's go ahead and click that. Going to give it a chance to download. Once it is downloaded, you're going to..if you're downloading it from a different browser, it's going to look a little different. I'm using google chrome at the moment so it's different for everyone. So, let me go ahead and open up the folder. It will so here in the folder what we downloaded.

I'm going to open it up in Winrar. If you'd like to follow along with Winrar that is fine but you can also use 7zip since that is the actual program it was compressed with. So, we are going to go ahead and extract it. Hopefully you're are familiar with us doing this before but if not, normally, I extract it to the desktop. The desktop is usually the easiest place for people to find the file. Although in this case, you might just want to put it on your local disc(usually C:). If you're not familiar with using the computer manager that shows all of your hard drives..basically it's the local disc your aiming for but you can put where ever you would like to. I usually do it on desktop because that is easier for people to find it but in this case…I do suggest that maybe putting it on the local drive might be better..but for the sake of this example we are going to stick to desktop.

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.that was just something I wanted to add. So, we ARE going to put it on the desktop. (gibberish) Ok, it is extracting. Alright so it has all extracted. So, let us go ahead and…should be on the desktop now. I have to search because I have so many of them. Here it is!! So, I want to cover a few things before we open the application. You're going to notice a few folders. One in particular is Cores. This is where the emulators are going to be. If you ever have to manually add an emulator, I just wanted to show you where you'd put it. Now, the system folder. From what I understand, if you plan to use the playstation emulator or sega cd, you need a bios in order to run them. So, I believe this is where you put the bios. I have not had success running it but that is what I was told..put it in the systems folder…

just wanted to point that out. The main file we used to run Retro Arch is the retroarch.exe, the executable file. So, let us go ahead and do that. Alright, so, one of the first things it tells you is to go to help. Unlike most emulators, Retro Arch uses the keyboard interface more so then the mouse. So you will not be using the mouse through out this example. The reason why is because this is a universal application and so I guess they did so it would work with the various operating systems across the board. So you can use a controller..stuff like that. Ultimately what you going to do is set up your controller so that you can use that to navigate the application. So, in order to navigate the menu, we are going to press the arrow key down and up. In order to select an option, you are going to press x. We are going to go straight into settings..actually no we are not. We are going to hit z to go back. So z goes back and x selects. So once you have that, it's easy to navigate.

.something I had an issue with when I first started. So, the first thing you want to do is go to the online updater. The reason you want to do that is because this will do is allow you to download everything from libRetro. That is the benefit of this version. In older versions, you would have to do this manually now they do it for you automatically. So, you will not have to search for the emulators and such. Once gain, Core is basically what the emulators are. So we going to want to get a Core first. So, I think for this example I'm going to play it safe and get the snes9x. As you can see here, there is Mame, Atari, and for those that want to watch video their is the ffmpeg codec.(I get distracted)…final burn alpha..

if you're familiar with that, that is what runs on FightCade. There is also the Genesis. So let's just grab the Snes9x for this example. There are several versions of Snes emulators but I'm going with Snes9x since it is a pretty popular emulator. So once you have got that, you hit z to go back. You also want to update the info files. There is a info button that can tell you about all of your options so if you're confused about something, you can hit the info button..I can't remember which button that is unfortunately. We are going to go ahead and update the assets. I'm not quite sure what they are for. I'm not that familiar with this program. So we are going to go through all the update. We will go ahead and update cheats, database, overlays..

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I think overlays are sort of like…I'm not quite sure..I think they are like..say you want to style the emulator to look a certain way. They have overlays like a gameboy overlay ..something like that. The next one is CG shaders which is an option that will give your games a different look. Like if you want it to have an oldschool feel, you can use these shaders. They have shaders that give you the scan lines, stuff like that. So if you want to make it look a certain way, you can do that. I'm not quite sure if that affects online play but it is something you can do. There is also GSLS shaders but I believe this is android. So once you have that done, you can go to Core and you will see that snes9x is available. So the next things will do is go into settings.

