/I’M IN THIS GAME! | Once Upon A Coma (DEMO)

I’M IN THIS GAME! | Once Upon A Coma (DEMO)

Video: I’M IN THIS GAME! | Once Upon A Coma (DEMO)


(Whoopsh!~) Top of the morning to ya laddies my name is jacksepticeye and welcome to a demo of a game called "Once Upon a Coma"! This is a game being made by the same guy, if you remember the game. "Pinstripe" that I played, the game that I was in, I did a voice for that game. And I streamed it and did the whole game in one sitting and loved it It was an amazing game, and I got to work with a very nice man called Thomas Brush on the game And this is his new project that he's making It's it's a brand new game that he's coming up with and I'm apparently in this one as well apparently I have a character. But we'll get to that in a second. But this is a new game that he's trying to kick start and get crowdfunded as well.

And he's just such a nice genuine dude, and I want to just I wish nothing but the best for him. So I want to play his games, and I want him to do well. And I want him to succeed so this is his new thing Again, this is just a demo for it the full game will be out whenever it's out! I don't know the release date for it yet, but I'm excited to play it it looks really cool. The artstyle as always, the stuff he makes the artstyle is always super nice and the music is always super nice. Yeah! Hey there I am! God I'm super cute! I mean this freaking house is terrifying, so I don't know much about the game like the story and that kind of stuff. But it's it's very very intriguing. It's definitely reminiscent of the artstyle that he had for Pinstripe I like my little walk cycle.

. Hello I don't know what that did okay? It's very cozy. Why am I like the size of the flames in the fire? This place is gigantic! [baby crying] Do not like that sound Z ah z is to jump. Oh okay that makes a lot of sense I was Wondern' why I couldn't jump before ring-ring on the telephone hello Hello? Time to wake up sleepyhead… Okay. I have no idea what I'm doing.. This is a lot creepier than I expected me. Oh god. What's behind the curtains? so am I in a coma then? and this is all happening oh okay, so there's a sequence to it? Maybe or maybe they just don't open let me let me explore around a bit first, and we figure out what's actually going on It's so weird to see a version of yourself in video games, it's awesome Perfect Pete bashed his skull and bled upon his baby doll Why would you cross stitch this? Oh yeah coma Oh shit? okay time is going backwards Not sure how I feel at all god, there's a ghost at the window Okay stuff is starting to get weird Is that good okay, that one's good oh god fucking weird stop go away Believe That's written in blood ehh this one was good, right? So D E I did A last time D E B A Oh God Oh god oh Jesus Okay, I did not know the game is gonna have spooks and shit in it ehh It's weird creeping me out with the baby crying in the background Wait is this the same yeah now can I go down? ohh kay Oh I can't move I'm just gonna assume that that's good that that's very good.

Let's play some piano Wow I actually can Okay, I'm guessing I need to figure out some sort of password mechanism thingy. Oh! I didn't think I would go further there for a second A mirror you look super sexy I mean I wasn't gonna say it game, but it's right there proof is right there It's in text its legitimized in a video game now that means it has to be true Look at that beautiful green hair. I don't have it anymore, but Inside I'm still the green boy. Okay inside and still the green bean. This is just a cover up You do really do look stunning Congrats Oh Thomas Wait no gah oh, yeah Whoa okay, um this kind of reminds me of the ending to pinstripe actually there was a bed inside the house Reddington Park, oh, it's beautiful out here Let's just say out here forever and never go inside ever again. Ah this is delightful inside was horrifying dude whole town to explore Well, maybe these are all locked Oh. Oh hi other person locked Locked as they probably should be you shouldn't really be able to just walk into people's houses never mind Occam's Barberi I Get it Occam's razor Occam's Barberie.

