/INCREASE Snapchat Score by 1000 Each Minute (IOS \u0026 Android No Jailbreak/Hack)

INCREASE Snapchat Score by 1000 Each Minute (IOS \u0026 Android No Jailbreak/Hack)

Video: INCREASE Snapchat Score by 1000 Each Minute (IOS \u0026 Android No Jailbreak/Hack)


Okay guys, so do you want to get a thousand snap score on snapchat if you want to then you must follow my steps. hey what's up guys, welcome back to another video and a test video I am going to be teaching you how can you increase your snap score every minute and I can increase a thousand per minute and if you want to make sure you do subscribe and click the power notification icon so it don't miss any of my future uploads so guys so I am on nine points nine points, nine snap score.

So, so I got a teach you a quick way it is only a demonstration so you don't don't need to add my account so this is the this is the way you can take and get more more points using snaps whole so it's really easy all you have to do is is make sure take a picture and send it to I have three account so you just gonna send to this, just take a picture, do this. you don't have to say anything it says it it says I I sent a snap so you can go to here over here but if you would play yet, you can get more points so so if refresh it so it comes to fifteen points I sent like two and a replay by two so I don't know I can't tell you how much but approximately so let's do it again. So take a picture then send it, then this one counts as one point this one's two and this one is three and then you go you go to send every time you send snap you get points so it said you send a snap then you will increase your point so 20 points already so if you want to get get more more keep doing this It's so easy to get more points but you just need to just need to send it all the time you don't be send it to your friends because otherwise they'll think it's spamming you just to this just to best after monr minute, it should it should see an notable it increase to your snap score let's go look up at that, then after that, you will replay it.

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And it's better to replay it to to get more points so you will replay it and after that you will refresh it see you can see I got trained 20 more points so this is actually working guys as long as you use my tip guys is working every minute and I can see how much I do every minute. Okay I'm going to do, five four three two one and go come on this is how you do this okay oh gosh you just have to send yourself you don't need to buy your snap score that that's gonna be cheating otherwise I just need to send it Wow but after that, but after that , you should see you should see for increase, 30 seconds left before I can notice something you don't need to send it because you can send you store if you want but people will you'll think it's an it's annoying okay ten seconds left okay okay okay few seconds and they're gonna stop right now so you refresh it you just going to replay your snaps you just use just gonna open make sure you open it before you you do anything else so make sure you do something then after but when you refresh you're gonna refresh it goes it goes to 84 this is what this is how you increase your snapchat significantly you get like a hundred or fifty two hundred points per minute guys and I this is how you increase your snap score okay guys if you enjoyed this video make sure you give it a thumbs up guys if you enjoy it and please hit up to 40 likes guys can you please subscribe but if you haven't and comment something nice and are you going to use that method? Let me know in the comment section guys and I'm not gonna shout to Max Earnshaw who gave me for motivation to do YouTube and thank you very much guys I hope I enjoyed this video subscribe give a like and peace!.

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