Once again x is to select. First will go into driver..don't think anything needs to be touched here. Then will go into Core, I believe everything is fine there also…most people recommend that you do configuration per core. When we are talking about Cores, we are talking about emulators. Each emulator of course has their own type of buttons. So, you might want to use this option. All you have to do is hit the right arrow key and that turn it on. Not going to worry about logging. Next we will go to video. I always recommend you turn on frame rate display..that is always a good thing to do especially when you're trying to figure out if you're game is running at 60fps which is what is needed to play someone online properly. So it's just a recommendation. You also have an option for full screen mode.

.to toggle the full screen mode, you just have to press f. So, I will leave that alone. (looking)….So the only other option that I want to go over here was hard GPU sync. From what I understand, if you feel like your inputs are not adequate enough, you can turn this option on. Of course, you're hardware my take a bit of a beating for it…don't know exactly what it does but it may be at the cost of your performance. So just take that into consideration. I've turned it on and I haven't personally had an issue with performance. Audio should be okay. Inputs..now with this one, if you want to go ahead setup your controller you can do user bind all but..the way that you set up your controller for games and to navigate are different. So before you do this, I suggest going into input user 1 and just taking a look at what buttons correlate to which keyboard keys. You may be using your controller to navigate the application so it something you might want to think about. The key for selecting which is the x button on the keyboard.

.you want to make sure you know which button your going to use for your gamepad. Let's keep it moving(K.I.M). (gibberish) Lets take a look at menu options..nothing. Is there anything else..of course the network option. This is where you setup for Netplay. Netplay is going to be on P2P(person to person). There are no server options. Like anything else you have to put in an IP address. You just hit right arrow to turn it on. The minute you run a game you will be in the netplay mode and you might get a notification asking for permission, so you want to make sure and give permission. You also have to make sure that you've opened your port. The port I believe is 55435. Also…depending on if you're the host or the client…if you are the host you're going to give the IP address to the client and the client will turn on the client option and add your IP address. If I'm wrong, please let me know. I have not gotten a chance to try out the netplay. If you're interested in testing it out with me, let me know :).

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So, once you've have turned everything on, you are ready to run the game. Another thing that I wanted to mention before we run the game is that there is no folder dedicated to roms. So, you have to create a folder which is why I was suggesting you put it on the local disc because everything would sort of fall in place under the local disc. I basically just added the Rom folder here and I did that because it just easier to navigate for the folder here then it is on the desktop once I'm in Retro Arch. I'll show you what I mean. So, we're going to go ahead and load the core which is Snesx9. If you look to your bottom left, you will see that the core is loaded. So any time you want to load a new emulator you just have to go in here and load another emulator. In order to run the game, you're going to go to load content. Of course select file, then I'm going to go into C: drive because that is the easiest one to navigate..

.of course it is up to you where you want to place your file you just want to make sure that you can find them. Now, there are a few roms in here that are not for snes9x(my unorganized shame). A lot of file are zip files. You can unzip them if you want to(expect for MAME roms) but they do run with zip. Most super nintendo files are .smc and .sfc. (gibberish) So, we are going to go ahead and run TMNT tournament fighters. If you have netplay and you are the host you would have been waiting for the client to connect and the game would start normally like other P2Ps and then you would just play versus. Now, you can press F1 and that will take you back to the menu. You can also go and set up the controller for Snes9x as well.

One thing I wanted to point out is if you go back to settings and go to input user 1 binds, you will notice that user buttons no go with the actual snes buttons. So you can see B,Y,A,X,L, and R so you can set up your buttons now…I'm still having some trouble with figuring out how to save them individually but that is what you can do to help you with any confusion…especially if you have a game that will not allow to change inputs..in-game. Alright, so I think that is going to be it for this explanation. Make sure before you run the game to quit retro arch because I believe there is a setting that will allow you to save your configuration on exit as you can see here. Make sure to do that because sometimes it does crash so have your setting saved so you don't have to keep repeating the process over again.

So, you are going to want to try out different versions of Retro Arch. I've found that an older version of Retro Arch works with certain arcade games then the newer one. As I've said before, I have not successfully been able to run the PSX and Sega Cd games as yet. I just wanted to get this out there so I could let people know this is available. If you would like to help me test stuff out leave a message in the comments and let me know. I think this is a great application. I hope you guys have fun with this one. Take it easy!!.