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That's clever BAC Is that the the key to the piano Missus is written on the mirror read BAC Heat don't forget about our favorite place Lily Seems important, okay, I'll go back and try your BAC eventually So if I am in a coma then are these all just like memories of places that I've been to or that I know This music is lovely also, I like your drawing of shit The only time that you can actually say hey, you're drawing shit, and then be like thank you. Yes, it is Haha, I can't believe it's actually you Pete What you think about my painting? It's a portrait of you Nice! You really got my whole aesthetic down Look at that beautiful color one day. I'm gonna be a world-famous animator with 471 thousand Twitter followers Hugh watch nice But hey welcome back Pete. We honestly didn't think you'd make it out of your coma What coma? It's been a while since you were awake Pete you really don't remember what happened no well I'm glad you're back.

I do wonder though if you've still got it in you Got what in me the chicken from earlier. Yeah, I ate for breakfast haha man You've really forgotten everything haven't you we used to call you the slice? the slice you had the coolest razor from your dad's barbershop and That thing was sharp your sister thought you were so cool Where is she? She tried to be all macho and go find grownups ever since they went missing she acted like it was a huge deal Isn't it? Not in my book. You know what they say Everything bad has you know as a good Regardless, you won't be able to find her Of course I can huh don't count your chickens before they egg Pete. It's dangerous out there Okay But boy it was a little weird But then again think I'm still in my coma Hey Long time no see Pete, it's me John. Hi John. What do you think about my hair? I've been growing it out Looks kind of like a girl's no it looks great. I Think it's fab. How'd it be a girl this school year? I think good for you Anyways, I bet the gang will be super glad you woke up.

It's been weird since you fell asleep Yeah, yeah, it's spooky without the grown-ups here Well you went looking for them, and then Ralphie barricaded the entrance to Reddington feel behind me Lily You know Lily your sister. She said something needed to be done About it's kind of weird ever since the grown-ups disappear things have been odd Well, whatever as long as I can eat ice cream and bacon for dinner every night I could give two birds where the grown ups are You hang in there John Okay, this as far as I can go You go John you go be a school girl this year Okay, we need to type BAC into the piano Wait is this the house I was in no hmm. I can break the pots I Had no idea oh I could bring all sorts of stuff, okay, maybe this will open if I get that Was he talking about I had a razor Either way it's not like a little boy Okay that worked! Whoo Occam's razor! Clever "A straight edge razor with an intricate black wood handle and.

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." "a sharp heavy blade it aches for a painfully close shave.." press X to slash oh! Yeah You better watch out you better not cry cuz you'll be dead can we mess some stuff up with this We go back and kill that kid. Oh, yeah, I do know we can mess everything up oh Boy where do I go? We're gonna keep stopping everything maybe have to go back to that kid Yes the locked Hey look I got my razor again even though it's basically a sword It's delightful so crass getting in your way Okay dad did nothing Maybe you can go back and cook John's hair Maybe I should just try and go into the the barber place That wasn't any of these maybe I can actually do something in the first place now with it or not Huh ah I can't destroy the boxes that makes a lot of sense Silly me Reddington field BuChE BuChE BuChE BuChE, they all need to be destroyed Oh, Sam! Jack! it's me Sam. You woke up! Hey.

What's up? Rock through this cage, that's what's up. I have no idea what voice to give Sam after all these years of Sam being a mascot and the channel they still don't know What they'd actually sound like you sound upset? Your little sister went to look for grownups. I told her not to but she ranted the Chilean would really Yes, and dude the grown-ups. They're all gone all of them. They just started vanishing Yikes, so listen Jack your sisters been gone for a couple of weeks, and it can't be good You might want to prepare for the worst? Shut up, Sam. Let's go find her okay quick. Can you out his cage? Let's head to the Chilean wood? Get a little claustrophobic in here man, would you mind sorry? Oh wait? It's cool This is exactly what I want my video game speed sound Cute! Hello oh, yeah Do you see me? Yes, it's none of your business to look at me the mighty ninja come by Oh What? You don't know how amazing my swinging powers are How do you swing like that? we're buttholes, but that's neither here nor there I Swing sweetens swing all day and hide from the spiders.

