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Improve your cold calling performance

Video: Improve your cold calling performance


Hello everyone! I'm Mariana, from noCRM. In today's video I'm going to show you how to boost your cold calling activities and obtain precise and useful data on them. Cold calling is not an easy task to handle. So being able to organise it well is key. With noCRM's prospecting lists, it's easily done. Let's use the example of Marketing Corp, a company that sells marketing services to small craft companies around the US, and for which cold calling is a big part of their sales process. Let's get deeper in detail to see how they handle this with noCRM.

They have recently purchased a list of 200 craft businesses in New York, and need to qualify them one by one. John, the person responsible of cold calling, has imported the list into noCRM. To work on these prospects, he opens the 'prospect browser' and can easily browse from one prospect to another using the arrows. When he needs to place a call, he simply clicks on the 'AirCall' logo. At Marketing Corp they've integrated noCRM with AirCall so that the recordings of the calls are attached to the prospects cards and leads, but if you don't use AirCall or any other specific VoIP system, you can use the 'QR code scan-to-call' feature to place your calls without any chance of misdialing. If the prospect answers the phone, John specifies that the call was answered using the predefined actions. While still on the phone, he can log their conversation in the comments section, and specify what they're interested in: 'email marketing services' for example.

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Perfect. The prospect is interested, he clicks on the '+Lead' button and creates the lead. Then, he moves to the next prospect. No answer?He can add a comment and eventually a colour code to differentiate those he has already called from those he hasn't called yet. He moves onto the next one. This time, no luck. They're not interested. In this case, he easily cancels the prospect who was never an actual business opportunity. He does not transform it into a lead. As easy as that. But how about analyzing all this? How does Marketing Corp know if this file they have purchased is of good quality? How does Jane, their sales director, know how John is performing in his cold calling activities? Also easy. Jane goes to the 'Statistics' tab and chooses 'Analysis per prospecting lists'. Then she selects the file she wishes to analyse, in this case 'SMBs 10 – 20 New York State'.

In a couple of clicks Jane can know that this list has two hundred contacts, 27 of them were already transformed into qualified leads, 2 of those leads were already transformed into customers. John was the one doing all the prospecting activities Rana, Shirine and John are the ones managing the leads created from this list, and John was the one who closed the two deals. See? Clear and precise data that enables Jane to understand both how her salespeople are performing and the quality of the files, to decide whether or not they should continue to purchase contacts from that source. You also need to boost your cold calling activities and have better analysis over it? Start using noCRM's prospecting lists! Thank you for listening, and happy selling!.