/Instalando SEToolkit no GNURoot

Instalando SEToolkit no GNURoot

Video: Instalando SEToolkit no GNURoot


Speak, people, beauty? I come here today to bring one of the videos that most asked me lately. Even though it is very simple, many ask to teach how to install setolkit in GNURrot. So let's go. The Social Enguineer Toolkit (SET). It is a Python-based open source tool for penetration testing around Social Engineering. I will use the tutorial itself that is in the SET GIT. First thing we're going to do is install the necessary dependencies. I will leave in the description a link to the blog post where they will find the commands, or also in our telegram channel. Following here we will update the repositories. After updating, just paste or type the command to install the dependencies. After you have installed all dependencies correctly.

Let's now clone the SET folder. It may take, or not, it will depend on your internet. Finished we will now go to the folder that was cloned. Inside the folder note the script in python called setup, it is the one that we should execute. See what you are saying to run the script followed by the word install, to proceed with the installation. This part can also take a while. After it is finished, it says that to execute the SET it is only to give the command 'setolkit'. So that's it guys, now I can not guarantee that all of his functions will work, what's left is to try. So guys this was the video, I hope you liked it, leave your LIKE and sign up. Thanks bye..

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