/📽How To Use Your Android Device As A Webcam PC😃

📽How To Use Your Android Device As A Webcam PC😃

Video: 📽How To Use Your Android Device As A Webcam PC😃


well hello and welcome to another episode of the own the life of your dream youtube channel my name is Timesha and i am so glad that you are here for three today i've got a good one it is about how you can take your cell phone and create a webcam for yourself so if you are trying to find out what the best webcam is but you're kind of short on cash then this video is definitely for you but before I get into that if you are new to my channel welcome so glad to have you here and what this channel is about is to help online entrepreneurs start build grow and sustain their business for the long haul and if that's something that you're interested in then you must join me on the journey okay and to do that you have to subscribe to my channel and make sure you hit the bell notification so you're notified any time I drop a new video which at this point is daily so what are we talking about today well I just told you we're going to take our cell phone and make it a webcam and how this came about is you know I've been always trying to find new platforms different ways to make my videos look a little bit more professional and my husband's like no videos or fuzzy that hurt a little bit but it also made me realize I needed to do something different he said well why don't you use your cell phone because it has a better camera then your laptop and I said well I'm having trouble with uploading videos from my cell phone because it still has to be edited before I send it to YouTube so I have to upload it to my Google Drive then download it to my video editor then upload it to my YouTube and if my Wi-Fi is just a little bit off it's gonna take all day to upload and I get the time okay I got other things to do so my husband did a little digging and shout out to him cuz he's awesome and he found a way that I can make my cell phone a webcam so I definitely finnaly want to get on that and show you that so let me share my screen and let's show you what we did okay so on Google what you're gonna do is you are going to type droid and spell it correctly because I always spell it wrong joyed can because that's the actual app that you want to use so you have to actually download a piece of the software onto your laptop and then download a piece of the app onto your phone and then you sync them together and bam you got yourself a webcam so the one that I'm using is their 47 apps and so I click on that and it pops up this actual web page and so what because I'm windows I would click the download windows client if you are Linux and you would download the Linux client and I'm sure there are stuff for Apple but you know I'm not seeing Apple so you'd find out which one was best for you and there's tons of other videos that will help you on that but since I'm too enjoyed this is the one that I choose and of course there are other ones that you definitely try out so you click it and then you just click this button to actually download and so you'll go through the process of downloading it's a zip drive so it's gonna unpack onto your actual screen and they just follow through with the clicks all right click with the install click with running and then once you get everything together you get a screen that looks kind of like this but not exactly like this because it's going to have an actual um page that's gonna ask you to type in your code that's supposed to go into your droid clamp cam client okay so once you do that then you have to download the information on to your phone so I'm about to show you how to do that okay so to actually create the droid part of this web cam what you need to do is actually go to your Google Play Store and type in joyed spell it correctly droid cam and then click and so I've already installed it but what it is is a droid cam wireless cam and so it's by deaf 47 apps and it will actually hook up to the actual computer droid cam and you can use that so once you do that you just open once you install it you open it and you need that number that's at the top the connected to 192 one night will to the IP address so alright so now right the last step and the last step the only thing that you have to do is now make sure that you put your droid cam into the settings of your web host or whatever you're using to create videos now I use zoom so since I'm currently using zoom I cannot show you how to do it in zoom but I also have a bit of a video editing program that also you can use as a recorder so I'll show you how to do it on that and that is Gamora right as you see I'm editing this video as we speak so all you have to do is go to record and if I record from the webcam hopefully that will pop up soon so I mean this is a really simple process guys okay there I am hey so I've already set it up so if I go here I have the easy camera which is the actual camera to my laptop or the droid cam and that is set up so now I can create a live recording of myself using my cell phone as my webcam alright and so hopefully this was a value to you if it was make sure that you give me the thumbs up button that's having technical difficulties alright make sure you give me the thumbs up button and please subscribe to my channel cuz i'm giving you fresh daily videos just like this because i want you to be in the know and i want you to be successful online and it doesn't really take a whole lot of money to do this guys so you use what you have and so you can do something better and so I had used what I had and now I have something a little bit better and as I grow and continue to become a better youtuber or a better online entrepreneur I will grow and get something better later and so that is what the purpose of this is is to hopefully let you know that this is not hard this does not have to cost a lot of money you just have to get out there and do it and make it happen for yourself and what you do things will start becoming inline one note before I go there are some pros and cons to this of course it's easier mostly everybody has a smartphone these days so to make it your actual webcam is a pretty simple and easy process the bad news is is sometimes if your Wi-Fi is a little shoddy your screen can look like it freezes especially if you make a lot of movements like me if you talk with your hands and I also notice that it is a slight delay and in it as well but if you talk to talk with your hands there can be some type of delay and if your Wi-Fi is a little shoddy it will look like the program has frozen but due to my video editing yesterday I realized oh I wasn't frozen the screen was frozen so you can still continue to talk even if the screen looks like you're stuck on alright so don't worry about it it's still filming you alright so hopefully this was a value if you want to know my number one way of making money online click the first link in the description it would give you all the information you need and I will partner with you myself to help you be successful just make sure that you look out for my emails and it will have my contact information in it and I will definitely you can contact me as soon as you get in and we will get this party started okay so until next time my friend make sure you think big dream big take massive action so that you click on the life of your dreams and bye now.

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