/I Offered ₹1000 To Everyone Who Could Prove To Be A Legend DA2 MiniMilitia

I Offered ₹1000 To Everyone Who Could Prove To Be A Legend DA2 MiniMilitia

Video: I Offered ₹1000 To Everyone Who Could Prove To Be A Legend DA2 MiniMilitia


Whatsup guys welcome back to another video. I know its been too long since my last minimilitia video. But wait no more bcoz here it is. In my last da2 video, i showed you guys a couple of SawGun tricks and called them as legendary tricks but some of guys commented below that those arent legendary tricks and just a couple of minutes of practice would let them do it as well. So I decided to give them a chance to prove if anyone could do it. So I picked up my favourite shot in that video and asked my followers to practice and do it in front of me.

I announced it in discord, telegram and even shared it to my friends bcoz I wanted to give everyone a chance. Also I even offered them a 1000rs if they would do the same. So the trick is simple. Just take a sawgun and stand right here and shoot 3 blades in these 3 tunnels without missing a shot and without changing the aiming direction. If they do it in front of me, i would give them 1000rs. That simple. But before getting to the video, i just wanted to introduce you guys to a new app with which you could completely track any smartphone whether it be android or iOS. You could use it to track your younger siblings phone or parents could track their kids phone etc. All you gotta do is goto the link in the description and Enter the phones details.


And follow the instructions given in there. Just turn off the google play protect and then goto this site and download the app. Once the app is successfully downloaded, enable the given permissions and thats it. Now you can login to spyzie's website from your pc or your own smartphone and track the phone with the Spyzie app. I could now see the battery percentage, location, wifi connection etc of my phone exactly as it is. Also, you could even track the whatsapp messages, browsing history and everything you would ever need to. So im pretty sure that its gonna come in handy for you. Make sure to check out the app. Just to remind again, the links are in the description. Now lets get back to the video and lets see if anyone can beat this trick and prove to be a legend and claim the 1000rs I just offered..