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Implement Details! – Developing Android Apps

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Now for the big quiz. In all seriousness, this is the most complicated exercise I've given you so far this lesson. I want you to implement the DetailsView using the CursorLoader and multiple TextView widgets. And I've got some hints for you. Use loaders not adapters. What does this mean? Well, it makes sense. Your DetailView does not contain a list, so you don't need to use an adapter. but you can still use the loader pattern. The loader pattern will automatically observe for changes in the URI with a CursorLoader. The second thing you want to do is pass the date into your intent.

The date is the important thing that the DetailView needs to have passed into it, to properly query the content provider. Now remember, you can actually get the current location settings from the utility function. So all you really need is the date. I hope that helps..

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