/Instagram Has The Right to Sell Users’ Photos for Ads

Instagram Has The Right to Sell Users’ Photos for Ads

Video: Instagram Has The Right to Sell Users’ Photos for Ads


ensign and users are fighting back after i've some privacy changes that were made on that on social networking site and basically what they're going to do is allow private businesses to use some of the photos that are posted on instinct and for their own advertisements so according to the new changes a business or any other entity make a cancer ran for the use a new user images and may do so without any compensation to u so if you put your picture upon histogram basically put your pressure on the internet um… mcdonnell's use it as a field definitely that's it so well we can actually brought the very very good point and he's not a means to graham user himself but he if he noticed that there might be some problems with this in the future is a wil wheaton after yet which is kind of amazing island don't usually hear about him in these kinds of stories around a bit god bless he says it's someone histograms a photo of seth green walking through an urban outfitters does that mean urbanoutfitters can take that image and use it to create an implied endorsement by sacked what is their pictures taken by complete stranger who gets final say in how the images used the subject the photographer or instead route yeah before running advertising been take your pictures and pay for your efforts that's how it works but it's it brings up a really interesting question and it's something that has to do with face book as well so face but instead graham twitter these are all three services uh.

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.. and we don't have to pay for middle but you know it's a great way to stay connected with people it's a great way to promote a business whatever it is but at the same time these companies need to make money as well and oftentimes what they do is ease our private information or they sell our private information in order to make their profit uh… so i'd like that were fighting back and i don't think there is a grant should be be doing this but also there is a price support pay when you're putting stuff on the internet you've got information will be amused so these companies make a profit which are totally fair so buttons do you know what social networking do use argues that twitter that that you know he's faced with a man i've ever had a fever pitch there is a i think that i could face book great business and you know where we start he started by uh..

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