You know Sure, Tony glad you understand most people don't understand Hey, Raven dawn some repeat. Oh you know coma It's a hip newer thing these days all the kids are doing it. You're funny We all know you were just sleeping in doofus pupas, man. I'm funny wanna be funny friends sure I Used to love swinging around on trees. I'm talking weird some talk weird great I'll be here being funny and powerful you should go now. Okay, you funny friend watch out for the spiders They started getting worse than all the grown-ups designing disappear Okay on my trips. I will be a well aware for spiders and worm buttholes I Know what's wrong? The fuck a Puke-face get over here, and help me how did this happen isn't it obvious puke? no, I hypo influenza Tori disorder I inflate randomly Oh Most people just say you're fat. Oh, No – eating ice cream cheese tacos all summer and my mom wasn't here to give me my insulin so I Inflated it's a disorder, but you wouldn't know would you? sleeping all summer like a lazy butt Did you hear that that ice Ward? Ice Ward take it my razor.

What can I do get me my insulin are you deaf puke fart? where Those milk turns the spiders snatched it right out from my pocket and ran up a tree Amani oh It's daddy Is 36 bang Watch out for Danny, that's me dead oh, yeah fuck Are you acting insane? the moon caused 9/11 and I'm freaking out I Kept any sex pangs voice, so I'm gonna just stick with this one really that one here the real reason. I'm dancing sure Parents are gone, and that's cause for celebration Now it started would be funny if like we all lost a family member, but I didn't think we'd lose our parents. That's super, huh You're insane Your mom's insane Nice one no really she was acting completely insane before she crawled off into Broadwick Hollow Where but a big Hollow dude don't be stupid you can't get there cuz spiders, okay? Thanks for letting me know I'll be back Danny. Don't you worry? 3d are spiders. Oh and they're gross It's okay it's okay, I'm super powerful This is an ass It looks like a butt, I'm just gonna say it is a boat cuz I want it to be a boy die spiders Nice ow ow Hey, whoa, there's an insulin in the free Pete check it out in the tree that the insulin grab it bird Yes, Oh Sam's my little helper This is adorable Come along tiny Sam time for us to fix a small child Well Actually big child well we're gonna make him smaller cause he's not gonna be inflated anymore That's it Danny keep on dancing My insulin give me my insulin mcbuttface Here pop me it hurts so bad, but you have to pop me three two one go go go That was part of him?? What was me oh shit I didn't know if I was supposed to fall in oh I was okay Thank you for playing surviving in the indie game industry is tough, and your support means more than anything.

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Aww Thomas That was good. I like that I Didn't know what to expect, but that was really well put together. I'm excited to play the full game As I said though this is just a demo clearly and he is trying to get the game kick-started now or funded or whatever yeah, Kickstarter so I leave a link in the description for you guys to be able to go and help out and try and kick start the game as Well, but I just I really like this dude I really like the games that he makes and I hope that he gets to continue making The stuff that he loves because what he puts together on his own is actually really really impressive And he's got a very distinctive art style. I like it a lot so If you want to go play, I think the demo is available for other people to play I'm not sure if this particular version of me as a character is available available to play, but I'll leave any information That's necessary in the description down below, but I'm very very excited to play the full version of this I don't know if I'm a character in the full version or anything like there if it's just for Demo purposes for the sake of being able to make a video about it no idea I'm just flattered that the dude likes me enough to be able to put me in his games in any way shape or form So it's very very flattering but for now Thank you guys so much for watching this video if you liked it! PUNCH THAT LIKE Button, IN THE FACE!!!! LIKE A BOSS!!! And High Five all-round!!! **Whoopsh 2x* But, Thank you Guys! And I will See you Dudes , IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!! ~ (Outro)- I'm Everywhere By Teknoaxe) So you guys better watch out now, you know I'm a badass with a razor I cut ya.