/INSTAGRAM’ da Kaliteli Fotoğraf için çıktı ayarı ( Lightroom )

INSTAGRAM’ da Kaliteli Fotoğraf için çıktı ayarı ( Lightroom )

Video: INSTAGRAM’ da Kaliteli Fotoğraf için çıktı ayarı ( Lightroom )


Instagram has shared information in July. I'm going to release your link. You can read in detail. To summarize: If the quality of the photos is low, if not to the extent that I'll share it that way. So if the resolution is high, I will drop it. If it's low, I'm going to raise it. These will also cause an image loss in our photo. So our photo will be poor quality. In order to avoid such a problem, we must determine an output setting in the lightroom. Let's move on to the question of how we will do it. I have a krop on the right. 4/5 instagram supports frame size. If you want, you can do it horizontally, if desired, by pressing x.

If you do vertical, the visibility of your photo will increase. This also get advice. It will enhance your photos. Now we've adjusted the frame size of our photo. We will do the output settings as follows. I enter the image size and say the short edge. I'm fixing it in 1080p. He asks which folder to save it. You don't have to do this. I usually gather in a specific folder so that it does not interfere. Then add it. I created the presets from here. So you can save time by using presets when you'll get output one day tomorrow. This will not cause loss of image with the settings. You will get quality photos. I hope it worked. You can support by liking. Ll see. .

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