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How to use Wechat

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hi Man, are you Chinese? yeah, hey what's up? let's add you on Wechat~ ok, sure, of course since many of you are not familiar with Wechat so I'm gonna do a brief introduction about it First of all, wechat is a mobile based with social networking app It mainly focuses on one-to-one conversation and group messaging Wechat has all the basic functions for communication just like other social media platforms. In the chat interface, users can send photos, ten-second videos free video and voice calls, locations and so on you can also send money either through the red pocket or transfer My favorite feature is that you'll be given a maximum of two minutes to recall a message which is pretty useful when you send a wrong message with chat groups, you can chat up to 500 people at the same time That's right~ 500 people! you can also print out the QR code of the group for events and other people and join the group with a quick scan we all know what a QR code looks like adding new friends has never been easier by using the QR code on WeChat especially when you're using an iPhone with a 3d touch just force touch the icon, quick shortcuts show up immediately Moments is where you get to share with your friends in the privacy settings you decide who can see your moments for example, my relatives, my parents and my girlfriend's parents have never known I've been actually using moments in the past four years If you have too many friends on Wechat You can also block or hide the ones don't want to view and only check them out occasionally also I disable the the public moment so my account is completely private except for the Chinese government One thing I have to mention is that because I'm using the English version of Wechat So approximately only 1/5 of the features are showing here nowadays in China pretty much all the convenience stores and supermarkets in mainstream cities accept Alipay, Wechat pay and Apple Pay there are also many other features such as hospital appointments, utilities payment passport visa application, parking tickets and so on although Wechat is only popular in East Asia mainly in China, but more and more people outside of China have been using it for business purposes.

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